Now under a protective tarpaulin, this is what is left of a $2 billion Advanced Tactical Aircraft (ATA) program development. Intended to be an all-weather, carrier-based stealth bomber replacement for the A-6 Intruder, the cancellation of the A-12 is seen as one of the major losses in the 1990's that weakened McDonnell Douglas and led to its merger with rival Boeing in 1997. The aircraft was moved around the base for years and was eventually donated to the City of Fort Worth as a historic aviation asset.

The full-size A-12 mockup was revealed to the public at the former Carswell Air Force Base in June 1996.
Their design book was pretty ahead of its time when they started spiraling about the toilet of financial insolvency. In the end and with hindsight, I dont think the A-12 could have hacked navy service anyways.

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