For home cooks, the traditional OXO cube has been a trusted favourite in kitchens for generations. A new range of delicious and nutritious wholegrain brown rice chips are the ‘must have’ for all entertainers – one bag simply won’t be enough! To celebrate the launch of two new wraps, Sprouted Grain and Garlic Butter, the lovely people from Farrah's are giving away a prize pack to get you inspired!

They will help to keep you and your family fuller for longer to help you do your best, plus they taste great! For busy parents this easy snack or meal addition is the answer to that timeless question ” what’s for dinner tonight? The taste, value and versatility means they are ideal for families as well as a wide range of occasions,” . He goes on to say “Feedback from our customers shows that they are ideal when entertaining large groups at social and sporting events, as well as for everyday snacks and meals”.

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