It always fascinates me how our children constantly challenge us and lead us to try new experiences we might never have considered ourselves.
So naturally she was over the moon with excitement when she saw the ads for the Cinema Nova Monster Fest – a 2-week celebration of horror films at the Carlton venue. She booked a couple of sessions to see with friends but there was one experience she wanted to share with me.
So yes, dear readers, I lied yesterday when I listed a simple serve of supermarket chicken tikka on the food plan. It’s a bit hard when everything on the menu at Little Ox is so mouth-wateringly tempting. This is a quickie update because life, work, and social commitments are gathering pace… making it harder to stick to the straight and narrow when it comes to the FIT FIX Diet Plan, let alone blog about it. Lunch – Chicken tikka pieces (about 125g + 166 calories) I buy it pre-made from the supermarket and heat it up in the microwave. It felt like I was cheating on theĀ FIT FIX Diet Plan big time last night, eating a decent share of lollies, but in fact, I didn’t break any rules whatsoever.
It wasn’t on the diet plan, but I was under my calories quota for the day and joy, oh joy, the scales still went downwards this morning. Just take a look at the My Net Diary weight loss chart on the right and you can see for yourself, there’s a steady downward trend happening. I’m always on the hunt for low-cal sweetie options too, so the gift from Double D arrived with perfect timing.
But daughter Veronica snatched up the Mint Chews before I had any say in the matter and they proved a big hit with her.
Double D is an Australian owned company too and lists all the lollies as being 99% fat free, gluten free, cholesterol free, low GI and dental friendly. Whisk together all ingredients in a small bowl and cook in a pan as you would small pancakes or pikelets. After a stellar 42-year career as one of Melbourne’s most respected newsreaders, Mal Walden will present the news for the final time next week on Wednesday, December 4th. MAL: David Johnston was quite upset by the whole thing and gave television away, as an indirect result of Balibo. JEN: Now, after forty-two years of news reading being your life, it must be hard to imagine what you’re going to do with yourself?
The brainchild of sports presenter Tiffany Cherry, the event was a triumph, serving to not only put the spotlight on women’s golf and encouraging more of us to pick up a club, but raised more than $40,000 for the Koala Kids Foundation, which helps children with cancer. Once we’d finished playing, we headed inside where the champagne was flowing freely, alongside a vast array of pizza, souvlakis and hotdogs. It was also tough at home when I cooked the kids an easy Pasta Bake for dinner with crispy golden cheese on top.
Making a cuppa is a fabulously distracting ritual, plus there are now hundreds of new flavours to experiment with.
With my current tea infatuation going on, you can imagine how excited I was to discover THIS brand in the supermarket on Sunday. Mix all the ingredients from mint down to sambal in a bowl and add the prawns to marinade for about half an hour.
This simple diet plan for weight loss your favourite evening meals to help you shed unwanted fat without compromise.

I was dreading boarding the carriages, convinced I’d become that one in a million chance statistic who was left hanging upside down mid-ride due to a technical failure.
But the most horrific part of the experience was by far and away the DAMN BASTARD FORK LIFT DRIVER AND CONSTRUCTION WORKERS who revved up motors and power tools in our street at 6am and woke me up just half an hour later. Having stuck to the diet plan for nearly 12 days, I was bound to break it sometime and what better excuse to break a diet than needing to celebrate your birthday.
I truly meant to photograph the plate up close with all its artistic swirls of aioli for you to see, but once it arrived on the table, I was so keen to see how it tasted, I’d eaten almost half of it before I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures. Mum and Ken sensibly declined the offer of a sweet treat but how can you have a birthday celebration without cake? Double clotted preferably… Starting from the back, that included a mini peach Melba, a caramel brownie and a melt-in-your mouth slice of passionfruit cheesecake. Being under the calorie count for the day and after having a whopping THREE alcohol free days straight, I thought I could relax with a glass or two of chardy at the end of the night while watching TV.
The most important thing is to make a PLAN – try to stick to it, and if you fail, start all over again!
You see THESE arrived on my doorstep the other day – a box of sugar-free Double D treats.
In fact, I have to say I’m pretty up-myself about the success SO FAR on my self-devised FIT FIX Diet Plan. Just when I was getting bored with my regular stash of diet-friendly treats, they’ve brought out a new selection of lollies to choose from. Remember, Thursday is meant to be a low calorie day, so drink lots of water and herbal tea! In the Dukan Diet book, fromage frais is used instead of Fruche, but it’s almost impossible to find in Australian supermarkets. Roll into large golf-ball size rounds, then squash into a pattie shape with the back of a spatula. Yes, he’s finally relinquishing the Network Ten news chair for a life of travelling, writing and spending time with family and friends. But unlike most, whose exit from the industry is usually abrupt, Mal has been afforded a well-deserved, gradual parting of ways – kind of like two lovers agreeing to take separate holidays instead of enduring an acrimonious divorce.
They asked him to stay for one more year working just four days a week for the first six months, take a long mid-year break, then return and only do three days a week.
We read the news together for more than ten years, becoming Australia’s longest serving news duo.
Two years after I read my first bulletin, I took a cadetship and then Cyclone Tracey hit and they sent me up to Darwin as a reporter. I remember in ’69 when man landed on the moon, the world stood in awe as Armstrong stood on the moon.
I was lying in bed listening to the radio thinking, I’ll be glad when Nails gets back because I want to go back on the road, reporting. Don’t forget to watch Channel Ten news next Wednesday night to see Mal sign off for the last time.
There’s barely a hint of chocolate in the mix, but loads of over-powering cinnamon going on. Return lamb to the pan and add the cornflour mixture and cook for about 3 minutes, or until it thickens slightly, then serve.

This dish also consists of a lot of veggies so you get their nutrients too.It is a low-calorie recipe but it will entice your taste buds as it has a mix of spices. This way, you will be quite full and you won’t indulge too much into eating the main course. Of course, that never happened and I felt such an adrenalin rush from the G-force factor that once the ride was over, I immediately wanted to do it again and again. There was also a trivia quiz at the end of each movie with prizes and lollies being handed out. But with my diet in mind, I thought I’d go for the grilled chicken and quinoa salad instead.
Hence, this is the ONE instance where I allow a product that contains more than 5% sugar, because there just isn’t anything else out there that works.
David had an argument with the news director at the time one day, stormed out and never came back.
They were all tweeting that the bomber was a Puerto Rican and was being charged, and the main media picked it up.
But I was more impressed with President Nixon picking up the phone in the Whitehouse and talking to Armstrong on the phone.
Then there was a news flash where the reader said, ‘In news just to hand, Brian Naylor has resigned from Channel Seven and is going to Channel Nine.
With part owner and chef Simon Winfield at the helm in the kitchen, I knew it would be delicious. Then there was Balibo in East Timor and we were all vying to go there, so, but for the grace of God… Greg Shakleton went and that was sadly, his end. They helped David establish a newsagency business, so when he went I became elevated to the number two newsreader spot. All good in theory, until I get to this wonderful charity event to play golf – the Token Blokes Day at the Heritage Country Golf Club in Chirnside, Victoria.
That, washed down my green juice which was lunch… Not NEARLY as much fun as hoeing into all the yummy stuff on offer, but it had to be done. Hmmm – do I want the Temptation Summer Fruits or the Raspberry, Strawberry and Loganberry?
Knowing I’m reporting what I eat in this Blog is great incentive for staying on the straight and narrow.
So suddenly satellites closed that gap between radio being first and television was on an even playing field. I mean, it can have its benefits, like in the case of the murder of Jill Meagher, where everyone rallied, so it can be useful. It took a couple of years for satellites to be used locally, but that was the first indication I had that satellites were going to revolutionise news.

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