Step 1 in the lifestyle change is to improve my overall diet, from what I have read so far achieving that ‘perfect  body’ is 80% diet and 20% exercise, which is great as exercise is really not my favourite thing to do…but eating really is! 1.1 Eating more regularly will increase your metabolic rate and will stop your body from storing excess fat. So thats my healthy menu for the moment, I’ll be keeping track and let you know how it goes.

I wanted to implement something that would last a life time, so its all about lifestyle changing.
Grilled salmon, sweet potatoes with green vegetables – A favourite dish of mine, very healthy and low Gi with the sweet potatoes, I can swap these out for yams or white potatoes to switch it up, and even go for cod or haddock if the salmon gets a bit boring.
Tuna pasta – A lazy dish but a good one, simple quick and easy, swap out the normal pasta for wholemeal and your able to improve the greatness of this dish.

The rate at which your body consumes this energy is called the BMR and this can vary, but the higher the better (meaning you, naturally burn more fat, e.g.

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