Here's more evidence fresh out of the oven to signal that wolfing down junk food such as burgers, pizzas, fried chicken, potato chips, aloo bhujia and instant noodles, and washing it down with canloads of carbonated drinks is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, claims made by the corporate giants that dish out the fast food items were discovered to be false by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the group which had highlighted the issue of pesticides in water and soft drinks some years results of the latest study were declared on Friday. The industry, for its part, maintained that it adhered to the current Indian regulations and was serving 'safe' food to the people. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) considers a product trans fat free if it contains less than 0.2 gm of trans fats per serving. If you can't find answers in our skin clinic, just contact us with your questions and we will advise you.
Obesity is an epidemic in the United States and some think government is the way to stop it. Turner Ashby High School cafeteria cook Allison Steele prepares fresh broccoli from Oak Grove, Va., for lunch Thursday, Nov. Many public health advocates believe the government has a significant role to play in improving nutrition, and recent initiatives show the government agrees.
But not all groups agree that the government's increasing involvement in food is a positive development.
Official nutritional guidelines first started in 1980 and then during the 1990s came the food pyramid, which encouraged breads, cereals, rice and pastas to be eaten in the highest serving amounts. Marion Nestle, author of "Food Politics," "Eat, Drink, Vote," and other leading books on the intersection of policy and agriculture, explains that the recommendations shifted from focusing on nutrient deficiencies to focusing on nutrition that would prevent chronic diseases. Daren Bakst, research fellow in agricultural policy at the Heritage Foundation conservative think tank, points to past guidelines to illustrate why the government should have less involvement in nutrition standards. These dietary guidelines are only recommendations for some, but requirements for school meals expand the reach. Under the latest USDA guidelines for school lunches, for instance, students are required to take half a cup of fruits and vegetables but are allowed to take up to 2 cups.
Jacobson says menu-labeling in restaurants and nutrition labels are gentle ways of informing people about what is in their food. Bakst disagrees, saying that the government's ban on a food item is problematic, and points out that most companies have already reduced or eliminated trans fat on their own.
The results of the ban at the city levels have still not been measured, other than a study in 2012 that showed New Yorkers are consuming less trans fat.
Marlene Schwartz, director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut says she blames Americans' poor eating habits on the food industry and its pressure on the government. The food industry and groups that are proponents of reducing government intervention counter that policies are obstacles to businesses and barriers to individual choice. There are some indications that consumers are showing a growing awareness of what healthful eating means, and fast-food menus are changing under growing pressure from parent and nutrition groups.
Burger King have stopped using soda as the default drink in their kids' menus; and the largest food and beverage companies have created the Children's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative to focus on delivering healthier ads to kids under 12. The National Restaurant Association supports educating consumers but is concerned about overregulation. But others believe more government intervention could help low-income Americans and those who live in rural areas, where healthful food is either unavailable or too expensive. Se nel Regno Unito e stata approvata una iniziativa pubblico-privata per ridurre il contenuto di grassi saturi, al momento l’esecutivo europeo sembra orientato a non dare priorita al tema dei grassi trans, considerati tutto sommato poco presenti nella dieta dei consumatori. I grassi trans “artificiali” originano dal  processo industriale di idrogenazione degli oli.

Queste sostanze nel tempo si sono rivelate pericolose: al punto che, secondo l’agenzia, azzerare i grassi trans nella dieta degli americani potrebbe prevenire 20000 infarti e 7000 morti ogni anno. Decisione supportata oltretutto dalle evidenze dell’Institute of Medicine che sottolineano come non esistano soglie sicure per il loro consumo.
A scanso di equivoci, la portata del provvedimenti sembra comunque  limitata: oltre 580mila persone-per fare un raffronto- muoiono ogni anno per cancro.
Se la legge venisse approvata, l’industria -per poterli utilizzare- dovra fornire prove scientifiche della loro sicurezza. In modo implicito e all’atto pratico, la FDA sembra allora distinguere tra grassi trans di origine animale (presenti in carne bovina e latticini) e invece quelli di origine vegetale, in ragione dei processi di idrogenazione.
Gli oli idrogenati sono cosi diffusi perche sono molto meno costosi di grassi comunque piu salutari come il burro e perche garantiscono aromi e facilita di utilizzo nei prodotti da forno. For all its mouthwatering and finger-licking lure, such stuff was found to contain high levels of harmful trans fat, salt and sugar by a nongovernmental science and environmental group. The salt level in a college meal, comprising instant noodles, 50 gm of aloo bhujia and 300 ml of carbonated drink, was detected to be so high that it met 75 per cent of the daily recommended value. For instance, Haldiram Aloo Bhujia, Top Ramen instant noodles, Lay's American Style Cream and Onion, and Bingo Oye pudina chips claim to be trans fat free. They point to the fact that the government has been telling people what to eat for decades, and hasn't always been very good at it.
As the nation came out of the Great Depression, when many were in poverty and went hungry, the government pushed butter consumption to make up for Americans' vitamin K deficiency. USDA recommends fruits and vegetables take up half the meal, followed by grains, then protein.
The group also recommended that 10 percent a€“ rather than 15 percent a€“ of daily caloric intake come from added sugars, which are put into processed or prepared food. New York City became the first city to ban trans fat in restaurants in the summer of 2008, and later tried to impose a ban on sugary drinks that were larger than 16 ounces a€“ a move that was shot down by a state appellate court. Still, California passed a ban on artificial trans fats in restaurants, and Boston and Philadelphia are other cities that replicated the measure.
She points out people are in an environment where they see heavily marketed, inexpensive food. Evidence also suggests that people need different diets depending on medical conditions and family history. La Food and Drug Administration non lascia spazio a trattative: i grassi trans aggiunti devono scomparire.
In ogni caso, tramite atti di esecuzione, la Commissione potra decidere piu avanti in merito alla obbligatorieta o meno dell’indicazione in etichetta del contenuto dei trans. Sono una delle cause di malattie cardiovascolari, e oltre ad essere dannosi per la salute, sono ovunque.
L’americano medio consuma, in base alle stime, circa 1 grammo di acidi grassi trans al giorno (da 4,6 nel …2003!).
Tuttavia, sul fatto che i grassi trans non fossero un buon viatico per la salute, gia tutti erano d’accordo. Praticamente, gli acidi grassi trans non saranno piu definiti come  “generally recognised as safe”  (ossia riconosciuti come “sicuri”). Un ostacolo quasi insormontabile, visto che la letteratura scientifica sino ad ora ha abbondantemente dimostrato il contrario. Questa e un’altra parte del dibattito: infatti secondo molti, proprio i grassi trans da idrogenazione sarebbero particolarmente pericolosi, in assenza di aspetti nutrizionali positivi dovuti per contro all’alto valore biologico di proteine bovine e del latte.

Per decenni si e comunque pensato che, nonostante non salutari in quantita eccessive, fossero quantomeno sicuri alle dosi utilizzate.  Negli anni pero la letteratura scientifica intorno al tema grassi trans e stata sempre piu schiacciante, con prove di una relazione diretta con l’innalzamento dei livelli di colesterolo nel sangue e l’esplosione delle malattie cardiovascolari e patologie correlate. These, scientists have asserted in repeated warnings, are sure-shot ingredients for obesity, heart disease and diabetes. These included Maggi and Top Ramen noodles, McDonald's items, KFC's fried chicken, Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia, Nirula's burgers, besides Pepsi and Coca Cola.
Grain foods must be "whole-grain rich" a€“ meaning that each serving has 8 grams of whole grain or more a€“ and during the next few years schools also will be required to increasingly limit sodium content. Ma c’e gia chi intravede dietro la mossa la volonta di spostare l’attenzione rispetto al tema degli OGM: in particolare dopo la sconfitta, al referendum nello stato di Washington, dell’etichettatura obbligatoria come opzione sul tavolo. In Danimarca intanto il bando dei grassi trans in proporzione maggiore al 2% sul prodotto finito e stato preso ad esempio dal Parlamento Europeo. Nonostante tramite gli impegni politici e accordi volontari con l’industria gli acidi grassi trans siano stati sostanzialmente ridotti sul mercato statunitense, campeggiano ancora tra le formulazioni di prodotti molto diffusi e che utilizzano margarine, come gelati, pizza surgelata, popcorn.
Semmai la decisione della FDA, in qualche modo tardiva e “burocratica” (a riconoscere uno stato dei fatti gia ampiamente noto) non puo non gettare qualche dubbio sulla validita: sia del tempismo, che poi del significato piu generale dell’operazione. Questa dicitura nella legislazione americana, identifica quelle sostanze aggiunte all’alimento, su cui un gruppo di esperti ha riconosciuto la totale sicurezza per il consumatore, nelle condizioni d’uso previste. Nel 2003 l’FDA ha richiesto che gli acidi grassi trans artificiali fossero elencati in etichetta, iniziativa che in parte ha spinto l’industria ad eliminarli o ridurli. Dr Anoop Misra from the Fortis Group of Hospitals said: 'High levels of salt ring alarm bells since 7 per cent of schoolchildren in Delhi have been found to be suffering from hypertension.
Many foods come with a claim that they have 'zero' trans fat; some don't even bother to mention how much trans fats they have,' Bhushan said.
Food Democracy nello specifico, un think tank indipendente, dichiara che gia l’etichetta USA fornisce informazioni sui trans fat.
Il che significa che anche prestando attenzione all’etichetta, si puo ingerire una piccola-ma in termini di salute pubblica, impattante-dose di grassi trans. Al contrario, le sostanze che non si fregiano di questa definizione, devono sottostare all’iter di approvazione dell’FDA prima di poter essere impiegati. Nel 2005 il sindaco di New York ha esortato a ridurli entro i ristoranti; in altri stati le grandi catene come Mc Donalds li hanno sostituiti.
Junk food is known to be bad for health since it is low in nutrition and high in salt, sugar and fat - especially trans fat and empty calories.
Till February this year, Frito Lay's products claimed to be smart snacks because they used healthy oil. Questo ha portato ad un calo dell'assunzione, ora meno di un grammo al giorno rispetto (quasi 5 volte di meno di una decina di anni fa). Companies tend to sell their products either claiming that they are healthy or by not disclosing crucial nutritional information. Inoltre, se le colture OGM hanno dimostrato di richiedere un aumento nell’uso di pesticidi (nel decennio dal 1999 al 2011 si e passati da 1,5 a 90 milioni di libbre), l’Agenzia USA preposta-, l’EPA, ne avrebbe recentemente aumentato le quantita ammesse. This was, however, never mentioned in the advertising blitz,' CSE director general Sunita Narain said, adding that Lays' American Style chips had 0.9 gm of trans fats in 100 gm of product.

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