Medi-spas typically offer an array of treatments that a regular spa or massage therapy center cannot. If you own or manage a medi-spa, there are certain things that your guests and clients will expect out of your establishment. As you must know, service is a pivotal part of business structure that can make or break your company’s success.
Our regular customers can vouch for us on this—quality is always a top priority when it comes to our products. Here is a look at some of the most important amenities you can provide to your guests, as a business owner.
The perfect representation of relaxation, slippers offer a door into the blissful land of relaxing and healing. In a new white paper, Learning About Learning Agility, a team of researchers from the Teachers College, Colombia University, describe the five main facets of learning-agile behavior. Innovating, performing, reflecting and risking are learning enablers — and defending is a derailer or inhibitor of learning agility.
If you want to look more closely at these learning behaviors, read Are You an Agile Learner in last month’s issue of Leading Effectively.
For each problem you face, challenge yourself to come up with new solutions, even if seemingly tried and trusted ones exist. When faced with a challenge, ask yourself two questions: What is holding me back from trying something new and different? When faced with something new, look for similarities between the situation and things you have done in the past. Find someone who you trust to give you open and honest feedback and challenge them to do so.
Conduct after-action reviews where you, and relevant others, reflect on recent projects by asking three questions: What happened?

Take on a new challenge that scares you; find something that is meaningful but not so important that failure will have serious personal consequences. Ultimately, your ability to continuously learn and adapt will determine the extent to which you thrive in today’s turbulent times — and succeed in the future.
While I understand the title after reading the article, my first thought upon seeing the image and title was "No.
From facials and massages to wrinkle fillers and pigment treatment, medi-spas take your spa trip to the next level. That is why we are providing this list—to ensure that you are prepared to meet and exceed client needs and expectations.
You might have a wonderful product or service, but poor customer service will lead to unhappy customers who will not return or recommend you to others. It might be useful to hire a full time chiropractor who is available to offer guests services they would find at a chiropractic office. You need to stand apart from the other medi-spas in the area with phenomenal, luxury quality amenities. We are hands-on with the manufacturing and design process, which means that we can control the quality of each item we attach our name to. Guests will use bathrobes to cover up before, during, or after a procedure or service is completed. By trying out new approaches, you can uncover ways of doing things that could save time and energy and surface new learning that may otherwise have not been considered. Ironically, consciously searching your mind for ideas and solutions closes us off to both the wisdom of others and our own experience.
Really listen to what others are saying and trust that you will have a response when they have finished talking.

Don’t just say or do the first thing that comes to your head — take a moment to consider what is really required. Finding ways to accomplish this, both alone and with others, is essential to learn from experience. These modern marvels offer the perfect combination of soothing relaxation and healing to visitors and guests. A medical spa, or medi-spa, is a facility that operates under the supervision of a licensed health care professional operating within their scope of practice, onsite at all times. If you are ready to place a wholesale order, or if you have any questions about wholesale pricing, please contact us today! Inspiration often comes from the unconscious; being open to this can spark new ideas and strengthen performance. Regardless of the other party’s motivations for giving you feedback, there is always the opportunity to learn something about yourself. A medi-spa also has a staff that operates within their scope of practice, which is defined by each person’s licensing board if a license is required. A spa wrap is an excellent solution for guests hoping to reach a new level of health, happiness and comfort at your spa.

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