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They do so with high hopes of boosting their fitness and setting PRs but soon discover that the diet saps their endurance and their speed, slows their recovery between workouts, and leaves them tired all the time. You could lose weight by skipping lunch every day and that wouldn't boost your running performance either. Carbs are a much more efficient fuel, however, and the body prefers to use them at higher-exercise intensities.
But through training and dietary manipulation, runners can teach their muscles to burn more fat at moderately high intensities. As a result, carbohydrate is spared, which is critical, because when the body's carbohydrate stores run low, runners hit the wall. But whereas training boosts performance along with fat-burning capacity, a LCHF diet sabotages performance. Numerous studies have demonstrated that maintaining a LCHF diet is a terrible idea for runners and other endurance athletes. As evidence against the wisdom of LCHF diets piles up, advocates of these diets blithely continue to advocate them, and athletes like Uwe are harmed.

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