We kicked off the Midwest leg in a city we love to frequent, Chicago, which is also home to this year's biggest sponsor, Amoco Ultimate at BP.
Shortly after sunrise, our pack of Tour riders started off small, but our eager crew forged through miles of treacherous rainfall to make our first stop at Modified Auto Designs in Indianapolis. Although the temptation was strong to want to stay in Lexington for another night (after all, who could resist the $3 entry coupons the "nightclub" owner gave us in exchange for us dropping enough cash to pay for his energy bills for a year), we still had a full two days of driving ahead of us and we were set to rendezvous with the North leg in North Carolina that night.
Ricky's been a West Legger since his very first time on the Tour, but since we weren't doing anything out of Texas this time around, he shifted to the East-well, North East to New Jersey, home of the Nets before Jay Z moves them to Brooklyn. Unfortunately, all our fun, festivities and crazy antics were shut down by rain-lots of rain. Nearly running on fumes by the last few hundred miles to NOPI, we hustled to our quick lunchtime spot, where Team RPM cornered off a section of the Northlake Mall in Charlotte, allowing us to get a full scope of our entire Tour posse.
I have become the guest where the host says ‘oh no, here she comes with her biscuits again’. After many years of making unsuccessful biscuits, from Frisbee-sized anzacs made to short-bread that turns to sand when you glance at it, I think I have found a foolproof winner. This pistachio cookie is one of those biscuits that I hadn’t really come across before and then all of a sudden it seems to be everywhere.
We've experienced caravans of up to a thousand cars, hurricanes that should've stopped our joyride on more than one occasion and Tour riding girlfriends who've flashed more nipplage than a Girls Gone Wild video. We sadly bid farewell to two of our favorite legs, the West and South, in order to give Midwest Super Street readers their wish come true-their own leg that would eventually meet with the North leg in North Carolina for a one-two punch crew to take the final road to Atlanta. Their friendly staff gave our low-carb diets a shock with a caca en fuego-inducing lunch consisting of homemade chili and burgers. We sprinted quickly towards Knoxville after a police escort took us out to the highway (Lexington, you rock!) where Racing Innovations was ready to greet us with more pizza than we could stomach.

As you know, we've had some crazy stories from past North Leg trips so all Ricky could do was prepare, even for the kick off party hosted by F1 Motoring. So much rain that our morning stop consisted of a hundred or so people crammed under the NOS Energy Drink tent getting juiced up for the long haul. All Tour goers were invited along with several industry icons, like Christian Rado, RJ DeVera and our favorite Super Street reader, Macky Manansala, who oddly enough is not related to NOS Energy Drink's Ernie Manansala. It's one of those recipes that uses very few ingredients – perfect for those of us with goldfish memories - and is extremely quick to cook. As with most of my recipes the quantities are easily doubled, but this means that they can start edging up into the expensive category.
Tour is possible not only because of our sponsors, but because of you guys, the readers, our most loyal followers who, throughout the course of many years, have provided us with much needed support, late night follies and lap dances to get us through the day. After an unsuccessful cage fight with the popo, we moved the party over to AMS, who graciously kept us entertained well into the night with its arsenal of high powered Evos and Ikea, the wonder dog, who has an amazing ability to defy gravity by climbing walls.
After loading our tummies with what could've been our twentieth serving of NOS Energy Drink (in a single day), we set our sights on Greensboro, North Carolina-the place where our two legs came together-where we would also throw down the annual overnight shindig with giveaways galore, not-so-buff dudes push-upping it out for some free schwag, and a chance to play Forza on the Xbox 360. Hey, if you're die hard enough to stand out in the rain for the Tour then we'll get drenched right there with you. We made it to Atlanta without any casualties and sans two of our Tour favorites, Derrick Yee and John "Dadsy" Nadsy, both of whom just welcomed their own little bundles of joy to the world. NOS Energy Drink provided plenty of samples while Forza was available for play at the Xbox 360 demo station.
You can have top quality home made Italian cookies on your table in less than half an hour.
The days are often considered work for us, but it is our joy and pride to ensure that they are days of play for you.

We left early since we had a long drive the next morning to Lexington, Kentucky and had a few stops to make along the way. NOS brought in its DJs to keep the crowd hyped before spilling out into the streets for a late night Waffle House run. One loyal reader even rode down from Canada on his motorcycle with his younger brother hanging onto his back. So if you're wondering why we couldn't pay for all of your ways into the nudie bar, it's because the rest of us lowly staff members don't carry corporate expense cards like they do. I say traditional because these treats have been sitting in the glass window of your Italian delicatessen for decades but I think we have all just run off to the latest bright sparkly food and walked straight past. By the sheer number of custom made Tour logos and cars that continue to proudly display official Tour stickers from years past, we know full well-perhaps more now than ever-that Tour is the one event you can't live without. Of course, if you weren't in Lexington and aren't sure what Paradise City is, let's just say that a full set of teeth isn't required when it comes to picking up the late night shift at the town's best gentleman's establishment. It's insane what people will do just to get away from Canada and their wack wannabe magazines. We capped off the Tour as we do every year by sending every car off to the Atlanta Motor Speedway's infield, where everyone got to take a victory lap in the spirit of Ricky Bobby. We probably would have made it to our party in North Carolina had the pilot of our mad soccer mom mini van not driven 40mph and got off at every other rest stop to use the restroom.

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