Let me just say first that my advice only applies to people who want to know how to encourage someone to lose weight that already intends to do so.
I have lost 105 pounds so far over the course of the last three years by completely transforming my lifestyle.
Losing a significant amount of weight requires an enormous amount of commitment, dedication, and most importantly, self love. I think sometimes, people who haven’t struggled with food addictions or obesity fail to realize how difficult a battle it really is and may inadvertently say things that they think are encouraging but are actually often paralyzing. So today, I am going to talk about some of the best things that people have done to help me along my way, so you can learn how to encourage someone to lose weight.
The other day, my co-worker told me she noticed my waist area was really starting to look a lot smaller. My boyfriend often comments on my newly developed muscles in my arms and legs, and on all the new ways I can move my hips! When people in my life take the time to let me know that they see the positive changes I’m making, it works like magic to completely eradicate all doubt from my mind. If you truly want to know how to encourage someone to lose weight, this is the easiest, most powerful thing you can do to help. It can be even more helpful to take those compliments to the next level by continuing into an uplifting conversation. The people in my life who helped me paint a vivid picture of my future were the ones who knew me best.
I have received some very encouraging gifts from folks who want me to do well throughout the past three years of my fitness journey. My boss not only takes care of my gym membership, but he also gave me a gift card to a sporting goods store for my birthday. Other gifts I have received which have motivated me are gifts that make me feel good about myself. If you really want to know how to encourage someone to lose weight, one of the best and simplest pieces of advice I can give you is to just be considerate. I know that when I personally see someone eating something delicious, my brain goes into obsessive mode.

If your spouse is the person you are encouraging, start doing some yoga every morning to get your blood pumping. So now you’ve read some of my best ideas on how to encourage someone to lose weight, as well as some comments you should try to avoid. I definitely think that there are far too many people who don’t know how to handle feelings of jealousy in a mature way. Remember that you are looking at this person with the recent memory of them being (sometime drastically) overweight.
With demanding jobs and busy personal lives, many people struggle to find a free hourA to work out. A team of scientists from McMaster University in Canada found that one minute of very intense exercise produces similar results to longer, more traditional endurance training.
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But according to a new study, all they really need is one minute of intense exercise three times a week to see results. The moderate-intensity workout involved five times as much exercisea€”and a five-fold greater time commitmenta€”butA led to the same results as sprint interval training.
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