Enjoy a refreshing tropical fruit smoothie for breakfast or in place of a snack for a quick energy boost. It may sound fattening, but buttermilk is actually low in fat and high in protein and calcium.
Although healthy cooking has come a long way, there's still a nagging perception that if something is low-fat and nutritious, it's not going to taste good. If your holiday season included a few too many cookies or glasses of eggnog (whose didn't?), and your New Year's resolution includes a return to healthy eating, we're here to get you off to a great start. When you find a good deal at your grocery store, it's smart to stock up -- but it can be a challenge to find new, tasty ways to use up all those good bargains. Blended with bright clementines and carrots, no one will even notice this smoothie is hiding extra antioxidants courtesy of romaine lettuce. Packed with vitamins, minerals and even protein, this bright and refreshing smoothie is the perfect way to start any day.

Orange juice, yogurt, and fresh fruit make these smoothies great-tasting, and good for you, too. Kids love this beverage that blends bananas, blueberries, strawberries, frozen yogurt, and juice. Loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants, these smoothies offer a simple and healthy cooling treat. Our smoothie recipes incorporate bananas and other low-fat ingredients that thicken naturally for delicious, rich yet healthy smoothies without the fat.
Since smooth, gentle transitions are always the easiest, we're giving you some of our best low-fat dinner recipes; you know, the ones that taste so good you might not believe they're low-fat. Good for our blood pressure and our cholesterol, reducing our risk of diabetes and even aiding to weight loss?
Each week, we bring you three original (often surprising!) recipes that feature the types of ingredients you're likely to find on sale.

When buying blueberries, choose those that are firm, uniform in size and indigo blue with a silvery frost; discard any berries that are moldy or shriveled. No need to choose just one when you can blend up a batch of this brilliant beverage that includes cocoa, instant espresso, a banana and a couple hidden vegetables. It even contains probiotics, beneficial bacteria that help keep your digestive system healthy. Healthy cooking isn't about adding sprouts and tofu to everything under the sun--it's about making delicious, healthy dishes out of the foods and flavors you love.

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