Night sweats are a common symptom of both menopausal women and women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Night sweats often occur in menopausal and pregnant women because of the rapid and unpredictable fluctuation in estrogen levels.
Although the sequence of physiological events involved in night sweats is clear enough, there is unfortunately no single cause of this condition. Hot drinks, alcohol, white sugar, acidic foods, meat, margarine, and spicy foods all contribute to the occurrence of night sweats. Just as there are many reasons, there are also plenty of possible solutions for night sweats. There is no single miracle solution for night sweats, so the best approach is to fully understand what the body is experiencing during menopause. Solutions for night sweats can include everything from dietary modifications to staying indoors during warm or hot weather.
When looking for solutions for night sweats, it is important to remember that any solution for night sweats is not necessarily a cure.
This treatment option for night sweats is preferable because, unlike hormone replacement therapy (HRT), herbal remedies do not contain hormones.
Nearly all women will experience cold feet, night sweats and insomnia during or after menopause. The most common symptoms of menopause, such as night sweats, can be terribly burdensome and difficult to handle. Recently I completed a 10 week experiment doing a variation of a cyclic ketogenic diet called the Carb Nite Solution, which basically entails eating strict low carb (less than 30 gm per day) with one 6-8 hr window of massive carb loading per week. I’d now like to explore my thyroid hormone levels (if you want to learn more about the basics of thyroid physiology I go into it briefly in one of my earlier posts). One of the main purposes of adding the Carb Nite according to Kiefer is to prevent the body from slowing down it’s metabolism.
After 10 weeks of Carb Nite, my thyroid hormone levels didn’t take too much of a hit.
On Jimmy Moore’s Livin la vida low carb podcast, Chris Kreser came on as a guest host and discussed how going low carb can have detrimental effects on your thyoid (you can listen to it here). This can cause no issues in people… OR these can cause worsened hypothyroid symptoms in people. Can supplement with selenium (fish and brazil nuts) and zinc (red meats, organ meats, shellfish) which will help improve conversion of T4 to T3. Having the 1-2 weekly Carb Nites really did provide enough stimulation to my thyroid to prevent hypothyroidism. I suspect that the hypothyroidism from being in ketosis too long contributed to my limited weight loss.
When I woke up this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that my supplement stack was different during this time around compared to when I did straight ketosis.
There are also people like Ron Rosedale that say a lower thyroid is a perfectly normal response to a ketogenic diet and it no cause for concern. I do now firmly believe sugar, sugar in processed foods, french fries, buns, sodas, Gatorade, bagels and sugared coffee are the real problem. But we need some real answers on how to lose fat, reliably, safely, long term and feel safe that lowered thyroid is ok.
First let me say, a ketogenic or ULC diet, if done properly, has been proven to be the most muscle SPARING diet on the planet. From that point, once in a caloric deficit, guess what, the body will burn muscle as glucose. Endurance activity, coupled with not enough fat intake or too high a caloric deficit, could certainly cause what you are describing. You can check out Jeff Volek’s presentation about Ketogenic diets from the low carb cruise on youtube. The biggest concern I’d have with what you describe is not enough calories, plain and simple.

Ultimately, if things are back to normal with you right now, and you are happy with where you are, then NK might not be the best for you.
I tried to make it mainly clean carbs, like rice and potatoes… then other things started sneaking in there like peanut butter cups and gluten free cupcakes and an occasional pizza or cheesecake.
There are sample menus, but I do not think he would agree with them anymore, for most people. If your a woman who got down to 5% body fat, any diet would have lost muscle, that is a danger zone for men let alone women at 5%. Here is a fun quick photo tour of all the great low carb meals on my recent trip to Orlando. Scroll through for easy ideas when you’re eating out yourself, and want to make healthy low carb choices. This trip was a work conference I really enjoy, and a great opportunity to meet up with friends from all over the world.
I had to get up super early for this flight, and ended up having half a package of sunflower seeds before my morning flight.
I had lunch at the hotel pub that afternoon, and was impressed to discover a low carb option on their menu!
I ate at the hotel pub again later that night, but this time I ordered the Caesar Salad with grilled salmon (no croutons). Later that night I went up to the VIP Party for a bit, and admittedly… had a few too many drinks.
For obvious reasons I was late getting started the next morning, so I got breakfast take-out from the buffet.
I had a super early lunch the next day (I just had coffee for breakfast) and got it to-go from the pub so I could eat in the conference room.
I ended my trip by meeting up with Kathy, a low carb friend I made on Instagram, and we had a delicious low carb lunch and GREAT conversation!!
All of these meals were from the Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, and the attached Florida Mall. It’s a great place to stay, with a restaurant and pub AND a Starbucks right in the hotel and conference area. Anyway, I hope that quick photo tour gave you some meal ideas you can make at home, or order when you’re out & about!
Paleo and Low Carb are very similar and have a lot of crossover, with just a few distinct differences. I travel by choice, often to industry conferences or to visit friends – and often to see friends AT the industry events.
I have been following you for some time, and especiall enjoyed your photo journal of your visit to Orlando (where I live) You do make it look so easy and delish! It was great meeting you and learning about your blog and low carb lifestyle while in Orlando at the conference.
Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available! Night sweats, also known as nocturnal hyperhydrosis, are the body's reaction to a perceived (but nonexistent) episode of overheating. Night sweats are often disruptive to sleep patterns and are caused by a number of things, some of which are fortunately within a woman's control. When the hypothalamus (responsible for regulating body temperature) incorrectly senses that the body temperature is too high, it signals the body to disperse heat immediately. Many factors contribute to night sweats, particularly during menopause and early pregnancy. Nearly 90% of the menopausal population suffers from night sweats, though these women have a surprising amount of control over their symptoms.
Although there is no one guaranteed solution for night sweats, there are many things that women can do to alleviate the effects of night sweats. Herbal remedies, particularly non-estrogenic ones like Black cohosh and dong quai, can be effective in easing the burden of night sweats.

A growing body of research suggests that HRT can lead to potentially life-threatening conditions, including heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and several forms of cancer in women. DOes Kiefer mention in the Carb Nite Solution how much fat and protein to eat depending on your weight and goals?
I actually thought that Kiefer did give some guideline as to how much to eat depending on your goals. Nashville Airport is fairly small and usually a breeze, but it was packed at 5am that morning – and I almost missed my flight, even though I was there 2 hours early. Plus I can often find nonstop flights, and their website is super easy for booking flights!
By the time I put a small laptop, a few snacks, a sweater, a book, etc into a shoulder bag – well, it’s just easier to roll a small carry-on! I was FAMISHED by the time I landed in Orlando (after my flight nap, lol) so I finished my sunflower seeds on the cab ride to my hotel.
And I grabbed it to go because I had to be in the conference room quickly – as I was speaking on a panel shortly. I ordered a seafood salad that had crab, shrimp, avocado – and a baked parmesan wedge. I ordered the bunless burger again (so good!!) with green beans this time instead of broccoli. I’ll share that meal and all the fun things we talked about that day with you in a next post. The pub was open more than the restaurant, and they were GREAT with special orders – very accommodating.
I eat as clean as I can on low carb (as you can see from my photos), but I’m not super strict about it (ie my coffee creamer). I work from home as a professional blogger, international speaker and I also do some consulting.
I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and have been cutting carbs out and intermittently fasting. I chose the low carb lifestyle because I have chronic pain & inflammation issues from a car accident when I was younger. They are characterized by a sudden onset of excess perspiration as the body attempts to expel this imaginary heat. Many triggers for night sweats can be identified and strategies such as dietary changes and exercise can be taken. Heat exits the body in the form of sweat: when this happens during sleep, it is known as a night sweat. Changing certain daily habits can go a long way in reducing the occurrence of night sweats.
The hormonal imbalance naturally caused by menopause will result in side effects regardless of whether action is taken or not taken.
The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider.
It definitely could have used some feta cheese or something – and no mushrooms with strawberries. Sometimes it’s too warm to wear one, but I find I need one on the actual flight to use as a blanket while I sleep, because I always sleep on my flights.
My doctor is monitoring me every 4 months but can’t believe how well my numbers have been doing.
Carbs promote inflammation in the body, so eating low carb is an easy remedy for anyone with inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. I know not level but I did not have any other dessert or bread yesterday, which is a big, big, biggy for me.

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