Seeing the desperateness of people to lose weight and look attractive, big business houses launch various products that they claim to be good for dieting and losing weight.
Generally there are a variety of each seed or nut yogurt alternative, be aware of the ones that have a large amount of added sugars. The thickness compared to the other greek yogurt varieties was definitely more like a cross between normal yogurt and greek yogurt.
Similar to normal yogurts with the beloved live and active cultures but soy free, non gmo, and vegan.
So overall, if they made an unsweetened flavor (oh yeah and lowered the price) then I would definitely buy again! I would love to try all of these flavors, but probably wouldn’t buy them myself because of the sugar content. Overall the flavor was very yummy and the consistency was definitely reminiscent of normal yogurts (non-greek). The plain is unsweetened, but still has naturally occurring sugar (8 grams) from the milk, and has 8 grams of protein! Low in sugar, high in potassium (390mg), calcium (30% DV), fiber, protein, and a few other vitamins and minerals as well. I feel as if in a year or so non-dairy yogurts will have a larger variety for us to choose from. FYI, Fresh and Easy has a non-dairy, unsweetened yogurt available that I found to be very vegan-friendly. The only thing close to me is Whole Foods and I know they sell Wildwood tofu, maybe one day they’ll sell the yogurt too.
Just beware of Soy products because they increase the estrogen in your body and this isn’t good if you have had breast cancer that is estrogen based which a lot are. Hmm, perhaps try going to the non-dairy company’s websites and checking out if they sell their products near you. What foods you should eat depends on a few things, including how healthy you are, how much you exercise and how much weight you have to lose.
Eat: Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy, fats, healthy oils and maybe even some tubers and non-gluten grains. Don’t Eat: Sugar, HFCS, wheat, seed oils, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, “diet” and low-fat products and highly processed foods.

High Omega-6 Seed- and Vegetable Oils: Cottonseed-, soybean-, sunflower-, grapeseed-, corn-, safflower and canola oils.
Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, Cyclamates and Acesulfame Potassium.
If you need to lose weight, be careful with the cheese and nuts because they’re easy to overeat on. If you’re healthy, active and don’t need to lose weight then you can afford to eat a bit more carbs.
Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and may provide health benefits if you eat it in moderation. It provides less than 50 grams of total carbs per day, but as I mentioned above if you are healthy and active you can go beyond that. Lunch: Smoothie with coconut milk, a bit of heavy cream, chocolate-flavoured protein powder and berries. Again, if you’re healthy, lean and active, you can add some tubers like potatoes and sweet potatoes, as well as some healthier grains like rice and oats. A good rule is to shop at the perimeter of the store, where the whole foods are likelier to be found. I recommend clearing your pantry of all unhealthy temptations if you can: chips, candy, ice cream, sodas, juices, breads, cereals and baking ingredients like wheat flour and sugar.
We have excellent supplements, enter shop and you will find under Customer Favorites: Health Assessment short questioner to show you areas in your body that needs support. The advertisements and even internet propagates about their beneficial effects and thus we easily believe them and add these things in our diet.
Still kind of high in sugar, but this particular yogurt is only sweetened with organic wildflower honey!
I actually saw it at Whole Foods last time I went, checked the ingredients and nutritional facts and decided it was a go for sure.
I must note that the serving for this yogurt is about twice that of the previously reviewed yogurts!
I was disappointed after going to Trader Joes and not finding any yogurt that was low in sugar and dairy free for my 7 month old. Take our FREE Health Assessment  to learn which of your body systems needs the most attention.

If your goal is to remain under 50 grams of carbs per day, then there is room for plenty of veggies and one fruit per day. Even if you don’t buy organic, your diet will still be a thousand times better than the standard western diet. Also knowing that there are options out there similar to what I’m looking for is great!
I tried a few of the above yogurts (Wildwood Plain, Amande Plain) plus So Delicious coconut yogurt. I am trying to eat as natural as possible, low sugars, less processed but it is so hard to find this products where i live! This is because these diet foods are actually having an opposite effect of making us fat instead of thin.
The company states on their website that their farms are certified humane and are powered by solar energy!!! A bit runny but the taste was swell and I added in some chia seeds to the container to thicken it up a bit.
I do consume dairy products though and totally believe they can be a part of a balanced, healthy diet.
I really like that, Green Valley Organics seems to care more than just about making a buck.
They all have potential for different used in the kitchen, but I prefer the soy yogurts because soy has so much more protein than the other alternative milks.
Check out this eye opening article to learn about the foods that you should not mistake as weight loss food. It’s refreshing to see a company strive to be healthy, eco-friendly, and most importantly make their customers, employees, as well as their animals happy.
I could see how this would be a great addition to a smoothie as Carol had mentioned as well.

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