With so many items to choose from it can be extremely difficult to find a product that works for you.
Singer Rihanna channeled a much welcomed modest look to to grace the front of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. The magazine bared the tag line of 'Rihanna of Arabia: The new modesty, cover up in style,abd true to their world it was indeed a whole new Rihanna. For the shoot Rihanna wears a series of traditional Middle Eastern clothing as well as couture head scarfs and veils, which are given a modern twist. Due to popular demand, African Sweetheart bring you another does of elegantly sown Ankara styles.
Some amongst us are getting it seriously wrong when it comes to Traditional wear!  Why shouldn't ones ankara and kente report?
If you’ve ever noticed, there is a significant difference with the way Asians do their makeup compared to Westerners. Base – Asians don’t usually go for a full coverage base for daily looks so heavy foundations are usually reserved for more glamorous looks for special events and occasions.
Eyebrows – if you take a look at how Asian makeup is done, you’ll notice that brows are not usually very well defined and dramatically arched.
Eye makeup – Asian makeup doesn’t usually make use of a lot of bright and bold colors, especially for the eyes. Lashes – although Asians usually have shorter lashes Asian makeup calls for falsies only when it needs to look glam. Contemporary Dark Skin Makeup Styles 2013 adds a very traditionally beautiful look for dark skin tone. For a dark skin you can create a perfect look with more amount of shimmer added on cheeks and eyes. Eyeliner is one of those make-up products that you have to look for the most quality in what you buy.

Although lots of Asians also take inspiration from American makeup looks, there’s this signature look that one can easily associate with Asians, especially the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. Asian makeup has a very natural look to it so neutral colors are often used instead of bright ones. Otherwise, a coat or two of mascara after curling the lashes is enough so as to keep it looking natural and fresh. Contouring is not practiced religiously and applying bronzer to “warm up the face” isn’t very popular either. Though the everyday makeup look would normally call for light pink lips to get the natural look, bold lip colors like red, orange and hot pink are more than welcome as well. Women around the country will be trying on handbags from Louis Vuitton Outlet, which are always designed for luxury and elegant perfection.
The ideas work great for all kind of pale tanned skin types and bring out a unique style glance.
Metallic eyes are mostly applied for a formal party look  so grab a conviction with some glossy style shine. The tones on eyes and lips could be applied more effectively applied in shimmer composition and replicate a perky style. Bring out  shades in nude mixed with black for tanned skin and focus mainly on features who need to carry such looks. If you have not already seen this occur, using the wrong eyeliner can easily make you look like a raccoon or a wild animal if you sweat or even move. Whether the classic black smokky eye makeup or the advanced colored smoky eye makeup, you will find what you want in this full collection of stunning smoky eye makeup tutorials.
American makeup is a little heavier, more glam and it makes you look youthful yet mature too.
Mattifying the look isn’t a top priority as well as Asian makeup leans more towards the youthful, dewy look.

Highlighting is seldom practiced as well since the dewy look is enough to give you that glow. Choosing a right selection for a dark skin is very important for a fabulous impression and for that bring these ideas into your consideration.
Throw in the use of cheap black eyeliner and you have some incredibly strange look that should not be happening.
Eyeliner styles vary, depending on what one would prefer but usually it’s just one thick line following the natural shape of the eye. Some eyeliner is so bad that by the end of each day, what you once had perfectly drawn underneath your eye can easily end up on your cheeks. We are going to share with you 13 stylish smoky eye makeup tutorials for your next party and night out.
Being Asian myself, I go back and forth between Asian and American makeup looks though I find myself creating more of the Asian one on a day to day basis just because it’s easier, quicker and lighter.
All these tutorials are good to try and they will be an excellent teacher to tell you how to do an enviable smoky eye makeup.
Some like to wear contact lenses to make their eyes look bigger so they can get the doll-eyed look as well. Please keep in mind that an individual may have to try a variety of different eyeliners to achieve the look they are seeking.

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