Even though the 20 Years Younger plan recommends eating about 1,700 calories a day, it's important to remember that healthy eating isn't just about counting calories. She also has an easy trick for packing more nutritional punch into every meal: Make your plate colorful.
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For two months, 20 Oprah Show Ultimate Viewers took on Bob Greene's 20 Years Younger Challenge. Wintour had told the talk show host to drop 20 pounds to be on the cover of the fashion magazine back in 1998, the editor revealed during an unaired segment from her 60 Minutes interview on Sunday.
Although Vogue typically only covers stick-thin models within its pages, she said her magazine maintains an awareness of obesity. Wintour, who commissioned a feature on the topic complete with illustrations, said that it was an important issue. The media focuses on obesity too, it’s not fair to say that it only focuses on anorexia.
Yes, Anna, you may not understand it, because your brain is shrivelled up by starvation, but photoshopped pictures of celebrities and models make them less REAL and contribute even more to the distorted and over the top beauty-standard many women feel they have to conform to.
Goodness, if people are going to be airbrushed beyond recognition like that Oprah cover, why bother to ask her to pose? Vogue has gone downhill mainly because it is now beginning to feature actresses in small teenybopper television shows and it’s no longer about fashion, but about the latest activity for actresses.
Like Carrie, I live in MN as well, and we are one of the healthiest and least obese states in the nation. Obesity might be a public health concern but anorexia is a plague on our society that is festered by women like Anna Wintour. It always amazes me when a person like her is suppose to be the epitome of fashion and yet … look at her.
Anna does look dried out, which would be excusable if she lived in Nevada, Arizona or California. I’ll chalk this up with a bad case of snobbery, igonrance and lack of proper nutrients for proper brain functions due to under-eating.
And the people in Minnesota are salt of the earth and extremely good looking.I lived there for a few months and absolutely loved it! Well guys, no offence meant, but as someone who visits the US regularly from Ireland I have to agree with the little houses comment. The Oprah Winfrey Show aired a program featuring Best Life Coach Bob Greene’s nutrition plan 20 Years Younger.
Bob says everybody, beginners included,  should start with the minimum of 200 minutes of cardio per week, about 3.5 hours (about 40 minutes walking briskly five days a week).
Since exercise is non-negotiable, Bob Greene suggests making it an appointment that you simply wouldn’t cancel.
She said along with the weight loss, they saw dramatic reductions in their blood pressure and cholesterol.

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As only Oprah does best, she gave 20 of what she called her “Ultimate Viewers” an experience of a life time and a chance to look 20 years younger and pounds lighter, 10, 19, and even 27 pounds of weight loss! Then at the 30 day half-way mark, they were flown out to Beverly Hills for a follow-up booster.
Oprah said she does shows like this to inspire us because if these women can do it, each one of us can do it too.
These ladies are just like you and me, our sisters and mothers, our friends and neighbors, our co-workers and hairdressers. But Oprah said this is what the show is about.  It’s never too late to turn things around! This entry was posted in Weight Loss and tagged beauty care, bob greene, cosmetic procedures, food and nutrition, obesity, oprah, weight loss.
Janis says certain superfoods can be a fountain of youth and significantly improve your health.
Bob says you can look and feel younger by revamping four areas of your life: exercise, nutrition, skin care and sleep.
In a clip posted to the web, Wintor describes how she got talkshow queen Oprah to lose weight ahead of her appearance on the October, 1998 cover.
From the way she words this it sounds like Oprah probably went on another one of those unhealthy liquid diets to lose weight fast.
The issue is that fashion magazines like Vogue portray very thin adolescent-looking models, and Wintour is more exposed to criticism of that in her line of work.
The quotes in which she admitted she asked Oprah to lose weight and calls Minnesotans fat come from a section that was deleted from the segment. Read the Internet for about ten minutes and you’ll see how much fat people get harped on.
It amazes me that she cannot see the connection with Photoshop and how it perpetuates an unreal standard that is unfair to enforce on the population. You are all right MN, specifically the Cities always rate very high in the healthiest cities in the US. Wintour with her little animal nose, one very wayward eye and her weird snarky little mouth filled with those horrible pebbles she tries to pass off as a set of teeth, not to mention her NEVER changing hair style that probably look totally great on her 20 some odd years ago, has VERY little room to talk so speak of others. Living on the north east coast my whole life, I’d never seen anything like it around here. It was one of the few places that where we could find restaurants that served healthy balanced meals during our travels. I confess to being originally from NYC and exhibiting a bit a snobbery from time-to-time but even I know better than stoop to regionalized insults.
As other commenters have said, MN and the Twin Cities are healthy and sports and outdoorsy stuff are very popular.
Whenever I, a slightly overweight New Yorker, land in the Chicago, Cincinnati, etc., airports, I suddenly feel amazingly slim.

Are you all so obtuse not to realize that Mall of America is a tourist trap that people flock to from across the country, no, the world to go to? Bob says you can look and feel 20 years younger by revamping four areas of your life: exercise, nutrition, skin care, and sleep. Paulette Saddler, Internist gave the women physicals at the beginning of the challenge and assessed the post 60 day overall condition. And a couple days before the 60 day reveal, they got the Princess treatment makeover with new do’s, makeup, designer outfits, Jimmy Choos and the likes. Some have let themselves go because of hectic busy lives, financial stress and some dealing with grieve and loss. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. Along with his dream team of experts, Bob pushed the women to take 20 years off their looks and add years to their lives. Fashion should be fun, exciting, fresh, humorous, thought-provoking, and Vogue is none of the above. Its not about how that person looks, its about how that person looks and how it makes us feel WE should look…and if that’s a lie, then it needs to be exposed! But to be anorexic, you literally have to hate yourself to such an extreme that you can deny yourself one of life’s most basic needs. Aren’t these the people that have studied for years the disastrous effects of mistreating ones body? But a lot of the people I see at the Mall of America do fulfill some unfortunate stereotypes. Especially when I went to Disney and saw women in their 30′s who were too fat to walk and were driving around in scooters.
While other countries suffer from malnourishment and death due to lack of food, we have death due to consuming too much food. The plan’s success was put to the test by a 60 day challenge Oprah gave 20 of her viewers.
Why does she not feel an ounce of guilt at the poor self esteem she’s inducing based on LIES? Not to mention, while being overweight for an extended period of time can cause health problems, most can be fixed with a lifestyle change before it gets too serious (not all but many).
You would think that these people would be the most health concious of all rather than the other way around. It’s the same reasoning that I use when I tell you that I hate reality tv, I want the fantasy and escapism.

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