Mid-morning cravings and stomach pangs are usually the result of low blood sugar and the best way to avoid that mid-morning low is by planning for and enjoying healthy and simple mid-morning snacks.
The easiest options next to a piece of fresh fruit are sliced melon (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew), sliced mango or papaya, grapes, fresh berries etc. You can eat the fruit au naturale, without any sugar (which is my preference); or top with plain Greek Yogurt and a little local honey for sweetener – or pack the yogurt and honey in a small cup (on the side for dipping). A handful of raw nuts is the easiest, portable snack I know of (next to an apple, banana, or orange).  Put a large handful of nuts into a plastic snack bag and you are ready to go. This combination of nuts, seeds, and a small amount of dark chocolate chips is perfect for a quick snack in the morning or afternoon.
You can purchase larger containers of unsweetened pure applesauce (no sugar or additives) or you can buy single-serving sized portions to carry to work with you. In the morning, toast one slice of whole grain bread and slice it into four strips that are just the right size for dipping.
Whole wheat toast dipped in applesauce is sweet, crunchy and filling, making it one of the best snacks for mid-morning munchies.
Sprinkle the seeds onto the yogurt and add a dollop of local honey and a pinch of cinnamon. You can either buy small containers or one large container of plain Greek Yogurt that can be divided into small container for each day of the week.  All you have to do each day is add the seeds and honey. Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and the seeds add both vitamins and nutrients that are important for a busy lifestyle. Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E and antioxidants that are necessary for overall health as well as being great for your skin.
Slice ends from celery sticks and wash well (wrap in damp paper towel and place in crisper in the refrigerator).

In the morning, spread tuna mixture into the 4 pieces of celery, wrap in foil and pack in a cooler to take to work. This snack is healthy and nutritious and you can make enough for several days with just one can of tuna.  Be sure that the snack is well refrigerated at all times before eating. Healthy mid-morning snacks are not difficult to make; but, it does take time to plan your snacking options. Having a plan in place and the right foods on hand is the perfect way to avoid snacking on, potato chips, candy, sodas, and cookies during the week. If your office has a microwave and refrigerator, you definitely have plenty of options for healthy homemade snacks and lunches.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Forget Brangelina and the Beckhams, these old school couples made love look chic, cool and achingly glamorous. The questions YOU ask during a job interview are just as important as the answers you give. In today?s overstretched, overscheduled world, we feel like we are constantly reacting and not really in control of our days.
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You can either take a piece of fruit whole (in its natural wrapper); or, if you have access to a refrigerator at work, you can prepare fresh fruit snacks before you leave home. Wash, peel, slice, hull (prepare as necessary), place in a small container and you are set.

Oatmeal bars and even oatmeal cookies (if they are low in sugar) can be just the pick-me-up that you need to get you through to lunch. The chocolate chips and dried fruit provide enough sugar to give you a little bit of a quick energy boost; and the nuts offer energy that burns more slowly. Places which are not about seeing or being seen, but about pure unadulterated joy of incredible food combined with attentive, deeply knowledgeable service. UK, publisher of Marie Claire and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties. If you wait until lunch to replenish your energy, chances are you will overeat at your mid-day meal. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from – maple and brown sugar to peach flavored.
As I mentioned in another post Sprouts has the best prices for raw and salted nuts – Trader Joe’s is my 2nd choice.
Once you have decided on your snacks, be sure to add the necessary items to your grocery lists. These small meals can be a wonderful addition to your diet without adding a lot of fat and calories. As a result for those of you who do not like fish, flax seeds are a great alternative for getting that important nutrient.
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