I would like to thank everyone on Dogster and espeically Boxer Town members for all of your love, caring and support for Me, Nikki and Adrienne this year. I wish I could afford to send a Christmas ornament with Nikki's picture on it to our Boxer Town pals. If you would like a Christmas ornament that looks like the picture in her profile please contact me by paw mail. She asked to go out early at 4:00 am and her stool was brown in color and other than a little too firm it was normal. She spent the early morning hours laying in places that her mother Adrienne used to go when she wasn't feeling well. When Adrienne was beginning to bloat, and I was calling the animal ER she layed down on a folded up blanket.
Her blood level was so low that he was not even able to find a vein where he used to easily find one. After a bit I raised my head from Nikki's body and through my tears said to Dr Wikert, "This must be the part of your job that really sucks." He replied, "Well it is definitely not something I enjoy doing but in this case I was looking at a dog who badly needed my help. We spent a little more time with her, said our final goodbyes and went home to a very quiet house.
He says that besides the enlarging lymph nodes that I'm doing very well and he scheduled our next appointment for three weeks from now.
I'm no longer responding at all to the prednisone and the lymph nodes in my throat are getting very very large.
I hardly noticed anything and Dad drove slow enough so that I could really get lots of sniffing in along the lakeside.
I can tell Mom and Dad are planning something that also had Dad worried about details and Mom worried about how much she's going to miss Dad. Mom started me on another rescue of 60mg prednisone yesterday since my lymph nodes have once again begun to grow quite quickly. He examined me and yes my lymph nodes are larger than he'd seen before but he says they certainly can get much larger than this.
Mom did talk to him about the diarrhea I had last time I was on 60mg and he decided to have Mom add to my regimen something he calls Constitutional blend. He also pulled some blood since that hasn't been done in awhile and he will decide based on the results how to change my mixture of tea and other treatments that will help continue to fight off my lymphoma but also relieve side effects and prevent damage to my organs.
So far though my lymph nodes are active the lymphoma does not appear to have spread to any other lymph sites on my body or organs that can be identified without an MRI. Early Saturday morning when I saw Mom wake up I brought her my fox so we could play some tug. New research findings showing that the prevalence of B-cell and T-cell lymphomas vary by dog breeds may eventually lead to new therapies for managing this cancer of the lymph nodes, which occurs more frequently in Boxers than many other breeds. Certain breeds of dogs have very specific chromosome aberrations and their susceptibility to develop cancer subtypes is assumed due to their genetic makeup. Researchers in the Modiano and Breen laboratories are focusing on molecular differences between lymphomas to determine the most effective chemotherapy for each kind of tumor.
In addition, studies to determine risk where the scientists will produce linkage maps to compare haplotypes, or the genetic composition of individual chromosomes, of affected and unaffected animals from several breeds are in progress. The information will be key in learning how tumors with different genetic abnormalities respond to therapy and may eventually help researchers to predict treatment expectations and to design new treatment protocols. The work is part of a large collaborative effort that involves scientists at five institutions. Lymphoma describes a tumor that grows in lymph nodes and arises from lymphocytes, or white blood cells that fight disease. The lifetime risk of lymphoma in all breeds of dogs is estimated at approximately one in 15, yet the lifetime risk for Boxers is estimated at approximately one in four. Though lymphoma can occur at any age, a€?it is most commonly seen in middle-aged to older dogs,a€? Modiano says.
Veterinarians determine whether a dog has lymphoma by conducting a physical examination and taking a tissue biopsy. Some types of lymphoma progress rapidly, causing death in only one to two weeks, while other types develop more slowly and can go without treatment for years. Chemotherapy is the mainstay of treatment, although radiation therapy is being used experimentally in combination with chemotherapy and producing promising results, Modiano says. Owners of Boxers whose dogs have lymphoma can assist researchers by providing samples and financial assistance.

If you are sending tissue samples, the laboratories ask for advance notice of at least 24 hours. Scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard are seeking blood samples of dogs affected with B-cell lymphoma and healthy dogs 8 years of age and older. At the National Human Genome Research Institute, researchers are interested in blood samples of dogs with T-cell lymphoma.
All of the research institutes remind donors to be sure to check the box on the consent form that allows them to share samples with other scientists. Mom brought in a calendar and showed Dr Wikert each day and what dosage she gave me since the last time I was there to see him.
When Mom asked about giving me rice to treat the diarrhea he said that she could do that for a couple of meals.
Mom asked his advice on future needs for rescue protocols and he apologised for not having much advise to give. He gave me lots and lots of treats during my visit and Mom & Dad stopped at Burger King on the way home and let me eat an entire Whopper Junior by myself. I tried and I did order several to be shipped to my home but I can't afford the cost of packaging and shipping etc to individuals. She was somewhat lethargic that morning and when she came back in the house she didn't want to eat her normal "cookie".
She was bleeding internally a fair amount and her lungs sounded like the beginnings of pneumonia.
He tried and tried and finally moved to one of her back legs and with some difficulty found one.
Nikki and her mother Adrienne are a part of the beauty that has been in my life and they will remain with me forever. He felt my lymph nodes and told Mom that though they have grown a lot that they can get much larger before they become a life threatening problem. Mom is going to run out of hot dogs to hide them in since I am picking these out of my food and won't eat them from my dish.
She's very concerned about side effects and damage to my body so she took me to see Dr Mulvihill today. It is a mixture of Burdock root, Dandelion root & herb, Slippery elm bark (which is supposed to be very good for diarrhea and you can buy slippery elm in the drug store to have on hand whenever it is a problem. I am otherwise still very healthy, do not show signs of Cushings disease and my tongue is looking pretty good too! My lymph nodes are still there and are even growing a bit again but that didn't damper any of our moods! They are part of the normal immune system, but either cell type may undergo changes leading to the development of cancer known as lymphoma. Tapping into molecular cytogenetics, also known as fluorescence in situ hibridization (FISH), Breen and the scientists in his laboratory were able to observe numerical and structural chromosome abnormalities. This information may also be used to help identify corresponding genes that contribute to the risk of lymphoma in both species.
Targeted therapy, which allows the use of toxic agents to cells based on structural or functional tumor characteristics, a€?is the wave of the future,a€? Modiano says.
The most noticeable signs are usually big masses around the neck, in front of the shoulders or behind the knees.
For example, large masses in a doga€™s neck may cause problems breathing or eating, and masses in the chest may make it hard to breathe so animals become tired or lethargic. Lymphoma is one of the five most common tumors seen in dogs, and it occurs about two to five times more frequently in dogs than in people. Modiano says that the youngest dog he recalls being diagnosed with the cancer was 3 weeks old. Surgery is not recommended for managing lymphoma because the disease is not confined to a single site or organ. However, the intervals surrounding this average are quite large; some dogs can live for years, and others do not survive even one month, Modiano says. Modiano advises that dogs with lymphoma probably should not be bred because the disease can be debilitating and because treatment can affect the genetic composition of eggs and sperm.
I could sign the back in gold pen with her name on it and I can send it with either a red or green ribbon.
When Adrienne didn't come home Nikki would sniff that blanket and lay on it watching the door.

He said that if ever a dog was telling us it was time to go it was her right here and right now. My husband and I held her close, hugged and kissed her over and over again but she was gone in seconds. He says she shouldn't continue to give me high doses of prednisone anymore since that is causing the high liver enzymes and I'm not responding to it anyway.
Some increased muscle loss but a dog that has been on pred for the length of time that I have been should have much more. Its amazing how Mom & Dad seem so much happier when they know I'm feeling well and not showing any side effects from the prednisone. We all hope I continue feeling like this though Mom knows that fairly soon she's going to have to run me through another rescue protocol of the prednisone to knock back my lymph nodes once again. Besides Boxer, other breeds that will be compared to this index breed include Rottweiler, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, and Mastiff. Occasionally lymph nodes that are not visible or palpable from outside the body, such as inside the chest or abdomen, are affected. Cancerous lymphocytes may also infiltrate certain organs of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract, spleen, liver or kidneys, leading to signs such as weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea or kidney failure. It accounts for 20 percent of all canine tumors, and four of five cancers originating from blood cells. In older dogs, the incidence of lymphoma declines not because the risk is lower, but because there are fewer dogs.
These tests help determine not only how widespread the cancer is but also help assess other important health parameters. He took my vitals, my heart and lungs sound good, I had no temperature and really there is still no evidence that the cancer has spread to anywhere besides my throat but Dr Wikert firmly assured Mom that lymph nodes are all throughout the body and surely it has spread.
He says I am in uncharted territory as I seem to be going against all the rules of a dog with lymphoma who is not being treated with chemotherapy. I put that same blanket down for Nikki in the same place it had been when Adrienne layed on it and Nikki got up from laying flat out on the floor, went to the blanket and layed on it.
Dr Wikert said that the fact that she went so quickly indicated she had already started on her own. I do feel blessed to have had to priveledge to love and care for her for the time that I was given.
Dad didn't want me to get upset because Mom was crying so he took all of us for a ride in the car down along Lake Michigan.
This mixture helps to coat my stomach and other organs to keep the prednisone from damaging my tummy, and it also is supposed to be a very good detoxifying formula.
Dr Wikert said that at that dosage the prednisone basically shuts down my immune system and I was suseptible to pick up an illness. She didn't move from that spot except to lift her head once in awhile until it was time to take her to the vet.
I stuck my head out the window almost the entire time and I was very distracted while Mom sat in the front seat next to Dad who was driving and she had a good cry.
The prednisone would also mask the symptoms so he felt we should treat me with a course of antibiotics to make sure I wasn't sick. She can't believe how lively I am when at the same time she knows my time left here is very short.
He says Mom is making excellent decisions on my treatment when she's had to and he says she should continue using her instincts. In this situation ingredient labels must be read very carefully – even foods like chocolate, and cordials can contain lactose as a sweetener).
When Mom started to cry a bit because she's been so overwhelmed, he said that he knew we were in for a rough road and there just is no way to make any of this easier. Calcium IntakeOne of the biggest issues with a reduced lactose, or lactose-free diet is maintaining adequate calcium levels. There are also a wide variety of cow’s milk alternatives flooding the market place, so find one that suits your tastes and nutrition goals.

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