Well it is stiff to look 10 years young than the original age, but it is not as hard as we think so.
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Well did you know –  you CAN look 10 years younger in minutes and for just pennies and the ingredients are probably in your cabinets or fridge right now.
I am a fanatic about skin care and wrinkle remedies and I created my own magic lotion from a recipe a lady gave me in Hobby Lobby one day, years ago.
But this is just a little homemade cream and I love home remedies and homemade concoctions so I make all kinds of remedies and skin care products right here in Round Knob Canyon. I saw many surprising and funny and even miraculous things during my time on that Hobby Lobby register and I sure wish I had kept a journal of them all. She said she had a simple recipe for skin care and it was so good that she literally gave it as gifts and she was about to make up a batch to have on hand to give away at a function she was going to.
The photos above were taken over the course of just a few minutes and keep in mind that Kim and I start every single facial with a Sea Salt scrub and clean water rinse.

I always adjust my amount of each ingredient depending on how much I’m making at that particular time. For one small batch, I put a big squirt or dollop of each on a paper plate and mash them together with a plastic fork, so when I’m done I can throw the plate and fork away. Then beat an egg white just quickly in a deep bowl and put on your face and let it stay there for about 5 to 8 minutes until totally dry.
Wash off with warm water and put on this delicious miracle cream that you have just whipped up for pennies in your own kitchen.
NOW – go look in the mirror and re-introduce yourself to the old you of 10 or so years ago. If you’re new here and would like to read more of Love, Home and Health; click here for the “New?
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Popping over from Monday Madness link up party =) I’m always up for a new moisturizer!

Nevertheless, you can apply some makeup, beauty and skin care tips to look as younger as you want. But after our youngest married, I went to work at our local Hobby Lobby and was there for the opening of the store and was put right on the front lines as head cashier. Start Here!” page – still slightly under construction … If you found something you like, I hope you’ll use the buttons below to share it with your friends and followers! The best way to be young is that you should be physically fit, just maintains your diet as a doctor recommends you.
Excess amount of water will help you to get fresh skin as a women want to have, green vegetables and fresh fruits are the another way to get younger looking skin.

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