Otherwise, follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see my low carb meals on my road trip and while I’m at the beach. Before I head out, I wanted to give you a quick update with my most recent meals & macros. I had two Michelob Ultra beers on the boat, which are 2.6 carbs each, and a few pieces of mild cheddar cheese (sliced off the block). My own eggs always end up scrambled – even if I am attempting an omelet or fried eggs, lol. Ricky cooked up extra sausage to send home with me – YES, he’s an amazing guy!! I grabbed a bottled water on my way out the door, and snacked on some Blue Diamond Almonds while I was running around. I just toasted the bread, and added mayo & dill pickle + Oscar Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken Breast slices. Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available! All material provided on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice.
Ever since I wrote an article about natural sugar alternative ‘Erythritol’, I have been actively on the hunt for food and drink products that are naturally sweetened with this amazing yet severely under-rated natural ingredient.
Approximately three weeks ago, whilst scrolling through my Instagram timeline, I came across a state-side fitness enthusiast holding a Quest Nutrition Bar. To my sheer delight, I quickly learnt that these protein bars were naturally sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia *SCORE* and yes you guessed right… I was immediately sold purely on the use of Eyrthritol! I was further surprised when I learnt some amazing facts about their products that for me personally, make Quest Bars stand heads and shoulders above the other protein bar brands I have previously tried. Quest Nutrition kindly sent me an array of different flavours and let me tell you, the hype surrounding these protein bars within the sport and fitness industry are REAL! The protein bars I have previously tried in the past that contain Whey Protein Isolate were somewhat sickly and too heavy for me.
Put it this way, it doesn’t even taste like you’re eating a protein bar as with one bite you are instantly overwhelmed (well my boyfriend and I definitely was) with the taste and flavour’s that each bar contained. It is fair to say that these super yummy bars will be making a regular appearance within my eating regime as it wouldn’t make sense not to.

The listing in MyFitnessPal said these were 1 carb each (2 carbs total), but that’s not accurate. Add those beers to my six cups of coffee earlier in the day, and that put me over my 20 net carbs per day limit.
For lunch I decided maybe I should use some of the low carb groceries I bought this week, lol. I sauteed the mushrooms (great source of potassium!) and zucchini together in a bit of soy sacue, then added the cooked chicken at the end just to get it warm & juicy. When I make a multi-ingredient meal like that, I enter each of the ingredients into MyFitnessPal individually. Thank you, Suzanne – and congrats on getting started on your health & weight loss goals! I decided to go back to my super simple 3IMAX low carb diet, which is basically simple meals of 3 ingredients or less.
I expect a week away in Vancouver with girlfriends will do me a world of good after all of this. Without an appetite, I finally decided I felt like I needed some food in me, and made a bowl of tuna salad.
We ordered out, but I saved the roasted veggies that came with mine and had some fresh green beans on the side instead (that I had stashed in the freezer). My stomach is still working out whatever went on this week, but I do feel less icky and I have more of an appetite back. Hi Lynn, so happy to find you feeling a little better, and back on track, and hopeful you have no more bad spells.
Hope your vacation takes away your sadness, and you feel much happier and in the place you want to be. So love your ideas and know you work so very hard to help all of us learn a better way to eat and live. I’ve had a lot of stress and grief this week, mostly old things coming up to deal with, work stress on top of that, the usual stuff life piles on you sometimes. I didn’t get hungry again until almost bedtime, when I ate a couple of leftover sausage patties. Impressed by the packaging displayed, I took to Google to research this product further and boy am I glad that I did!

These babies perfectly took away any  sweet tooth craving I had and surprisingly left me feeling full and very satisfied. They are highly nutritious and does not compromise on taste (a hard combination to get right but they did).
Her passions include encouraging others to lead an active, health conscious lifestyle whilst leading her Breakin' Boundrez team on various fitness related challenges. I cook up enough sausage for two meals, save the other half, and fry my eggs in the sausage pan – so it’s a fast one skillet meal! I had actually eaten about half my lunch and then finished the other half later in the afternoon, so I wasn’t that hungry.
I do have quite a few groceries still left to cook, so I’m thinking I just might make low carb spinach burgers tonight. I plan to relax, enjoy my trip and some FUN downtime with my girl friends in Canada, and of course… take lots of pictures. My stand out favourite flavours were Apple Pie, Chocolate Brownie and Mixed Berry! In a nutshell, these protein bars are a treat to eat, minus the guilt.
I was wondering what your thoughts were about the WHO saying processed meats being linked to cancer?
I did hop over on my other scale to check my body fat and water weight, just to see if those had changed – especially since I drank NO water yesterday. I have quite a bit to do this weekend before I fly out on Monday, but I also plan to rest plenty – and take care of ME. Speaking of, I have two fun trips coming up soon – so stay tuned for fun low carb food choices on the go.
As a 6 year colon cancer survivor – this way of eating works the best for the new me.

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