If you plan to sundry and store the hibiscus leaves for a long time, make sure you sundry them really well till crisp. In general, if you are taking any medications or suffering from any disease, please consult the physician before taking hibiscus tea on a regular basis. In that study 75 people were chosen of different ages, who had mild to severe hypertension.
They were divided into two groups, one group were given a cup of hibiscus tea before breakfast, whereas the second group were given the prescriptive medication for hypertension. After a month, the results revealed that both the groups found a significant decrease in their BP levels. The interesting thing about the study is that the decrease in the BP levels was almost the same in both the groups.

This study clearly shows that hibiscus tea can be as effective as a prescriptive medicine in hypertension. Skin Aging- Regular consumption of hibiscus tea is said to prevent skin aging, as it is full of antioxidants.
For Weight Loss- Hibiscus contains enzymes that increases digestion and helps in proper assimilation of food, thus resulting in weight loss 4.
To Prevent Cancer - Hibiscus extracts have proven to be effecting in preventing cancer as it has got powerful antioxidants. Increases Immunity- Regular consumption of hibiscus tea increases immunity as it is very rich in vitamin c. Sun dry them completely and store in an airtight box, now you can make this tea year round.

Whenever I am drying the flowers to make hibiscus tea, I prefer gathering the flowers from my own garden, though it means I have to wait for some days.
Take a required amount of dried flowers in a tea pot, boil water and pour over the dried flowers.

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