Ready-to-drink, or in a shake mix, choose from great tasting chocolate, vanilla or strawberry for a low carb, smooth and filling drink.
Low carb breakfast muesli and rye crackers to give you the variety of food you want, without the carbs. Atkins products can be found at your local Supermarket or Pharmacy in the Diet and Nutrition section.
Flaxseed, or linseed as it’s also commonly known as, has gained popularity as a health food and with good reason! As a nutritionist, I’ve always been a big advocate of low carb lifestyles and in the six years I’ve worked for Atkins I’ve seen many myths surrounding it come & go. I’ve replaced "bad" refined starchy carbohydrates, which are packed with sugar, with good carbs, such as lots of low sugar fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

When Lynn Hathaway, 44, saw a holiday snap of herself at 15st 7lbs, sat next to her young daughter, she was shocked into action. Having struggled with his weight since childhood, Paul Timmins, 43, went on to shift the pounds once and for all.
After becoming a mum, former sports fanatic Donna found herself piling on the pounds as she survived on sugary snacks while trying to balance family life with her busy job as a radio DJ. A shock diagnosis lead to Stephanie Tate’s decision to adopt a tailored version of the New Atkins nutritional approach. Vanessa Hughes knew she had to take action when her 12-year-old son began commenting on her expanding waistline. Shirley started Atkins in May 2014 with the initial aim of losing enough to get into holiday clothes she owned as she didn’t want to buy more in the next size up.

My major achievement has to be the changes in my body and being able to wear nice clothes and feel confident. From a meal planner, weight tracker, carb counter, community forums and more – it’s all here to make your weight loss plan easy and enjoyable. So Neil tried lots of different diets but all without success until one of his work friends pointed him in the direction of Atkins.

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