Girls around the world that want to know more details about Thinspiration can share their questions and learn new tips daily. As a young girl who has dealt with an incredible amount of emotional pain, it’s no surprise that Paris turned to the Internet for some rare anonymity. Tumblr is also a source for skinny or thinspiration girls to keep together and share their weight loss tips. This thinspiration pictures blog is the best source for girls to keep inspired and to motivate them getting started.
If you look up for the term Pro Ana, you will see from the begining that it’s closely related to Thinspiration Tips. Below are some example of Thinspiration videos created by other pro ana girls. This movement is so well known now that even The Doctor Oz Show talked about this.
They are mainly created by celebrities that use thinspiration to get skinny and most of the time they are related to pro ana.

However, the danger withTumblr, Pinterest and other forms of social media is that they often offer unrestricted ground for speech and representation.
There are a variety of videos that can help any girl to lose weight in a short period of time. Although you can find thousands of pictures there, here are some of the best pics from our thinspiration gallery:Are you eating these 15 foods "touted" as healthy that are making you gain weight?
This means that there is a need for a community that can help thinspo girls connect each and share the best thinspiration tips. Many celebrities are accused of promoting thinspiration and pro ana tips because young girls can harm their body trying to follow their example. The video sharing website Youtube has been accused over time for supporting the thinspiration movement by permitting it’s users to upload videos that promote anorexia nervosa.
There are currently two community forums that help pro ana girls keeping connected to each other.

The other thinspiration community is dedicated to the bright part of thinspiration with healthy benefits.
You won’t see girls starving themselfs or fasting, instead you will get healthy thinspiration tips, healthy diets and workouts to help you keep thin. There is also a Facebook page to keep girls connected, if it’s easier for you to like the page instead of reading more information you can see the page here.

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