VLCD Weight Loss Plans (very low calorie diets) have become extremely popular and allow dieters to move away from conventional meals to focus on weight loss.
Each day select 4 KeeDiet® VLCD MRP products, enjoy one for breakfast, lunch, evening meal and also one as a healthy snack. You have the option to exchange one KeeDiet VLCD MRP product for one of our High Protein products each day. It is suggested that men, taller ladies, those with labour intense jobs or those with a weight above 17 stone or BMI 40+ may require a 5th daily product to provide extra protein, nutrition and energy. Fancy a delicious dessert to complete your day, how about our High Protein Apricot Mousse Dessert or Italian inspired Straccaitella Dessert. Need a hug in a mug, then our savoury and satisfying High Protein Creamy Leek Soup will give you an extra boost.
You may sip extra water to the required 2.25 liters through your day and suggest to drink when thirsty. You may follow this plan with your Doctors agreement and support for a maximum of 12 weeks in accordance with the NICE Guidance 2009 document or until you have reached your optimum weight or a BMI 25 as a minimum. We recommend this plan is followed for a minimum period of 4 weeks, this allows for the Ketogenic effect to stabilise, create better eating habits and a significant weight loss.
It is suggested for those with a BMI 40+ or above 17 Stone our 1000 calorie New You Plan may be an easier and more successful weight loss option to follow as their initial plan.
We advise that you should visit your Doctor every four weeks to request a blood pressure and health check.
KeeDiet® plans are not based around you tediously counting calories and carbohydrates, instead we have done the hard work for you with our specifically designed, delicious and nutritionally complete meal replacement products (MRP) and diet plans. Delicious Bars providing limited carbohydrates, sugar and calories per serving, designed to help control insulin release and keep sweet cravings away, whilst the high protein content satisfys your hunger.
Ideal for those looking to lose weight fast, cut calories & carbohydrates without sacrificing hunger satisfaction, quality and taste.
An ideal healthy snack or meal replacement for successful weight loss and weight management. PRODUCT INFO - In warmer months and due to temperature changes whilst in transit, you may notice a white fleck on chocolate coating.
Men, talller ladies & those with labour intense jobs are recommended to consume five VLCD Total Foodpacks each day, replacing 3 daily meals with 2 healthy snacks. I am so much more confident and have loads more energy that I have started back at the gym and am now weight training to tone myself up. Finally I am out of maternity clothes and feel great, my skin is clearer than ever and i feel full of energy. So I first came across The KeeDiet was in 2010, at that time I was overweight and had been trying to conceive for a number of years. I rejoined KeeDiet, I took one day at a time and set myself realistic goals and found as the weeks went on I got more determined to reach my ideal weight.

I have been off the diet about 5 weeks now and happy to say I haven't put a single pound back on! I have introduced The KeeDiet to quiet a few of my friends and feel proud that they are making those important changes in their lifestyle as I know how difficult it can be.
Sounds corny but I have to admit that the KeeDiet has completely changed my life (twice) and the way I look at myself. After always being quite active physically and a Physical Training Instructor for many years I always took my weight for granted. Having heard about low carb diets before I did some research online and came across the The Keediet and read some of the great testimonials. And works it does, after the first week I’d lost 8lbs (over half a stone) and actually felt better than before going on the diet.
I have been to a few social functions with friends over December and everyone has commented on my incredible transformation and wanted to know how i’ve managed it. 5 months ago I went to a party and the pic (on the right) was taken and it was the worst picture I've ever seen of myself! 10 years ago I was a fit and healthy bride who did her first half marathon to celebrate her 30th birthday. And the great news is, instead of focusing too much on this, I can remind myself I am still more than 4 stones lighter than I was this time last year, and looking so much better! I hit 40 last year as you know, but people are telling me I finished the year looking years younger than I started it! I still have a way to go but I feel fab, I look good in my clothes and am happier than I have been for years. For the first time in my life I weigh the same as my contemporaries, and can ask to borrow their clothes – what a strange but delightful feeling!
Days trips out are really simple – take a thermos of hot water, a large insulated mug and an aerolatte style hand mixer and you can have soup anywhere you choose whether it be a car park, or over looking a beautiful lake.
I saw myself in my Birthday Photos and I was disgusted at how fat I was and how I looked to my friends and family, it really upset me, so I knew I had to do something about it. My start weight was 18 stone, I reached my lowest weight of 13 stone when I had to stop for health reasons and gained a little, but now that I have been given the all clear to continue on the Kee Diet I can continue on to reach your target weight 11stone. 4 VLCD Mealpacks include 100% RI, this is a minimum requirement and a little extra is considered prudent whilst slimming. Through the 3 months I was dieting people were complimenting me and was amazed at how well I was doing which only motivated me more. I had made all my daughters nappies and decided to start a laundry service and sell my nappies.
My plan is to keep on till my back is completley comfortable and weigh around 10stone, I don't weigh myself much, infact i avoid it! Initially I lost 2stones in 5 weeks and felt amazing at my sisters engagement and in total I did KeeDiet for 8 weeks straight and lost 3 stones. I thought in for a penny in for a pound and ordered a months supply intending to go on their Rapid Burn VLCD Plan.

After feeling hungry towards the end of the first day I persevered and it gets a lot easier after that first day. This is my story, it is hard to write it, when I look to my old pics I cannot believe how much I have changed and yes I am very proud of myself.
I first discovered the VLCD diet when I started the *********** in February 2009 through weeks of research on the internet, I followed the plan with ease until it became too expensive for me to carry on.
If choosing to make this exchange, simply ensure you include a daily vitamin supplement to cover the shortfall of RI vitamins & minerals.
I am now considering dropping another 7lbs which will take me back to the weight I used to be before I piled it on! It was very stressful not having any idea when I'd be working again, and I started to gain weight. We were eating healthier because our baby was weaned,I got a part time job, so i couldn't do anymore walking.
Fast forward 5 years on and now the mother of two children I was again overweight, as having my children close together the weight just piled on. So I finally decided to take the plunge and in February this year after seeing myself at my daughter's birthday and realised how big I had got and was scared my friends would ask me if I was pregnant again.
I loved that there was a choice of more than one type of shake and also plenty of bars and meals too. This diminished over time too and I actually found it easier as time went on and was encouraged by my weight loss. It’s great and a fast way to lose weight in a controlled way and know what your exit plan is when your ready to come off the diet to. I wanted to continue with my weight loss and I discovered the Kee diet, it is so much cheaper and it could be ordered online which was a bonus as I was finding it difficult to go to my weekly weigh ins. I browsed the web for ideas to shift the weight and found some very high priced VLCD's and could not afford them.
It was then that I found the KeeDiet Facebook Secret Slimmer's Group which was a great help as it helped encourage me and you see that it works!
And it is actually not that bad watching others eat, inside your halo is shining at your self determination and knowledge that you can’t fail to loose weight each week.
Knowing that placed orders will arrive quickly is part of the effecient process of dieting with The KeeDiet. The list of foods and Diet Plan guidance to eat again once at your target weight is also very helpful to get back into regular.

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