Blend cream involving celery soup, cream associated with potato soup, clam chowder, One particular can undrained clams, A person can cleared clams, half-and-half cream, and whipping cream right into a slow cooker.
Throughout soups marijuana around choice warmth, fry bread until eventually fat is usually taken, 3 or 4 units; cook onion, leek, celeriac, peas in addition to bay leaf, stirring generally, until eventually onion can be softened, in relation to 10 minutes. Around soups marijuana, liquefy butter in excess of carrier high temperature; fry leeks, red onion and bay leaf until finally gentle and not browned, about 8 mins.
Transport to be able to food processor; combination with reduced pace merely until finally sleek.

Drop with flour, salt, thyme, pepper in addition to nutmeg; cook, mixing, regarding One minute.
Bring fish; include and also poach until finally almost slowly building up as well as fish flakes simply, 5 to 7 a few minutes. Minimize temperature plus simmer, protected, until eventually fruit and vegetables are usually young, concerning 10-20 minutes.
Lessen high temperature in addition to simmer until eventually fruit and vegetables are soft, about 20 minutes.

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