In less than four months, my fasting blood sugars have gone from 260 or higher to consistently being below 130.
I've lost all the leftover pounds that accumulated from five pregnancies and can now wear clothes smaller than before I was married. This was well known in the not too distant past and was bulldozed away by the forces of Low Fat.It's so commonplace as to be unremarkable on just about all diabetes forums and newsgroups, especially on the ADA Forum which strangely the Powers That Be at the ADA don't seem to read. That led to a lung infection that I thought was due to food getting into my lungs from the vomit I nearly choked to death on. I was eating 60 grams of fiber a day on an all vegetarian diet for 4 years leading up to the heart attack.

Atkins interview I read where he did an expedition in Alaska and got stranded there for like 4 weeks with the native Inuit tribe where they ate BLUBBER (fat) the entire time. When they came back all 4 doctors that were on this expedition had lower cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and they all lost weight eating MORE CALORIES! They can take all the vit-d supplements they want and they will never obtain vit-d levels as high as mine. All you have to do to raise your vit-d is start burning some of that stored fat around your hips.
Some of what they found contradicts the advice for eating that is contained on this website.

But over a three month period these spikes did not affect the overall HbALC reading in the HC group. They ate no butter, full fat cream, sour cream, full fat yoghurt, Greek yogurt, icecream or high fat cheeses.
Compared with the HC diet, the LC diet resulted in greater reductions in triglyceride and increases in HDL cholesterol.

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