I pinned Whole Living’s Waldorf Salad on pinterest 6 weeks ago, but finally got around to actually making it this week. Celery isn’t something I normally think to add to a salad, but it actually added a nice element of crunch. I just love how easy this salad is to have as a main course for dinner or to use with leftover chicken and take for lunch. I enjoy your recipes and blogs and hope you continue as you journey across the US for your next adventure in life. My mother did not like celery and when I began cooking for myself and my family, I learned that it adds a wonderful texture, taste, and crunch to most foods. Tomatoes, Lemon juice, Lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and 8 more..

Chopped fresh tomato, Green onion, chopped and 9 more.. Diced tomatoes, drained and divided, Hot pepper sauce and 8 more.. White onion, cut into large chunks, Roma tomatoes and 9 more..
Pork roast, Worcestershire sauce, Honey, Cider vinegar and 5 more..
Eggs, Tuna, drained, Low-fat cottage cheese and 7 more..
Ketchup, Chili sauce, Prepared horseradish, Vodka and 5 more..

Live oysters in shell, Vegetable juice (such as v-8) and 6 more.. We also toasted our almonds (not sure why the magazine changed it from the original walnuts) in my favorite mini cast iron pan. Provide toothpicks so that your guests may pick up the tomatoes and dip them in the seasoning before eating.

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