The supporters think that the nutritional content of commercial dog food is really rather small, dogs can’t get enough nutrients, raw chicken offers more nutritional value.
I believe that both two views are credible, but I would not feed raw chicken, because I have a Chihuahua not hunting or herding dogs, were not designed to eat raw chicken. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct area, as I'm new to this site and I don't yet know my way around. I'm just wondering if there are any well-known, well-proven weight-loss diets for chihuahuas out there that you can recommend for me. Put him on a set amount of food, try cutting his daily intake just a bit the first few days then a bit more. The opponents insist that raw chicken is loaded with bacteria, even has salmonella, which can cause over one million illnesses each year. Dog’s immune and digestive system could easily handle the bacteria in the raw chicken. He's been tested more than once by two different veterinarians, as this problem will not go away.

I put her on a good RAW diet, exercised her daily, and after a few months she went from 12 pounds to 6. I can't remember the exact price, but with the premade mixture she only needs a tablespoon in the AM, and again in the PM. As far salmonella, if salmonella contaminated food, boiling could kill the salmonella but can’t kill the toxins produced by salmonella.
The main risk of raw chicken is salmonella which can contaminate surfaces of kitchen things. He's been on other brands of food, but he's maintained his chub for a steady five years now. So many people have referred that I do, and I swear just last night I even did this long drawn-out research on the whole thing (or maybe the night before, but that doesn't matter) and I was ready to go! That means cooked chicken also would cause food poisoning by salmonella not only raw chicken. But when dogs are sick or weak, their immune and digestive system is weakened, and dogs lose the ability to fight bacteria.

He weighs almost eleven pounds, which I suppose is not horrendous; but he is so obviously unproportioned, and he actually has rolls of fat. At this time, bacteria in raw chicken can cause bacterial infections and even make your dog sick.
She is currently on a diet of Innova Evo kibbles and doing just fine since she has endless amounts of energy. We used to have a small whiteboard in our kitchen that kept track of his weight as we tried different diets, exercises, etc, but he seems to be stuck at this weight.

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