Aerobic and toning fitness videos include both fat-burning cardio and body-sculpting in the same program. Developed by fitness instructor Billy Blanks the Tae Bo Amped training sessions are designed to strengthen and sculpt the entire body and increase flexibility levels.
A unique Tae Bo program where each segment features a completely different workout technique.
This innovative program combines the tried and true Tae Bo® and BootCamp™ techniques and now goes one step further.
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I did the NYCB workout dvd and it does help if you know ballet but I also got the Fluidity Bar and dvd and found that to be MUCH more effective. They seem to be popular for the newbies of any kind of workout new to the user and also seem very popular with the experienced users too. These non-stop exercises maximize fat-burning by engaging your entire body in wide-ranging, multi-directional movements. You get the excitement, energy and enthusiasm that originally made Tae Bo a global phenomenon. Then I read some that said you had to know a little something about ballet moves to keep up with the DVD.

Its amazing- you look at the dvd and are like, no way can these slow basic movements do anything but its is great for toning up.

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