Please note that the Heart-Check Food Certification does not apply to links to other information unless expressly stated. The real key to preventing heart disease is to use a combined approach, one that treats all facets of your physical and emotional health. Avoid processed foods, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners and grains as much as possible, and eat a good proportion of your food raw.
Incorporate a high quality animal based omega-3 fats into your diet to optimize your omega 6:3 ratio. Make sure you are getting adequate vitamin D (ideally from sun exposure) and vitamin K, since both are necessary for good cardiovascular health.
Optimize your body weight and composition, and keep an eye on your blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin levels, iron level and lipid profile. This entry was posted in is low carb healthy and tagged Dr Joseph Mercola, heart healthy diet, low fructose diet, no grain diet by Louise Myers. Don't wait 'til you spot your first gray to think about heart disease: It's the number one killer of women ages 20 and older. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
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Not only will we enjoy foods with less sodium, but we'll find our faces less puffy and our jeans less tight. Toss the flavor packets that come with instant and prepared foods and make your own seasoning instead. You know that french fries and peanuts are salty, but did you know these common, everyday foods are high in sodium as well? April 24, 2014 By MarilynClark Leave a Comment My husband recently underwent open heart surgery for a couple of congenital heart defects. Now, my husband has NO coronary artery disease which is virtually unheard of with all of the open heart patients. One of the food items that they were stressing was the use of Benecol spread instead of butter. If you have a whipping attachment for your mixer, replace the mixing paddle with this attachment. While low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-sodium is still the common wisdom – even among most medical professionals – those theories have been debunked.
No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Take control of your family's sodium intake by making good shopping, cooking and eating choices. Americans have developed a salty palate, and as a result, are consuming more than twice the recommended daily amount of sodium.

The AHA's Heart Check Certification logo lets you know you're buying a healthy product for your family. Although butter is a saturated fat, by incorporating olive oil, you are greatly reducing the amount of saturated fat while still being able to enjoy the taste of butter. For years we’ve been told that low fat, low salt is the way to go – to the detriment of our health!
In fact, science can’t prove that aspirin does what it’s intended to do for heart health! Over the years, the diet name has changed from Protein Metabolic Type to Atkins Diet, Low Carb Diet, and now Caveman or Paleo Diet - but the benefits have remained.
The American Heart Association has kicked off the Sodium Swap Challenge, which advocates that reducing sodium intake over a three-week period will drastically change our sodium palate.
With the 1,500 milligrams per day number in your head, keep a mental tally of how much sodium your next meal will contain. But there are safer and more effective alternatives to medical intervention – following a heart healthy lifestyle.

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