I am a newbie to 3FatChicks and just started the IP Diet 3 weeks ago -- and I wanted to share my experience and (perhaps somewhat scientific?) analysis of the IP Diet (Phase 1) at least on how I am responding to it. First off I just wanted to say that this is from my own personal experience and information that I have gleaned from others including my doctors and nutritionist (as well as my IP representative). Also I do realize that I tweaked the official Phase 1 IP diet a bit to better mesh with my body (reactions and allergies). Also my body has never reacted well to large amounts of vegetables (it must be some sort of enzyme issue?), so I swapped the 4 cups of vegetables for 2 heaping teaspoons of Colon Cleaner mixed with water.
Also being 6'4" tall, I thought I would max out the recommended meat serving to 8 oz per day.
I was curious how my body might react to this if I STUCK TO THIS RELIGIOUSLY with no deviations and no cheating. This discrepancy was explained to me by my IP representative that my body will actually be burning (or eating) my own fat stores to get the extra calories it needs. I know that the IP Diet theory says that the IP Diet is NOT a calorie counting diet, it's all about restricting carbs and sugar.

But I would think that if you are not cheating on the diet, that the only variable in all this when you apply to OTHERS is….
What I am showing for me … is the results for a 2500 calorie basal metabolic rate and sticking to the IP diet to the letter (eating only 800 calories per day or so).
Thanks for the info - interesting reading as I learn more about IP and the effects on my body. I am just starting week 4, and while I haven't had the crazy weight loss as others, I have definately lost inches.
The Weight Loss charts come from a VERY COOL Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet (in *.XLS format).
I will try to get both of those things posted to my webserver later today and post links in this thread (so anyone may download). This is pretty close to my measured BMR at my nutritionists office a few years ago at 2500 calories per day. I find somedays my body craves more protein, so once or twice a week I will throw in an extra egg.

I think I am finally below the evil 200's this morning, but won't be able to do an official weighin or measurement because of my work schedule.. And one last factor you have NO WAY of measuring, and the decrease in metabolic rate from such a calorie restrictive diet. As an example, i personally know that for me, the MOMENT i enter into a ketogenic diet, my reproduction system shuts down immediately. Bottom line is we are all just trying to lose weight here and improve our health and lives. And with that input, I seem to be losing about 0.75 pounds per day or 5 pounds per week pretty steadily (so far at least).

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