When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Estrogen dominance occurs when you have too much estrogen in the body or an imbalance between estrogen and other hormones.
Beyond our vanity, estrogen dominance significantly increases cancer risk, alters brain transmitters, causes infertility, and can affect mood, making you depressed or irritable.
The right amount of estrogen at the right time is of course responsible for proper female reproduction and is necessary for a healthy pregnancy. In men, some estrogen is necessary for optimal sperm health, however, too much compromises male fertility, which is the main point. 1)    Chemical estrogens, called xenoestrogens, are EVERYWHERE and contribute to estrogen dominance. For example, a series of studies have linked urinary BPA levels to body fat in all ages—the more BPA people had in their bodies, the fatter they were. Even though chemical estrogens are everywhere, you do have some control over your exposure. Opt for glass or stainless steel to carry food or water—don’t use plastic unless it’s BPA free.
Eat organic produce, meats, and dairy to avoid ingesting estrogenic pesticides and growth hormones. Be aware that most new products (cars, furniture, exercise equipment, yoga mats) contain BPA and other estrogen mimickers.
Estrogen elimination is a complicated process but a highly simplified version is as follows: Estrogen is first metabolized by the liver.
Eat a low-carb, high-protein diet because excess insulin in the blood stream results in the elevation of free estrogen levels. Eat certain nutrients that promote the favorable elimination, including kudzu, alfalfa, leafy greens, clover, licorice, legumes, sesame seeds, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower). Supplement with selenium, melatonin, zinc, green tea, citrus flavonones (called limonene and found in citrus rinds), folic acid, and B6 and B12.

Perhaps the most beneficial supplement is DIM, which is a compound found in cruciferous vegetables (hence the suggestion that you eat lots of these) and VERY effective at improving estrogen metabolism and decreasing aromatase. With their "bikini bodies" splashed on billboards and their glamorous faces in magazines, models have the power to make women feel less than great about themselves. But underneath the makeup and the hairstyling, and beyond the lithe bodies and smiling faces, models are regular women just like us -- and they often have positive outlooks and wisdom on the subject of body image and self esteem that we can take to heart. Below, we rounded up quotes from models that will actually make you feel good about yourself. Estrogen dominance is a much greater problem than most people realize: It negatively affects men, women, and children, and it could be that one thing that is keeping you from losing weight or getting all that you could out or your workouts! In women, it also regulates mood and arterial function, is necessary for bone building, and is even thought to enable women to recover faster from intense exercise. Phthalates are found in chemical fragrances such as perfume, air sprays, and candles, whereas parabens are in personal care products like lotion. People with the most BPA in their urine had a 34 percent chance of being obese compared to only a 23 percent chance in people who had the least urinary BPA. Regardless of gender, fat tissue increases levels of an enzyme called aromatase that turns testosterone to estrogen. Inability to eliminate estrogen quickly will dramatically increase breast and prostate cancer risk. Never heat plastic even if it is BPA free because there are additional hormone-disrupting compounds in plastic other than BPA, that leach out under high temperatures.
It’s true that eliminating canned goods makes food preparation take longer but it’s worth it to avoid getting fat or having cancer. This is harder to avoid, but consider buying antique wood furniture, and air out new cars as much as possible. Then it’s sent down one of three pathways, one of which is favorable, one is unfavorable, and one is highly toxic and can cause cancer. The omega-3 fats EPA and DHA that are found in wild or organic meat, dairy, and fish promote estrogen metabolism down the most favorable of the three pathways (called the 2-hydroxyestrone pathway).

DIM can be taken alone or in estrogen detox products that commonly contain the super antioxidant curcumin, which is also highly beneficial for health and decreasing inflammation.
Eating large amounts of processed or non-organic, genetically modified soy has been linked to increased cancer risk. These are mentioned separately from the other suggested supplements because they are SO IMPORTANT and deficiency in them is so widespread.
I'm going to live until 105 and I'm going to show my thighs every day," the "Girls" creator said at the New Yorker Festival in August 2012. It is nearly impossible to avoid them, and they are a principal cause of estrogen dominance in men, women, and children. And it’s easy to ingest BPA—simply eating canned soup for dinner for five days was shown to increase BPA levels by 1,223 percent!
For example, men with vitamin D deficiency have low testosterone and elevated estrogen due to increased aromatization.
Cook dried beans, make your own soup (Campbell’s uses BPA-free cans), use frozen (or fresh!) for veggies and fruits, and stew your own tomato sauce (or buy in glass).
Flaxseeds, which are high in the omega-3 fat ALA, block aromatase and provide fiber that helps keep estrogen bound and unreactive on its way out of the body. Consider taking a high-quality fiber blend and rotating the form of fiber you take because the body will quickly adapt to fiber, making it less effective. All three of these chemicals act like estrogen in the body and have caused cancer in animals. Some more forward thinking countries like Canada and Norway are presently developing federal laws to ban BPA completely from their canning industries. In humans, ill health effects of high chemical estrogen levels include heart problems, behavioral issues, and obesity.

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