The Huffington Post UK has a fairly upsetting report on the commodification of eating disorders–apparently pro-eating disorder sites are selling merchandise as if having an eating disorder were a lifestyle choice and not a serious mental illness. While the types of items sold range, I was particularly taken with the jewelry now associated with eating disorders.
The bracelets are intentionally non-branded in order to masquerade as a normal bracelet and not as an ED label, and are meant to mark you as a member of an underground club.
And i’m pretty sure those bracelets are symbol of support for the sufferer, the same as supporting the fight against cancer or fighting violence against women. This is our only safehaven, don’t strip us of that when we have hardly anything left.
I joined MPA a year ago, suffering with mental illness I was socially isolated and actively suicidal.
I wear an eating disorder support bracelet because I am going to beat this and I am not alone. First off, the site itself that you found the bracelet on is NOT Pro-Ana, despite the name, which tends to be extremely misleading. Honestly, I think that she feels like she is the one doing the saving by trying to expose the site. I have one, and it’s so that you can identify with others with the same eating disorder.
I had a look at My Pro Ana: they have a whole section dedicated to supporting those who are in recovery. If you really went through the site, you would see it is mostly support to get better with other sufferers. I can say as a sufferer of an eating disorder for 3 years, that i honestly wouldnt be here if it werent for My Pro Ana. There are forums for BED, EDNOS, Bulima, Anorexia, Orthorexia, self harm forums, forums so that we can just laugh and have fun, and even a RECOVERY forum.

She feels she is so superior that all she needs to make a judgement is the title of the site.
If you actually take a proper look into the site you will see that it does not promote eating disorders. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The world of online eating disorder communities pulls you in deeper to your illnes, and tries to legitimize having an ED as a lifestyle. This would, however, be pretty appealing to people who are trying to be anorexic, as if it were an effective diet choice. But we all know that anyone actually going through that isn’t going to be viewing it that way. Sure you get a few who join to get tips to become ana, but they are ignored by true members! MPA is a website for those of us struggling with an eating disorder, or perhaps another type of mental illness, to go to for support.
And for the most part, we do NOT encourage starvation or purging, or any other type of the behaviors we partake in. Instead, they tell people to join a site like MyFitnessPal and lose weight the healthy way.
It is a community for those who suffer from Eating Disorders to support each other, make friends, have discussions, find common interests and let out their feelings.
It is supporting your recovery by allowing you to connect with people having the same problems and issues. The community on there are people that understand what you’re going through and help you stay as safe as this illness allows.
Even if she was trying to help, which she isn’t, that is not how you go about helping people, some of which have huge problems with how they are viewed by other people and their biggest critics are themselves.

I bet you wouldn’t be writing such an article about a forum dedicated to people with depression or PTSD, so why do it with eating disorders?
I have an ana bracelet not to stay true to my diet, but to show awareness on eating disorders and to relate to other ED sufferers. People with eating disorders are going to do harmful behaviours in order to lose weight, and a website isnt going to change that. We go there so that we can connect with others whom understand us, and talk about what is going on in our minds with people that can actually understand on a level that you never will be able to.The site is our only place to feel safe and be able to talk about what is really bothering us without being judged by people like you. We help eachother, support eachother, relate to eachother and once in awhile ask tips but by no means are we Pro-anorexic or Pro-eating disorder.
The community of MPA have helped me get through some of my lowest points and helped me stay safe and, to be honest, alive. I have several other mental health problems like depression, social anxiety disorder and struggle with self inflicted injury. The bracelets are not sold in order to promote an ED, they are to be worn to show that people support those who suffer from eating disorders.
On that website, there are others that suffer from the same issues and help me get through that, as i haven’t had the courage to seek the help that i need.
It’s like survivors of Breast Cancer wearing a pink bracelet or pink ribbon, so to speak.
So before you type out such an inaccurate article, maybe you should fully do your research. This website has helped me and hundreds of others and deserves to be seen as the supporting site rather than a destructive one.

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