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If you’ve ever picked up a tabloid, watched morning show, or looked at a gossip blog you know how fixated the media is with weight. Hira Mani This dream girl realized she wanted her body back when she was pregnant and still wearing the same she wore before she got pregnant.
Amina HaqFormer super model, In one year she lost many pounds by eating right and exercising. After her successful weight loss dieting in public for the first time, she showed off her new size on a selfie posted on her twitter account!!

Mishi KhanMishi worked in many capacities in the Entertainment Industry such as thespian, show host, e, singer and a producer too.During her career she began gaining weight limitlessly, that gave critics a point to knock her with names such as “Bulky” “Buxom” and “Fat”.
Then she got absent at once for some time from the main streamline leaving her fans in awe.
The singer, who couldn’t walk five steps without resting and had to travel with a custom-made wheelchair, lost over 130 kgs in a span of one year. Before this, the talented singer used to tip the scales at 206 kgs.Sadaf Umair brfore and after weight Loss 6. After struggling with her weight after her kids, the star found a new sense of confidence by change her lifestyle.

She lost 10 pounds by sticking to the diet plan and upping her excercise six days a week.Pakistani Celebrity from fat to fitHere are some international celebs who lost weight and fit from fat check out !!!1.

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