The only time fad diets are fab is when I know I can keep the weight off for a very long time and I am in good health.
I’d rather go with a weight loss plan that can guarantee me a long term plan to staying fit and healthy.
I would have to agree with you that we can jump start our weight loss goal by going on a fad.
That’s a great point you raised about fad diets and using them to jumpstart the weight loss. We highly respect all the intellectual properties, logos, brands, and trademarks of their respective owners.
Read through the following 6 healthy quick weight loss tips to get slimmer in an efficient and organism-friendly way.

Diets that over promise but don’t really guarantee consistent weight loss are categorized as a fad diet.
They can jumpstart the weight loss but it’s better to get on a healthier and more reliable program soon as the pounds start to drop.
I’ve just found out that this particular weight loss program has been around for almost 20 years. The immediate weight loss results from fad diets should be treated as perks and not as a mainstay advantage.
I had resorted to all sorts of things like drinking nothing but fruit juices for two days, eating cabbage soup for a week, swallowing tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal, and eating a grapefruit everyday.  Yes, I did all that. I did lose weight but as soon as I got back to consuming normal food, I gained it all back.

Most importantly, I consult a doctor or a health expert to see it the fad diet is credible.
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