Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS, is a heterogeneous condition due to hormonal imbalance that causes a variety symptoms in women with the condition.
The syndrome, when left untreated, can present major long-term health risks such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and endometrial cancer, for sufferers, thus, caution through proper management becomes vital. This website is dedicated to filling you with information about PCOS diet that will help you to effectively manage your condition. A PCOS diet is a diet that is planned to help you effectively manage your PCOS symptoms by helping you achieve weight loss, increase your chances of getting pregnant, but more importantly, it helps to eliminate the chances of further problems that may arise from your insulin resistance, such as early adult onset diabetes and heart diseases. A good PCOD Diet Plan is very important in helping you to manage and control PCOS symptoms. Because PCOS causes your body to become insulin resistant, it becomes difficult for your body to recognize carbohydrates as energy it needs to burn, thus, the body just turns these carbohydrates to fat, causing you to gain extra weight.

Some of these symptoms include weight gain, inability to lose weight, irregular menstruation, absence of ovulation, hair loss, excessive body hair growth, stubborn acne, skin tags and infertility.
This does not mean to say that women with the condition have to suffer all through their lives; PCOS can be managed. Avoiding foods high in carbohydrates, especially, processed foods and lowering your fat intake are some of the best ways to you can start implementing a PCOS diet. It helps you to effectively put away the extra weight which can help to restore your menstruation and ovulation, increase your odds of getting pregnant and maintain your hormonal balance. Get information on how to loss lose weight with PCOS diet following these easy to use  weight loss tips. One of the symptoms of the syndrome is weight gain and this can also lead to a variety of other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, strokes, high cholesterol, infertility or even miscarriages in the event you actually manage to finally get pregnant with PCOS.

To achieve effective results, a holistic method of  management which include medication, diet and lifestyle change will have to be followed.
To therefore, manage the syndrome, it is important to normalise and control the blood glucose level and use insulin effectively.

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