Makeup Secrets to Look YoungerPros reveal the blunders to avoid and how to turn back the clock.
In order to create the dazzling luster of dewy flawless skin, a thin layer of primer needs to be applied all over the face. Cheekbones that are highlighted as the focal point of the face gives the celebrity a more radiant appearance, but not all celebrities have ultra-high cheekbones.
It’s no secret that celebrities are prone to using Botox and fillers, or even going under the knife to keep their faces tight and sculpted. Having worked in the fashion and beauty industries for over 20 years, celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has made a name for herself as the woman with insight on how exactly to look like a Supermodel.
Growing up in an artistic family in Ibiza, Charlotte Tilbury has always had a penchant for the creative realm. Since launching the Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics line in Fall 2014 (which has been getting reviews from beauty magazines, such as Allure), she’s helped take another step forward toward helping women everywhere look and feel fabulous everyday. As shared on Charlotte’s website, featured here a couple of her top makeup secrets for getting sculpted, chiseled cheekbones and bigger, brighter eyes. Now that you know the makeup secrets to looking like a supermodel, it’s time to get gorgeous, strike a pose and upload a picture-perfect selfie. For more fab tips, pics and videos, follow Inspirations & Celebrations on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. I've always wanted to learn all of the different makeup tips to make lips look bigger and sexier so I can have luscious lips Angie Jolie a€“ I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants lips like her right?If you've been dying to find all of the perfect makeup tips to make lips look bigger, I've them all below!Everything from lip plumping gloss all the way to exfoliating your lips to make sure that they look beautiful!1.
The 2012 runways were awash with natural beauties, but most of the models got a little bit of help with makeup. Contouring: To bring definition to an otherwise boring look, use a bronzer in the hollow of your cheeks (try making a fish face if you can't find the area). Consider it the beauty version of spinach in your teeth—despite how embarrassing it might be, few people will point it out to you. From the most famous A-Listers to the barely known celebrity, each and every person that walks down the red carpet is dressed to impress. Celebrities add an elegant, yet seductive look to their appearance by overplaying their eyes. Although, they can make their lips look fuller just by adding a colorless lip balm with shimmer to the skin just above their cupid’s bow (the area just above the center of the upper lip).
In order to make cheekbones appear higher, a dark bronzer is applied just below the cheekbone. However, there are a few celebrities who have not resorted to such drastic measures and are able to create a higher sculpted brow with just a few swipes of makeup. While some celebrities opt to use eyelash enhancers or eyelash extensions, others simply use false eyelashes to create naturally full eyelashes. On …25 Of The Buzziest Celebrity Beauty Campaigns Of 2016May 4, 2016As serious beauty junkies, we get psyched about every new product to hit the market.

ExfoliateWhen you are trying to make your lips look soft and super full, you've got to take the time and exfoliate them.What I do is actually take a soft bristled toothbrush and rub it along my lips to get any flakes off.This works wonders girls and it's totally one of the best makeup tips to make lips look bigger! At a young age, she discovered the transformative powers that makeup can have on a woman’s appearance. Start at the nose and spread outward, then switch to your thumbs to get more coverage in areas like your cheeks.
Because the miracle of a good primer is its ability to mask large pores, uneven skin tone, blemishes, and even wrinkles. Before a celebrity walks down the red carpet, but after their primer and foundation is applied, a coating of pearl essence is applied over the entire face. By highlighting this area, the celebrity is able to immediately create fuller looking lips.
So, to create a slimmer nose without resorting to cosmetic surgery, a highlighting trick works wonders. After primer and a base coat of foundation are applied all over the face, a highlighter is applied in an upside down ‘V’ shape just above the eyebrow. To get their lashes to stand out on the red carpet, most celebrities use black false eyelashes. During her early years, she met make-up artist Mary Greenwell, which turned out to be the pivotal point in her career, leading to her decision to train at the Glauca Rossi School of Make-up. Everything from a celebrity’s hair to their nails must be perfectly tailored and for most women of Hollywood, their makeup must be flawless.
Then a line of black or grey pencil liner is traced over the top lash line from the inner to the outer corner. Then, a highlighting powder is applied to the apple of the cheeks and just above the cheekbone.
Most often the false eyelashes will need to be trimmed before applied so that they appear as natural as possible. If you need to hide blemishes and dark spots, add a layer of medium foundation or concealer in discoloured areas. Add tinted lip balm, a coat of mascara and brow gel to get a natural face ready for day-to-day wear.
To prevent foundation from morph ing into a road map of your fine lines, start with moisturizer or face oil and follow with primer to create a smooth palette. If there is a wrinkle or a blemish to cover, celebrity makeup artists go to great lengths to make every imperfection disappear. With an overall coating of the illuminator, the celebrity’s skin appears glowing and youthful. By trapping moisture to the lips, rather than allowing them to dry, lips will appear fuller. By using a dark color below the cheekbone and a light color above, a subtle contrast is created along the cheek.

The lashes are then coated with a dark lash glue before they are pressed gently onto the eyelid.
Then line your eyes with Eye Cheat Rock n’ Kohl eyeliner, the fastest way to define your eyes and make them appear bigger. They coat, apply and reapply a variety of foundations, powders, liners, lipsticks, eye shadows, and mascara to get the perfect red carpet look. By starting the makeup application processes with a good primer, less concealer is needed, which keeps the celebrity looking as natural as possible.
Finally, the center of the bottom lip is covered in a shimmering gloss, adding sparkle to the lips while drawing attention to the center of the lips.
The distinction in tone defines that cheekbones, making them appear higher and more pronounced. To achieve as natural an effect as possible, the false eyelashes are applied as close to the natural eyelashes as possible.
Also, when the foundation and concealer are applied over primer, they will lay across the thin layer of primer instead of seeping into large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. To add even more dimension to the nasal area, a foundation two shades darker than the celebrity’s skin tone is applied on either side of the bridge of the nose. After the adhesive glue dries, the false lashes are curled along with the natural eyelashes. But instead of sweeping over your entire face, avoid these areas: the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks, the cupid's bow and the area directly under your lip. With a whole lot of makeup and even more celebrity makeup secrets that shape, define, highlight, and create a glowing complexion. Preventing foundation and concealer from penetrating the surface of the skin keeps the celebrity’s skin looking youthful and free of imperfections. By creating a highlighted area on the bridge of the nose and darker shades on the sides of the nose, the entire nose appears slimmer. Finally, liquid eyeliner is applied over the base of both the lashes to create a unified look.
Skin color often changes as we age, so be sure that your foundation matches your current skin tone. Both are instant agers.) To contour brows, use a pencil that's slightly lighter than your hair color. Linter recommends lining your lips with a neutral or rose-colored pencil to strengthen the borders; blend well.

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