To the remaining almond flour mixture, add the baking powder, baking soda, sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla and whole egg. In the same mixing bowl, whisk the cream cheese, 2 tablespoons granular Splenda or equivalent liquid, almond extract and the egg white until smooth. Bake at 350? 30 minutes, or until the cake is golden brown and the top springs back when lightly touched.
I have made a handful of desserts with mascarpone and exactly 50% of the time, the mascarpone has done exactly what I wanted it to do. This time, I was using my own Homemade Mascarpone and I was so excited to try it in some yummy recipes. I found that using my fingers was the most effective for doing this after I'd used the pastry blender to get started.
Pour the cream cheese mixture all over the cake batter, trying to distribute it as evenly as possible.

I omitted the heavy cream in the cake batter because the cake was a little too soft and didn't support the filling well. Distribute the jam in small dollops all over the top of the cream cheese filling and batter. I thought they'd be better a little more browned but I see now that they should be baked a little less time. Arrange the meats, onion, green pepper, mushrooms and the cheese in a greased 9x13" baking dish. Since there will only be about 4 slices remaining in the package, you might as well throw them on too.
I used 4 ounces of cream cheese in the filling because I would have had an ounce left if I hadn't done that and I'd used the other 4 ounces to make a pizza crust.
Since I didn't want to end up with 2 ounces of cheese left, I used a full 8 ounce package of mozzarella.

I thought the top of the "lasagne" would look kind of funny just covered with pepperoni, so I sprinkled a couple tablespoons of parmesan cheese over it.
There's no way that 25 slices of pepperoni would cover the surface of the dish twice, as you can see in the photo. The carb counts are approximate because different brands of sugar free jam have different counts. I also didn't bother to list different counts for liquid vs granular Splenda because the granular only adds 3 carbs to the whole cake and you do need to use granular in the batter anyway.

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