Of course, VOSKOS® nonfat is also very healthy – in fact, it’s as healthy as yogurt can get. I don’t think they had this last year so I picked it up (with a bunch of other Pumpkin flavored things) and gave it a go the next morning. To kick of the holiday season, I really liked this Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Flavored Nonfat Greek Yogurt. Welcome to Club Trader Joe’s!Club Trader Joe's is a blog that provides independent reviews of all products carried by the Trader Joe's store. So what to do if you don’t want the sugar-laden stuff from the store, you know that nonfat plain is the healthiest, but you still find that it’s too bland and not flavorful enough to eat as is?
The advantage of doing that is that you start off with the cleanest of foods, then add just the amount you need to make it more flavorful. Trader Joe’s offers a bunch of different flavored Nonfat Greek style yogurts and I really like them all (except for plain, yuck!).

We are not affiliated with Trader Joe's in anyway, but we are generally love their products!
It’s certainly better than those commercial brands in the store that add obscene amounts of sugar, not to mention gelatin and flavorings, to their products. So you know exactly what gets into your body, and you are in control of how sweet the end result is. As simple as honey, simply add a tablespoon of jam to 8oz plain nonfat VOSKOS® and mix well. Use a hand-held whisk or a fork to whip 8oz VOSKOS® Plain Nonfat with 1 tablespoon peanut butter.
To create your own vanilla yogurt and keep it low in calories, add stevia to taste and a drop of vanilla extract to your VOSKOS® Plain Nonfat. Mix one tablespoon apple butter into your VOSKOS® Greek Yogurt for a fruity, creamy, wonderful treat.

Starting in mid-September we end the summer season and start to roll out the Halloween and Fall stuff (even though it’s still blazing hot here!). I don’t think it will be on the shelves more than a couple of months so I would pick some up and try it out yourself real soon. Please join us on this gastronomical journey as we review as many Trader Joe's products as we can!
Of course, you can always opt for YoGreek, dual-cup Greek yogurt that comes with pre-measured crunchy granola! The flavors we all taste are from what we get from pumpkin pie which has a bunch of spices in it to give it some flavor otherwise it would be pretty bland.

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