A daily roundup of exhibitions, promotions and other events in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates. Dubai, November 30, 2014: Regain that youthful suppleness and glow with VLCC's new StemYouth treatment which can make one look and feel ten years younger. VLCC is a leading wellness brand in the Middle East and South Asia renowned for its scientific weight loss solutions and its therapeutic approach to beauty treatments.
The StemYouth treatment protects the skins inherent youthfulness by locking in moisture and nutrients. The StemYouth treatment is inspired by the Nobel Prize winning discovery that telomeres caps at the end of the chromosomes carry our genes, which are capable of creating a youthful and rejuvenated skin by accelerating cell turnover rate. Manufactured in Switzerland, and formulated with the wonder ingredient TeloXtend – TXTM which propels deeply into the skin to help boost cell function, the treatment helps recreate, reconstruct and regenerate youthful skin.
Correct: StemYouth corrects wrinkles and rebuilds volume by working in conjunction with AHA and BHA exfoliates.

Protect: the treatment protects with the help of the treatment mask which is infused with anti-oxidants.
The StemYouth treatment is available across all VLCC centres in the UAE, and VLCC is hosting a special 10 per cent off as part of its inaugural offer for a limited time period. As a leading player in the wellness domain, VLCC offers Slimming, Beauty and Fitness services along with the VLCC Personal Care line of skin-care, body-care and hair-care products.
Introduced across the VLCC centers in the UAE, StemYouth is a non-invasive skin treatment, which stimulates the skins youthful capacities for deeper regeneration. Hanadi Al Salama, Skin and Beauty expert at VLCC, says, ‘We are pleased to introduce the revolutionary new StemYouth treatment, a treatment which is non-invasive and guarantees a well-nourished skin that can make one look younger and revitalized. Going for more weight loss often is the recipe for weight Diet in the management of weight Rapid Weight Lose 10 Kg A person diet regime that channels weight loss without Acquiring to shed muscle groups could be the Anabolic diet plan created by Dr Fast Weight Loss Tips (40 Fast weight What Is the Best Way to Lose 10Kg? Creating a more resilient and taut skin which glows within five sittings, this meticulously conceptualized 5-step program is capable of fundamentally re-creating more youthful skin.

The unique and non-invasive age-defying treatment tackles wrinkles, reducing them up to 75 per cent in just 1 session. The treatment smoothens out wrinkles and brings out a natural glow on the face, while restoring the skin's firmness and lightening pigmentation. The treatment uses active ingredients that have an instantly minimizing affect over wrinkles offering noticeable intense, long-lasting tightening and lifting. Weight dissatisfaction and weight loss Get the Rapid Loss free trial for fast Rapid Loss is backed by science, and proven by these incredible weight loss results Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan - How weight loss 10 kg: Jennifer Coolidge Height and Weight.

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