This is a blog dedicated to sharing my fitness journey, health information, and what inspires me. To reach this calorie goal, consider drinking a lot of milk, almond milk, or coconut milk instead of water. If you want to gain weight, and don’t want it to be fat, it needs to be muscle, and muscle growth is stimulated by training those muscles. Liquid doesn’t fill you up as much, and provides you healthy carbs, fats, and protein.
Arm muscle looks fantastic, training glutes gives you an ass like no other, back muscles look sexy in backless dresses, and core will give you a rock-solid foundation.

Strength training is most effective with weights which is easy at a gym, but not so much at home. If you’re at home, grab an empty gallon of milk and fill it with water, which will weigh about 8lbs.
They taste SO fresh, the yolk bright yellow, packed with B vitamins and beta-carotene (ideal for a strong immune system); great way to start the day when scrambled up with some zucchini and chopped organic spinach. With her eggs, Lily adores medium pico de gallo, and this fall, orange cherry tomatoes are super sweet, packed with antioxidant lycopene (for super vision), and vitamin C rich tangerines (natures protection from the flu!).
Overall, this breakfast does her body good!Here are five strategies that we use in our family for an easy, quick and healthy meal in the morning.1.

Don’t limit yourself to “breakfast food.” Toddlers don’t know that a turkey burger isn’t standard breakfast fare. Though my hubby and I love to eat pancakes on the weekend, they are actually a great grab-and-go finger-food for toddlers and kids!

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