Sure, we should not be eating between meals, but sometimes the urges just get the better of us, and we give in to our passions. Cheesecake doesn’t make for a healthy snack option, but you can mimic a little of the flavour in a healthier way.
Biltong has been going upscale in recent years, and there are better options now than the over-processed mystery-meat versions you’ve had before.
Also called steamed soybeans, edamame taste great, are full of fiber and protein, and have just 8 grams of carbs in a half cup of shelled edamame. Get the health benefits from tuna without all the carbs that come with your typical tuna sandwich.

Mash one-quarter of a ripe avocado and spread it on two light rye crisps for a crunchy, creamy snack with 18 grams of carbs, plus plenty of fiber and heart-healthy fat. Use a cup of low-fat, plain Greek yogurt as a creamy dip for 1 cup of refreshing cucumber spears.
Pair a cup of low-fat cottage cheese with half a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries and a little of your favourite no-calorie sweetener. Look for jerkies made from grass-fed beef, which have big flavour and just 10 grams of carbs per serving. Cut one in half and spread on a little hot sauce (such as Tobasco Sauce) to make it as full of flavour as it is of protein.

Pack 3 ounces of canned tuna into a ripe tomato half for a hearty snack with only 3.5 grams of carbs.
Fill two medium celery stalks with 2 tablespoons of natural-style peanut butter for a nibble  that will take you back to your childhood, with only 9 grams of carbs. One ounce of crunchy, salty, mixed nuts will keep your energy up for hours for only 5 grams of carbs per ounce.

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