Example 2: We asked our community to choose which one character Mike most resembled that day. Our social media webinars cover a wide range of topics sure to help your marketing team get better results using social media marketing best practices. Peppermint – Harvest at any time during the growing season.  Best just before blooms appear.
Sage – Harvest only lightly during the first year of growth.  Second growing season and thereafter, harvest any time year-round.
Herbs such as lavender and echinacea which are grown primarily for their flowers should be harvested just before the blooms are fully opened for a more potent and longer lasting aroma.
Other herbs like basil and fern-leaf dill are commonly encouraged to produce more leaves by removing flower stalks once they appear.  Herbs such as oregano, thyme, and mint are most flavorful just before they begin to bloom, making this the best time to harvest their leaves.
Alternately, you can use a food dehydrator to quickly preserve your fresh herbs without the risk of contamination.  These handy machines have a long list of other great uses as well. Also, check out this great article for more tips on using oils and butter to preserve your fresh herbs.
Chop up your herbs in a food processor or blender with a little bit of oil to form a paste.
A clever way to freeze herbs without oil is to chop them up and drop the pieces to ice cube trays filled with water.
105+ Natural Home Remedies - treat almost any illness with natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.
75+ Natural Beauty Recipes - Get the best hair and skin you've ever had and look younger with these insanely clever natural beauty recipes. Yet the true importance … [read more]The Total Guide To Starting A HomesteadPerhaps you want to move from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the rush and into the hush of rural living.
Essentially, this means that you shouldn't worry too much about making a mistake when first creating your character, as you can always improve your desired attributes further down the line. There's a pretty hefty crafting system in place in Fallout 4 that lets you modify your weapons and armour so that you can customise them to your tastes – but if you can't be arsed scavenging small bits and pieces everywhere you go, that's absolutely fine. For starters, we'd always recommend carrying something with a good scope – in most cases, this'll probably be some sort of sniper rifle. As mentioned above, you're going to be fighting many, many melee-based opponents during your time in Fallout 4. A lot of the time, your best option when fighting numerous face-to-face foes is to funnel them into a narrow area and pick them off one by one.
We've lost track of how many times we haven't really been paying attention to our surroundings and stepped on a land mine or triggered some kind of ghastly trap. Even if you don't make use of chems yourself, they're arguably one of the best sources of caps in the game. Fallout 4's difficulty levels are actually quite well balanced, but the wasteland can be a brutal place on any setting. During the early hours of the game, you'll still be working out your preferred style of play and what weapons you like best – you don't need a roving band of super mutants getting the jump on you just two hours into your adventure. Speaking of which, if a particular quest or task is proving too difficult, don't feel bad about just walking away.
Robert is such a big Mass Effect fan that no one even blinks when he turns up at the office dressed as Commander Shepard. Maybe I should try and do something productive right now instead of staring at the timer on my predownloaded version. Thanks for the tip, but I still feel the starting points are important, I'll probably hammer down on luck. I love the beginner's guides on pushsquare, they're always helpful, and even if they're not or I already knew the things it's still fun to read. The guy in the screenshots looks so British, I love it Mine looks more like a beefy high fashion male prostitute. Argh, how the hell do you kill that Deathclaw you fight in relation to the power armour quest?
Publishing valuable content consistently to attract prospects and customers is no longer a fad. If you’re finding your well of inspiration is more of a trickle than a spring, don’t worry. Imagine you’ve met your ideal customer for the first time, and they have a quick question about how you can help them.
How can you give your readers a complete tip – something they can use to get results that can be explained quickly and succinctly? So if you write about fishing it might be a quick tip on choosing bait, or if you’re a fitness instructor a quick morning exercise people can do to raise the heart rate. I’ve run this exercise in a number of content training workshops for companies struggling to think of blog post ideas and in just 20 minutes we’ve come up with enough varied topics to fill 6 months of their editorial calendar! It’s also great for SEO because you’re answering the very question your customer might be typing into the search engines. This habit is invaluable and you don’t need to be part of a big team to have an editorial meeting. Action plan: Look at your calendar, pick a day and time in the week to have your own editorial meeting, and stick to it! It’s much easier to plan topics in advance, and what’s more, you’ll find that your brain gets to work on those topics before you even start writing.

If you’ve had an editorial meeting that week and planned out a couple of topics you want to write about, you might just find that things leap out at you as inspiration between your topic idea and the time to write. For example, you may have decided to write about the importance of stretching before doing any sporting activities. You jot down this idea and decide to write about how stretching doesn’t just prevent injury, it also increases your personal confidence because you know your muscles are warmed up and ready to do their best. Action plan: Get a small notebook for catching unplanned ideas and review it both before writing and at your editorial meetings. Magazine editors are the experts at publishing fresh content on the same topics week in, week out.
Action plan: List 5 experts within your industry you could interview and contact them this week. One of the great parts of creating online content is the different mediums you can use to communicate your message.
I went through a period of avoiding the news as I found it depressing, but now it’s one of the first things I do in the morning.
Action plan: Spend 10-15 minutes a week checking out your competitor’s content and jotting down possible ideas in your notebook.
It’s particularly challenging for business start-ups who want a fast start social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and their Blog.
Create a step-by-step guide on how to do something in a screencast, how-to video tutorial, or show the steps in a series of photos. Do a simple case study about one company, or offer a few visual examples of how other companies do something successfully. Poll your community on Twitter with Twtpoll or on Facebook with a Facebook Question and post the results on your blog. It quickly became the most popular post for that Facebook page since it started with over 200 Likes and over 200 comments. Attracting them is only the first step, but it’s perhaps the most important as you refine how to convert and then analyze the results to see which of these ideas works best for your brand and audience. Every Internet marketing guru is using it to boost their visibility and build their online business. When you’re ready to use them, simply pop out a cube or two and thaw your herbs as needed. Save a fortune AND your families health with these super simple homemade cleaning products that work BETTER than store bought! Of course, it's always going to be more efficient to get things right from the beginning, but hey, it can take some time before you settle on an ideal play style.
Stray from the beaten roads and you'll often find yourself stumbling into a group of raiders or super mutants – but the life of a post-apocalyptic adventurer doesn't have to be so difficult. Sure, you can go ahead and craft some powerful modifications for your favourite rifle, but an abundance of good loot means that you'll often be switching out your old weaponry for new equipment anyway.
While building thriving settlements certainly has its advantages, you're free to ignore them completely if you're looking for a more traditional Fallout experience. Not only will you go through ammo quickly, but you'll also put yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to tackling different enemy types.
The reasoning behind this is that you'll often find good vantage points that overlook small towns or other built up areas.
If you're a melee weapon user then you've probably got this option sorted, but if you're a gun lover, it might be worth sticking with a shotgun, or, to a lesser extent, an assault rifle. With enemies like feral ghouls or molerats, you can easily become surrounded and beaten to death quite quickly. No, it's not a bullet to the head or even exposure to too much radiation – it's carelessness, plain and simple. Fallout 4 is full of stuff that's just waiting to blow you to bits, so whatever you do, don't sprint around the place like a lunatic. You'll often find them in containers during quests, or just lying around in abandoned raider dens. What's more, if you're into crafting, you'll be able to combine chems at chemical stations, allowing you to create concoctions that sell for an even better price.
Simply hit X on your buddy and press square to trade before handing over anything that's weighing you down. Indeed, unlike companions in several other Bethesda titles, your pals in Fallout 4 have multiple uses. For example, Dogmeat can sniff out potentially useful items, while some of the more sophisticated partners can hack terminals or open locks when you tell them to. Having said that, there's no shame in knocking the difficulty down a peg if you're really struggling. Indeed, sometimes things just don't go the way that you'd like, but tweaking the difficulty can really help if need time to build up a bit of experience. Come back to it later after you've gained a few levels and maybe some new equipment, and give it another go.
It was a perk called something like intense training.I had my special all figured out until I heard about the local leader perk. Still though, since there was a level cap in previous games it was more a case of getting it right first time, I suppose. If you want to talk to your advantage (which can happen quite a lot) definitely think about putting points into it.On that note, we'll have a perks guide going up tomorrow.

Kill all the raiders from the roof where you get the Power Armor and the rail gun, than sneak into one of the two buildings near the Deathclaw. Content marketing is here to stay, and the businesses that reap the benefits are the ones that consistently turn up to the page and hit publish on their blogs, their newsletters and their social media content. I have 9 great ways (and I use them all) to help you keep your content fresh and fun to write. I think about what I will write in my blog, my newsletter, social media posts and any guest posts I’m writing. Planning your content in advance saves time so that you’re not staring at a blank screen and it makes sure the content your writing is relevant. All week you’ve helped him learn his lines so that when he’s on stage he’s calm, confident and can give his best.
From just 5 different magazines I found 98 different ways in which you could present the same topic.
Audio and video is now easier to do than ever, and, like the magazine tip is a great way of writing about the same content, but keeping it fresh. And remember, people like consuming content in different ways so if you only ever write and attract people who like to read, you might attract new audiences by throwing video into the mix. Seeing a lot of confusion about ‘healthy’ foods being loaded with sugar in the supermarkets? If it’s coming up to exam results and you’re a career coach it’s a perfect time to write a ‘surviving your results and getting a job you love’ post. In a recent blog post, I visually showcased brands using social media well and how some were using it poorly to talk with their customers. With so many available, it is sometimes hard to navigate the landscape and be as effective as you would like.
In some circles plantain is regarded as a … [read more]5 Reasons to Stop Eating Gluten Whether You Are Sensitive Or NotGluten refers to proteins found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale.
Nuclear war has ravaged the Commonwealth, which is now home to horrors of all shapes and sizes – and you've got to survive in it. Sometimes, the irradiated zombies will simply lie motionless on the ground, only springing to life when you get close. In other words, you can still get through the game without once touching a crafting bench – just be sure to make good use of the gear that you find while exploring. When it comes down to it, don't get hung up on mechanics that you can't be bothered with – it's your story, after all.
A scoped weapon can help you pick off unwanted enemies or simply allow you to get a better view of what you're up against. This is because close quarters combat is often inevitable – many wasteland creatures will rush at you, and, especially inside cramped old buildings, you wont have much room to manoeuvre. They weigh next to nothing, and sell for a reasonably high price, meaning that you should always stuff them into your pockets whenever you see them. Like you, though, your companions can only carry a certain amount of junk, so don't go swamping them in equipment that you're never going to find a good use for. To get the best out of them, make sure to use the new 'command' feature, which allows you to direct them. I had never utilized luck in any of my play throughs and I had wanted to give it a shot, but now I may need to put some into charisma instead.
Once inside, reach the roof and knock it down blasting the cars and using critical hits on its head. In addition to making it easier for you to write, it’s also easier for your customer to read and digest. You can then post a video, audio or a transcript of the interview and share a fresh perspective and insight with your audience.
At first, this can be a daunting task: Fallout 4 is a big, reasonably complex game, and wrapping your head around its many facets of gameplay can be difficult during the opening jaunt.
When you come across a trader, simply take back all the items that you're willing to sell and exchange them for some clinky caps. You can send them into a fight while you back them up, or get them to scout the immediate area. I usually lone wolf these games so I was gonna only do 3 in it, but now I might have to move some things around. Everything would work out perfect for me if it wasn't for this one perk!But thanks for all of your coverage. Also, when the raiders are still around, let the deathclaw fight them first while you pelt it from a distance - that's how I did it initially. Fortunately, we've spent hours upon hours exploring the wastes, and we've come up with some hopefully helpful hints and tips that'll make your adventures go a little more smoothly. Combine this trick with some stealthy sneaking, and your chances of getting the jump on your foes increase dramatically. If you need a moment to breathe, switch weapons, apply a stimpak, or reload, then don't hesitate to run behind the nearest solid object and stay there for a few seconds.
There’s nothing wrong with looking at people in your industry to see what’s happening, just make sure that you turn those ideas into original content!

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