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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. GETTING READY:  IT personnel checks the computer monitor at the voter care section of the Commission on Elections headquarters atbthe PICC on Tuesday, May 3, 2016. MANILA — The Commission on Elections retrieved a copy of the altered script from the transparency server with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting with the intention of making it public on Friday (May 13) to show that the changes it caused were only cosmetic and did not affect the vote results.
Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said the script had been altered by a Smartmatic technician in order to correct the question marks appearing in the display of candidates names. The data were saved in a thumb drive that was sealed in an envelope and would be opened tomorrow. The demonstration scheduled by the Comelec for Friday, will show the altered or corrected script, how it works, and its generation of the hash code. The Comelec will also show what would happen if the script is reverted to its original state. The PPCRV is leaving it up to the Comelec to respond to allegations that a new script was introduced in the transparency server receiving the votes to change the hash code. According to Ana de Villa Singson, PPCRV media and communications director, the Comelec owns the transparency server on the PPCRV premises,and that the Comelec and Smartmatic handle the software. She also pointed out that the Comelec server room was highly secured and anybody entering it would need two passes. Asked if the Comelec informed the PPCRV of any changes it made to the script or hash code, she said she would rather let the poll body speak on that so as not to cause any confusion.
On Wednesday night, Arwin Serrano of the PPCRV’s Accountable Materials Verifiable Audit Trail also disputed insinuations that the results of the polls were altered. But Serrano also told reporters that there had been a correction made in the script for a spelling error. COTABATO CITY — Unidentified men shot and killed a reelected municipal councilor in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, on Wednesday night. Chief Inspector Reynato Mauricio Jr., Shariff Aguak police chief, identified the victim as Councilor Hadie Malaguial, a member of the Liberal Party who was reelected during Monday’s national and local elections. Police investigators said the killers, armed with assault rifles, fired at Malaguial’s home. Malaguial, who was sitting in front of his home, tried to run but he was hit in different parts of his body.
As the gunmen left, they fired M-203 grenades to prevent Malaguial’s relatives from pursuing them. Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday conceded defeat and extended his congratulations to presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte. In a statement late Thursday, Binay’s communications director Joey Salgado said Binay has talked with Duterte to congratulate him for winning in the 2016 elections.
In the Inquirer Visayas report, Binay said he wanted to wait for the final results of the elections before conceding defeat, citing the glitches that put to question the integrity of the polls. He said he also could not believe he lost heavily in Cebu, the country’s most vote-rich province.
Binay had refused to concede on Monday night, even though he was losing heavily in the presidential race, surpassed even by his rivals Sen. His daughter Abby who was recently proclaimed winner of the Makati mayoral race  said it is not in the nature of her father to concede from a fight.
The unofficial count was based on transmitted votes from 95.87 percent of the total 92,509 clustered precincts. Binay lost the elections even though he has expressed confidence he would win the elections, at one point saying he already had a victory speech prepared. MANILA, Philippines — The transition team of Rodrigo Duterte, the presumptive Philippine president, says his administration will continue the economic policies of his predecessor that put the Southeast Asian nation on a high growth path. Duterte’s team says they also plan to stamp out corruption in revenue collecting agencies, adjust income taxes, lift restrictions on foreign investment and accelerate infrastructure spending.
The new government will also focus on eliminating corruption in the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs, adjust income tax tables to inflation and lower taxes for lower-income earners. A COMMISSIONER of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Thursday lamented that the issue on the tweaked script of the transparency server was being exploited by some camps to discredit the results of the May 9 national and local elections. Lim said that there was a breach of protocol as Smartmatic only notified the representative of political parties and the Comelec after the change was made. On Thursday, Smartmatic and Comelec maintained that the tweak was only a “cosmetic” change which did not affect the results, counting, and canvassing of the votes. The issue of the script tweak was brought up by the camp of vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Malacanang has said it is premature to speculate on whether Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will listen to Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria “Joma” Sison’s request to have outgoing President Benigno Aquino III arrested.
He said arrests, for example, could not be made until after June 30 when Aquino’s term officially ends.
Sison, who was a former professor of Duterte, on Facebook urged the presumptive president to have Aquino and Budget Secretary Florencio Abad arrested in connection with the anomalous and now defunct Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). Duterte earlier promised to visit Sison in the Netherlands where the latter is seeking political asylum. Conflict is one of the issues that Duterte has promised to resolve by seeking dialogue with the CPP and other rebel groups. THE Sandiganbayan has denied the appeal of detained Senator Jinggoy Estrada and accused mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles to reverse the court’s denial of their bail in the plunder case. In its resolution, the anti-graft court’s Fifth Division said it did not find any evidence that would reverse its earlier resolution denying the bail plea of Estrada and Napoles. The court denied Estrada’s appeal even though the detained senator cited the Supreme Court’s decision allowing Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to post bail in his plunder case due to humanitarian considerations. The court noted the AMLC’s findings that Estrada’s handwriting in the bank checks was similar to that of businessman Juan Ng, whose bank account allegedly holds millions of kickbacks from Napoles. Estrada is accused of receiving P183 million kickbacks from Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the pork barrel scam.
Commission on Elections Chair Andres Bautista enters his computer passcode for the canvassing of votes for the senatorial and party-list elections at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City.
The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has said it will investigate the breach of protocol committed by election technology provider Smartmatic when it effected change in the transparency script during Election Day. In a press conference, Comelec Commissioner Christian Robert Lim said Smartmatic admitted that they had broken protocols to change the character “?” to “n” in some of the candidate’s names. Lim said he should have been informed first before Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia changed the transparency script. In the same press conference, Bautista reiterated that the “cosmetic change” effected would not affect the results, the counting or the canvassing of the votes.
The tweak in the transparency server has been claimed by the camp of vice presidential candidate Sen. Robredo and Marcos are currently in a neck and neck race for the vice presidency with the administration candidate leading by 210,000 votes. THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) and election technology provider Smartmatic admitted that the tweak in the script in the transparency server, which was effected on Election Day and has fueled cheating rumors, was unnecessary. Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista supported the view of the Smartmatic official, adding that the change will not affect the results in any way.
He emphasized that the tweak in the transparency script was not done to alter the election results. Comelec assured the public that the change was done openly and with the presence of political parties in the center.
The tweak in the transparency server script has been claimed by the camp of vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. GENEVA  — The World Health Organization says 98 percent of inhabitants in large cities of low- and middle-income countries are facing excessively high air pollution, which is on the rise in urban areas. Overall, the Geneva-based health agency says its database shows more than four in five urban dwellers worldwide live in cities that don’t meet WHO air quality guidelines, including 56 percent of city dwellers in high-income countries. The agency on Thursday released new information from its Global Urban Ambient Air Pollution Database, which covers 3,000 cities in 103 countries and is based partly on country reports. In this season of victory and loss, among the prominent losers are two brothers who had thought nothing of again seeking public office despite being charged with murder.
It seems that when no one was looking, when everyone was distracted by the then looming elections, Palawan Judge Angelo Arizala granted Mario Reyes bail of P500,000 for his temporary liberty. People who have not forgotten the brazen murder of Ortega wonder how Mario Reyes could qualify for bail considering the gravity of the crime in which he had been implicated, as well as the very real risk of flight that he and his brother had previously demonstrated. Rodolfo Edrad Jr., alias Bumar, a hired-gun-turned-state-witness, identified the Reyes brothers as the brains behind the murder of Ortega in Puerto Princesa City.
Ortega had been recounting over his radio program details of a report by the Commission on Audit on the alleged misuse of billions of pesos in Palawan’s share from the Malampaya gas field royalties.
Following their indictment for the murder pulled off in broad daylight, the brothers managed to flee the country in March 2012. Given the brothers’ history of flight and influence even overseas, how could Mario Reyes have been allowed bail? Despite eyewitness accounts on the brothers’ involvement in the crime, their case languished in court because they were nowhere to be found for three years.
Indeed, a halfway interested observer might ask: Why do the brothers get such special treatment?
In his interview with reporters, Joel Reyes glossed over his and his brother’s escape, insisting that they voluntarily surrendered to Thai authorities and that they were innocent of the charges.
The bail granted Mario Reyes surely smacks of privilege, in direct contravention of the Constitution under which, as Interior Secretary Mel Sarmiento quotes, “there is an equal-protection clause. Perhaps this is a case for the attention of Rodrigo Duterte, the presumptive winner of the presidential election? Of the five original Asean states, the Philippines and Indonesia have been the two worst performing economies. Obviously, a country broken up into numerous islands calls for a different approach to development than one with a contiguous land area, like Thailand and the other mainland Asean states. Beyond the difficulty of linking physically disparate areas, our country and Indonesia may have also been held back by a failure to appreciate the unique circumstances of an archipelagic economy, including in development planning. Indeed, the seas in between our islands and along our coasts are immensely rich in natural resources and economic value. Apart from shipping and its related activities, the maritime economy encompasses fisheries and aquaculture, recreational activities and tourism, offshore energy exploration and extraction, and a large number of other related economic services. All these suggest some peculiar elements that need to be addressed in development planning for an archipelago. With the peculiar archipelagic nature of our country, we also need strong institutional support for fisheries and our maritime economy. We need to have a clear vision for the country built on strong recognition that our territory is composed of four-fifths water and only one-fifth land. It’s the month of May, when many Filipino Catholic Marian devotees celebrate the life of Mary, mother of Jesus. It’s game over for many contested posts, if we go by the unofficial election results that have come in.
Marcos Jr.’s purposeful rise and coming so close to the presidency has worried tens of thousands of survivor-victims of the Marcos dictatorship. To end that last sentence with “and never looked back” would not be quite apt for Leni because this grassroots lawyer, widow of the interior secretary and beloved mayor of Naga City Jesse Robredo, mother of three daughters, and congresswoman from Camarines Sur has not stopped looking back to where chapters in her life ended and began: the plane crash site in the sea where Jesse died in 2012. Call it comic relief or something out of the movies, but in Bocaue, Bulacan, two mayoral candidates who ended up in a tie had to settle for coin tossing—for cara y cruz, literally. Leni might yet be the answer to the prayer for divine intervention for which many Filipino voters had been desperately hoping. Now that victory is nigh and when asked how she would see herself in a Duterte presidency, Leni did not flinch from her original option to be with the disenfranchised. To Marcos Jr.’s unfounded tirade (he now sounds like his father stricken with paranoia during the dying days of his dictatorship) that Leni could be part of the Liberal Party’s so-called “Plan B” to topple presumptive president-elect Rodrigo Duterte and install her as president, Leni just laughed. On Leni’s part, it has all been affirmation after affirmation about the battles she took on after Jesse died.
After voting early in the morning of May 9 (I was among the first batch in my precinct) and going to the wake of a friend ( a women’s rights advocate in the Church sector), my friends and I had lunch at a Cubao restaurant with fiesta-like pahiyas decor used in Lucban, Quezon.
Let me now turn my space over to Nikki, my daughter, because I think it says well what the millennials think and want. Congratulations also to Leni Robredo, another phenomenal win, from nowhere just eight months ago to vice president for a woman who has more than proven her worth for the position. There’s a third congratulatory message to be delivered, and that’s to Andy Bautista and all those who worked tirelessly at the Commission on Elections, plus the ever-dedicated teachers and volunteers, in producing smooth, quick and uncontested elections. The first true library I ever had the privilege of frequenting was one of Hong Kong’s public libraries in the New Territories.
It was lonely for my mom in Hong Kong back in the early 1990s, because my dad was at work most of the day. When we briefly moved back to the Philippines during the 2003 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong, we settled in my dad’s hometown and I went to school in an adjacent town for half a school year or so. Moving to Macau soon after was the greatest thing that happened to me in terms of my pursuit of literary worlds. There was even an exam where we had two whole hours to write whatever creative ideas we could muster. And that’s when I went crazy, reading anything I could get my hands on at the school library (which was stocked with the oldest of classics to the most recent literary creations). It is an outrage to keep knowledge from willing minds, because once they mature, the chance to nurture their reading habits will be gone. As in every election, certain contests will be disputed, and there will always be allegations of cheating.
Nowadays, all it takes is a face and a phrase to come up with a statement from a foreign dignitary.
Tweets are faked by using a person’s actual Twitter ID and profile picture and turning it into a fake screenshot with completely-fabricated messages. Videos are edited, spliced and tweaked to mislead people, either by being taken out of context, or by denying the importance of context. In the past, journalists quoted “reliable sources” anonymously to protect their informants’ identities. What is worrisome is the fact that journalists, bloggers and even ordinary netizens are lynched by online mobs just because they posted something disagreeable to the mobs’ preferred candidates. If we do not go after them, the people behind these pages will wreak havoc again—and they will be much better and more sophisticated the next time around. Pakiusap, palusot and pasaway are typically lamented as an indication of Filipinos’ lack of discipline. Filipinos perceive some regulations as unfair, cumbersome, inefficient, insensitive or superfluous.
Filipinos’ cavalier attitude to the rules and the erosion of confidence in law and authority actually form a vicious circle. Lastly, the Filipinos’ penchant for pakiusap, palusot or pasaway undercuts their desire for an orderly society. First, they have to reassess their relationship to law and authority, even if they have little or no faith in them.
Secondly, Filipinos must appeal to their better nature and recognize that some rules are rules, which have to be followed no matter what and even if others do not do so. Third, the strict and consistent implementation of regulations, one not subject to pakiusap, palusot or pasaway, can help improve confidence in—and compliance with—the law and authority.
At the same time, Filipinos may need to think about their deep-seated cultural preference for an informal, personalistic way of doing things.
This is another reason pakiusap, palusot and pasaway are not or should not just be a matter of discipline.

Can Filipinos simply abandon the personal and informal to become mature, more “rational” citizens of a formal, modern democracy? Ideally, elections afford citizens opportunity to vet candidates’ qualifications: education, track record, character, platform, etc. While survey companies claim they are guided by research modalities in gathering survey information, they conduct surveys not on their own volition but for a fee, at the behest of an interest group (seldom revealed).
Thus, given the circumstance that most Filipino voters are less schooled and, therefore, prone to manipulation, we are inclined to think that surveys deprive ordinary people, who comprise the voting population, the right to make an independent and intelligent choice of candidates. If we allow this to continue in future elections, most voters will remain ignorant of the issues affecting their daily lives as they, in essence, will be compelled to surrender their sacred right to choose to survey companies as they cast their votes. The indigenous peoples’ organizations under Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (Katribu) call on the likely next president, Rodrigo Duterte, to uphold his promise of genuine change and to continue defending the rights of the indigenous peoples (IP). In the Aquino presidency’s “daang matuwid,” IP communities found themselves at the losing end of destructive projects like mining and intense militarization, which have effectively sent hundreds of lumad fleeing to evacuation centers for refuge. As mayor of Davao City, Duterte supported the lumad refugees in the United Church of Christ in the Philippines-Haran and condemned the administration for the Kidapawan massacre. Duterte has time and again shown himself as a leader who understands the plight of indigenous peoples and their concerns. Under his watch, President Aquino opened almost 730,000 hectares of ancestral land to mining, monocrop plantations, economic zones, military camps and US bases.
We challenge likely president-elect Rodrigo Duterte to avoid becoming the same monster that Mr. Monetary authorities Wednesday kept key policy rates steady given a sustained favorable inflation outlook. Following the policy-setting meeting of the Monetary Board Wednesday, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amando M. The Monetary Board likewise kept the interest rates on term RRPs, RPs and special deposit accounts (SDA) and the reserve requirement ratios, according to Tetangco. The BSP chief said downward price pressures come from the “slower-than-expected” global economy as well as potential second-round effects from cheap oil.
Tetangco nonetheless said the impact of the dry spell due to El Nino on food prices and utility rates as well as the pending petitions for power rate hikes might push inflation higher. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — European stocks were mostly higher Thursday while Asian shares were mixed after a weak session on Wall Street. TOKYO — Nissan, which is taking a 34 percent stake in scandal-ridden Japanese rival Mitsubishi Motors, suffered a 40 percent plunge in January-March profit as sales dipped and currency perks faded.
A weak yen had worked as a plus for exporters like Yokohama-based Nissan, but the currency has been strengthening in recent months. Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn announced Thursday that Nissan will spend 237 billion yen ($2.2 billion) to become the top investor in Mitsubishi Motors by purchasing newly issues shares. Nissan shares dropped 1.4 percent in Tokyo trading as Japanese media reported that a deal with Mitsubishi was imminent. Mitsubishi Motors has been rocked by a scandal over cheating on mileage tests to inflate fuel economy figures for its minicar models.
Consolidated revenues for the first quarter amounted to P4.65 billion, flat from the level seen in the same period last year, FLI reported to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday. FLI’s rental revenues rose by 14 percent year-on-year to P678 million in the first three months as the firm booked higher revenues from office buildings. THE LOCAL stock barometer succumbed to some profit-taking after two days of post-election rally on Thursday but remained afloat the 7,300 mark. Outside of PSEi stocks, notable decliners include Security Bank, which slid by 3.74 percent while retailers Puregold and RRHI. Outside the PSEi, investors gobbled up shares of DoubleDragon, which surged by 8.54 percent. The tobacco business contributed P945 million or 42 percent of total income, LTG said in a press statement on Thursday. The group also gained from improved operating efficiencies that boosted margins for oil refining unit Petron Corp.
This net profit level of P13.5 billion for the first three months included equity attributed to minority interest.
SMC’s group-wide operating income rose by 38 percent to P22.82 billion for the first quarter from the previous year.
Beer unit San Miguel Brewery reported a 23 percent growth in first quarter net profit to P4 billion while hard liquor arm Ginebra San Miguel posted a 288 percent improvement in net profit to P54 million. Petron’s net profit skyrocketed to P2.76 billion from only P257 million in the previous year. Meanwhile, the packaging business posted a three-month operating income of P597 million, rising by 25 percent while the operating income of power unit SMC Global Power posted a 7 percent rise in operating income to P7.31 billion.
The infrastructure arm San Miguel Holdings posted a first-quarter operating income of P2.43 billion, up by 16 percent year-on-year. Meanwhile, its Boracay Airport is scheduled to start jet operations by the second quarter of this year while construction of a new and bigger terminal is expected to commence by November.
Equity earnings contribution from the conglomerate’s business units reached P7.2 billion, 11 percent higher year-on-year, AC disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Thursday. Ayala Land and Manila Water posted double-digit growth in equity earnings contribution, rising by 16 percent and 13 percent, respectively. Under the medium-term plan, AC seeks to double net profit its net profit to hit P50 billion by the year 2020 under a five-year vision that also seeks to expand its position across Southeast Asia. On its power business, AC Energy sustained a positive earnings trajectory, generating a net income of P250 million in the first quarter as power projects achieved more efficient operating levels, the conglomerate said. In transport, AC Infrastructure recorded net earnings of P23 million following its takeover of elevated railway LRT1 in September last year. Located at the heart of the province, this latest premier destination adds 84,000 square meters (sqms) in gross floor area (GFA), bringing SM Prime’s total retail space to almost 7.5 million sqms, the largest footprint in the country.
Other SM malls in Cavite are SM City Bacoor, SM City Dasmarinas, SM City Rosario and SM City Molino. The newest SM mall in Trece Martires is situated on the corner of two main thoroughfares: Governor’s Drive and Capitol Road. Based on a 2010 census, Cavite is the most populated province in the Philippines with 3.1 million people. Opening with almost 80 percent of space awarded to tenants, SM City Trece Martires features an array of retail stores, cozy dining outlets, forefront recreation and entertainment facilities as well as guest-focused service centers.
Among the anchor locators are THE SM STORE, SM Supermarket, Ace Hardware, Watsons, Banco de Oro, SM Appliance, and SM Cinema. Earlier this year, SM Prime opened SM City San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan on April 29, adding 101,000 sqms in GFA. SINGAPORE, Singapore—Oil prices dipped in Asia on Thursday as investors locked in profits after the previous day’s surge to six-month highs that was fuelled by a surprise decline in US stockpiles. The report also said US oil production fell, providing hope to a market burdened by a stubborn global supply glut. While the fundamentals of oversupply and weak demand remain, Aw said short-term disruptions such as the wildfires in Canada’s oil-rich Alberta region and the closure of a key Shell pipeline in Nigeria following a leak are boosting prices. A meeting of the OPEC oil cartel on June 2 in Vienna would also impact the market, he added. A CAMPAIGN that started off on the wrong foot for Rain or Shine can have a Cinderella ending tonight as the Elasto Painters try to apply the broom on the Alaska Aces in their best-of-seven championship series for the Oppo-PBA Commissioner’s Cup. Wayne Chism limped out of Rain or Shine’s second game, and after two more imports that didn’t really fit the bill as far as the team’s needs goes, the Painters are on the verge of joining an elite list of champions with a win in Game 4 at 7 p.m. The offensive shortcomings of Rain or Shine’s fourth import, the burly Pierre Henderson-Niles, turned out to be a blessing for the squad which has managed to display the full might of its balanced local roster.
A win would give the Painters just their second franchise championship and snap a drought that dates back to 2012. It would also highlight their dominance of these playoffs as they have lost just one game against powerhouses Barangay Ginebra and San Miguel Beer in the quarterfinals and the Final Four, respectively. Yeng Guiao’s first championship, achieved with import Tony Harris and the defunct Swift in 1990, also came via a sweep of Pepsi.
The Aces are the only team that blew a 3-0 lead to lose in a championship showdown, bowing to San Miguel in the Philippine Cup less than four months ago.
And while Alaska showed resiliency by bouncing back from that harrowing experience and making the Finals, coach Alex Compton said it is not by design that they are in the same hole they put the Beermen into the last time they were in a Finals. Guiao said the key to their dominance of the Aces has been his squad’s ability to break Alaska’s press. Compton, on the other hand, rued his players’ lack of effort in the middle two quarters of Game 3 that had them trailing by as large as 27 points late in the third period. Meanwhile, Alaska’s Calvin Abueva is expected to win his first Player of the Conference award in simple rites before tip-off.
Henderson-Niles, Rob Dozier of Alaska and Arinze Onuaku of Meralco will be disputing the Best Import honor. NCAA CONTENDERS Arellano University and the University of Perpetual Help test each other’s mettle today, even as Emilio Aguinaldo College and San Sebastian try to put behind painful losses in the Filoil Flying V Premier Cup.
Boasting experienced standouts, the Chiefs and Altas hope to extend their unbeaten starts in the tournament as they clash at 5 p.m.
Jiovani Jalalon and Dioncee Holts have carried the fight for the Chiefs early in the premier preseason tournament but the Altas will try to counter with Gab Daganon and forward-center Bright Akhuetie. Jalalon, who posted a handful of triple doubles last season, has been on a tear in the Filoil tournament with 16 points an outing.
Perpetual Help coach Nosa Omorgbe hopes to get more production from the likes of AJ Coronel and Gerald Dizon to complement Dagangon and Akhuetue.
DAVAO City has its own small version of the Philippine Sports Commission that runs fluidly under the Office of the Mayor—the kind of importance sports gets under Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Philippine Olympic Committee first vice president Joey Romasanta yesterday noted the existence of the sports office which he said directly benefits the city’s athletes in many ways. It suddenly hit me that I had to make a drastic change to my life and lose weight.'When I get in cars I can't get the seatbelt on so I would like to get myself fit. The question marks were supposed to show up as the character “n,” and the changes in the script were made so that this would be the case. The retrieval of the data was witnessed by the media and representatives of political parties.
We don’t meddle with that because we are just the receiver of the data like the other organizations,” she told reporters on Thursday. He extended his congratulations and wished the president-elect all the best,” Salgado said. Joseph Estrada was later convicted but pardoned for the crime of plunder over jueteng kickbacks during his short-lived term as president.
Protocol dictates that parties should be informed first before any change in the script could be made. There were lapses in protocol … The change was made [first] and the parties were informed after the change was made,” the commissioner said. Penalba then notified Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia who corrected the script and announced the change in the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) Transparency Center. Joel Reyes, former governor of Palawan, and his younger brother Mario Reyes, former mayor of Coron, had filed certificates of candidacy for mayor and vice mayor of Coron, respectively, despite being indicted for the murder on Jan. At this writing, Judge Arizala has yet to issue a separate ruling on Joel Reyes’ own bail petition. It was in Judge Arizala’s very court where Edrad, Mario Reyes’ former bodyguard, reiterated his claim during direct examination that it was Joel Reyes who had ordered him to devise a plan to execute Ortega. After their capture and extradition last year, the Supreme Court ordered the Palawan court in January to proceed with their trial. When they were flown to the Palawan capital shortly after their arrest in Thailand, they were whisked to the court of Judge Bayani Usman, who immediately issued a commitment order. They were “also searching for justice like the Ortega family,” but had to flee because of “threats” to their life, he said.
Ours is a country of around 7,100 islands (plus a few more during low tide, as the joke goes); Indonesia is a country of around 13,600 islands.
For one thing, the cost and efficiency of interisland versus land transport can differ widely.
For economies whose territories feature large areas of internal waters, the significance of the maritime economy ought to be substantial, and yet may tend to be overlooked and neglected. Part of the neglect described earlier may be traced to inadequacy of statistical data on these economic activities, which tend to be generally incomplete and untimely, if not outright unavailable. First, islands must be well interconnected with efficient air and sea transport facilities. As it is, fisheries are relegated to a line bureau under the Department of Agriculture, which has had enough difficulty catering effectively to the needs of the crop and livestock sectors, let alone fisheries.
That outside forces are now developing significant parts of that territory under our very noses may partly be blamed on this traditional failure to fully consider the potentials and requirements of being an archipelagic economy. But as of this writing, the vice presidential candidates are still neck and neck, with top contenders Leni Robredo and Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son and namesake of the late ousted dictator, jostling on the tally sheets.
On the other side, Leni’s own overnight rise from behind, beneath and below (where she dwelled in the start of the campaign) in the vice presidential race has amazed us all. And so as Leni’s steady and inexorable rise in the preelection surveys and in the postelection count unfolded before our eyes, some trolls that reside in the netherworld of social media would send cruel and vicious messages. Yes, loss and emotional pain could be so overwhelming that death would seem like a welcome balm. When the die was cast, and hope dimmed for those who had fears in their hearts about what’s on the road ahead, the image of steady Leni and what she stood for seemed to provide a ray of light. If given a choice, she said, she would want to see herself in antipoverty programs, not a Cabinet position. The reluctant candidate has made broad strides and accepted challenges with nary a tinge of personal ambition. The Magnificat is Mary’s longest spiel in the Bible where she says, “You have thrown down the mighty from their thrones and exalted the lowly…” Surely many of us have had Magnificat moments in our lives. Just across from it is Novotel where, it was falsely rumored, vote-counting machines were being stored for cheating purposes.
The unreal ascent of Donald Trump is not Donald Trump, it’s “Fed-Up.” They’re also desperately unhappy with a leader who grows the economy—without them.
Once the dust settles and we hear of his early pronouncements and decisions, we’ll be able to take those issues forward further. But there have been so many people expressing fear and disbelief at our choice of President around me, both locally and overseas, so here is my two cents’ worth as to why my (half) nation picked Duterte. The upper class and the foreigners and the businessmen may all be shaking their heads as they believe continuity is key. A win for another non-“trapo,” reinforcing even more that people want change in what kind of leader the country wants. Tagupa wrote “Learning to read,” in which she recalled how some public schools in the Philippines lock up their libraries due to fear of the books getting damaged by young students.
Throughout my life I’ve had access to libraries fully stocked with books, and I needed only to bring my library card to be able to borrow whatever I wanted—three, four, five, or even six books at a time. Books don’t judge and characters live vivid lives that are pleasant and more exciting than the one I lived. I had grown up visiting the public library in Hong Kong almost every single day, and the room called the “library” was pitiful compared to the ones I had visited.
Literature class was mandatory from Primary 4 (Grade 4) upward, and involved  studying and analyzing novels, plays and short stories. There was also a time allotted for “silent sustained reading,” one of my most favorite times of the day which lasted for an hour at most every day. Blessed are those who can declare victory unequivocally—such as Rodrigo Duterte in the most important race of all—for they can look forward to a speedy proclamation.
All it takes is a photograph and a paragraph to come up with with an endorsement from an overseas Filipino worker or a “Yolanda” survivor.

Today, with the media themselves having been victimized both by the failings of some of their own members and the barrage of lies that have unfairly cast doubt on their credibility, we are left with a vast sea of (mis)information.
You can easily google all kinds of information, and visit people’s Twitter feeds if they actually tweeted something that’s being shared around.
If we can be evidence-based in our medicine, jurisprudence-based in our law, scientific in our engineering, and mathematical in our economic models, how can we be so uncritical in our politics? While many memes circulated the myth that the martial law regime was a “golden age,” these were counteracted by graphs showing the historical trend of the Philippines’ GDP, helping set the record straight. If you are only willing to accept information that’s favorable to your cause, perhaps the bias comes, not from others, but from your own self. We need to hold websites and Facebook pages to account for sacrificing truth for the sake of virality—or some darker agenda.
The question is: How can we discipline social media in a way that protects freedom of speech but also demands accountability? 10175) expressly states that online libel is no different from other forms of libel—and is thus covered by the Revised Penal Code. After violating a rule, they humbly ask for clemency (“Sorry, boss, hindi ko naman po sinasadya at ngayon lang naman po”). But she is also a clever hunter of gaps and creative exploiter of loopholes (“Kung makakalusot, bakit hindi?”). Sometimes, their rule-breaking and -bending comes from a sense of entitlement, which dovetails with status and class: The rules do not apply to me. And since Filipinos know that some people occasionally get a pass, they, too, expect one “Bakit sila hindi mo hinuli?” says many a driver who was apprehended.
They distrust and defy the rules, and thus engage in pakiusap, palusot and pasaway, which undermine the integrity of the law and authority further, which then encourage even more rule-breaking or -bending. They have to find a way to at least develop more respect for the notion of law, authority and power even if they perceive these to be inept, corrupt, unreliable or predatory, even if they are caught and others get away with violations. In the land of pakiusap, palusot and pasaway, obeying the rules or accepting the penalties of breaking them can be the most progressive, albeit inconvenient, thing Filipinos can do.
And the faster, and more efficiently, such services are delivered, the less necessary it will be to resort to pakiusap or pasaway. For better or worse, friends, family, personal and informal ties, and “smooth interpersonal relations” matter more to Filipinos than rules, formalities and impersonal institutions. It forms part of a deeper fundamental divide: the tension, complicities and conflicts between a personal, informal and connection-oriented way of doing things on one hand, and a formal, “rational,” and institutional approach on the other. But in other cases, people resort to personal connections not (just) because they are undisciplined but (also) because things simply get done faster that way.
But where should they begin: with the (Wo)Man in the Mirror, their government, or their political culture? However, this ideal seems to have become a thing of the past with the use of surveys purporting to be independent business endeavors and catering to no particular interest group, during election period. Thus, the mind-conditioning, trending and “bandwagon mentality” get the better of our ordinary voters, resulting in winners not independently chosen by them but predetermined by survey companies. Even during the campaign and election period, indigenous communities were subjected to harassment and intimidation by the military in attempts to dissuade them from voting for progressive party-lists. Duterte has issued a ban on mining activities in Davao City due to their harmful impact on the environment.
However, we find worrisome his recent policy pronouncements about allowing full foreign land ownership and “responsible mining.” All over the world, where such policies are being applied, land-grabbing of ancestral domains and state terror only exacerbated the plight of IP communities. Foreign mining corporations, aided by government soldiers, launched a campaign of deception and intimidation to force indigenous peoples into leaving their land.
13, 2015, file photo, the American flag flies above the Wall Street entrance to the New York Stock Exchange. The automaker forecast a 525 billion yen ($4.8 billion) profit for the fiscal year through March 2017. It had another scandal, over a systematic cover-up of auto defects, which surfaced in the early 2000s, but the wrongdoing had dated back decades. There were 81 advancers which were outnumbered by 105 decliners while 47 stocks were unchanged. This was followed by Philippine National Bank (PNB) with P708 million or 32 percent of total.
Meanwhile, Ayala Automotive rebounded in the first three months of the year with equity earnings contribution expanding fivefold on the back of strong sales in the Isuzu and Honda brands while Volkswagen sales started to ramp up.
We believe the Philippines continues to be fundamentally strong, and we expect most of our businesses to continue growing at a healthy pace,” Ayala president and chief operating officer Fernando Zobel de Ayala said. AC Energy currently has around 650 megawatts in attributable capacity across its conventional and renewable investments. AC Infrastructure currently has three public-private partnership projects in its portfolio – the 4-kilometer Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, the Beep ticketing system, and the extension and operations and maintenance of LRT1. The company exited some of its low-margin consumer electronics businesses and discontinued products in the computing segment while ramping up its automotive and industrial products. SM City Trece Martires will be a great addition in the development of Cavite as we remain committed to expand towards the provincial areas,” SM Prime president Hans Sy said. Its architectural design is meant to give a new lifestyle look in the city and in the province.
Within Luzon, SM Prime has 49 malls, 20 of which are in Metro Manila, five in the Visayas and four in Mindanao. Sometimes they are trying to get to a certain level where they can sell and then lock in profits”, said Bernard Aw, an analyst with IG Markets Singapore.
He is currently locked in a tight race with administration candidate Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo—with the latter leading by a margin of 210,000 votes according to latest unofficial tally of votes. The brothers, according to an informant, stayed in a villa and tooled around in a sport utility vehicle; they had even planned to put up a fitness center.
Their prison quarters were as exceptional: a newly painted jail cell measuring 5 x 3  x 8 meters with a double-deck wooden bed, a toilet and two windows. Opportunities for economies of scale in the provision of energy infrastructure, particularly electrification, are limited in a territory that is geographically fragmented. That is, development planning may devote disproportionate attention to land-based assets and economic (and even social, cultural and political) activities, to the neglect of the vast potential contributions of the maritime economy. It is even likely that a square kilometer of sea contains higher potential economic value than a corresponding square kilometer of undeveloped land.
Romulo Virola and his associates at the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) cited the widespread economic significance of the maritime sector in terms of employment, foreign exchange earnings, investments and linkages with other sectors. A key challenge, then, is to develop a systematic framework for tracking the maritime economy and fully account for its contribution to gross domestic product—something Virola and his NSCB associates sought to do.
The “nautical highway” based on roll-on-roll-off shipping facilities that could span from Aparri to Tawi-Tawi seeks to address this need.
We should also have a separate strong body dedicated to strengthening the maritime sector covering shipping, shipbuilding and ship repair, among other things—things in which an archipelagic country like ours would normally be expected to be inherently strong. But Mothers Day, which happened to fall on the eve of Election Day, came and went, almost lost in the election cacophony.
After she said yes to the call to be the running mate of Mar Roxas, we saw how this reluctant candidate gave it her all. One has to go through some kind of dark night in life in order to understand that kind of sharp, searing pain from the depths. Having worked with those on the fringes of society, she vowed to personally and literally get them included in the government’s agenda. What’s life without the childhood memories of May, of blazing summers and sudden downpours, of food and fiestas, of beaches and rivers and flowers and songs? He will be a leader who won’t go around killing criminals, but he’ll certainly demand—and get—far more effective police work.
But until we can begin to understand what life is like for them, then we cannot judge their choices. I’d like to hope that Bongbong Marcos will act the gentleman and graciously accept the result, and not go to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to challenge the result. The glitches that occurred were inevitable in such a complex system, and too small to be of consequence. She had a great affinity for books herself, having grown up with a mother who was very fond of the written word. And once I started going to school at a local English kindergarten at the age of 3 in 1998, my mom felt even lonelier. And with that came the silent judgement and ostracism by my classmates because of my nationality, which was deemed composed only of cleaners, helpers or trash-pickers. But I had to get accustomed to it, even though it left me feeling lonely without the company of books.
Books are, after all, one of the greatest gifts to humanity; because of them, readers get transported to various stories, adventures—an escape from reality!
Moreover, people have become more sophisticated in spreading misinformation in social media. Posts are removed (by reporting them to Facebook as offensive), and blogsites are hacked or taken down, as journalist Raissa Robles experienced a number of times. They have just advertised themselves to those who may tap them in the future for their services. Surely, the long-term solution lies in the educational system: Perhaps teachers should include social media ethics in the teaching of values, and emphasize the importance of honesty and respect. A proper implementation of this law will make for cleaner elections, and a healthier public discourse. Pakiusap also involves breaking protocol altogether and appeals to connections (“Kakilala ko ’yung boss; baka puwedeng pakiusapan na lang”).
But what if these three modes also betray a deep distrust of rules, a symptom of an indifference to and a lack of confidence in some forms of authority? In other cases, the defiance has roots in a view of authority as corrupt and even predatory.
And naturally, distrust and disrespect for law and procedure precipitate an adversarial relationship between Filipinos and the authorities.
And many of them resent, snap or give you a malevolent look even if you politely reprimand them.
In this sense, relying on the personal and informal compensates for the problems of the formal and institutional. At least 90 indigenous peoples have been killed by the state’s Armed Forces since July 2010.
We challenge Duterte to live up to his promise of “tunay na pagbabago” and stand for the rights of indigenous peoples all over the country. On Wednesday, the company projected a 35 percent plunge in profit for the fiscal year through March 2017 as the perks of a favorable exchange rate fade, and it reported a 4 percent drop in profit for January-March on-year.
Chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko shake hands after their joint press conference at the Nissan headquarters in Yokohama, near Tokyo, Thursday, May 12, 2016.
With financial close of the first unit of the 2×660 megawatt GN Power Diningin plant expected in the third quarter of this year, AC Energy is set to achieve its goal of assembling 1,000 megawatts of attributable capacity by the end of this year.
It is bounded by Tanza on the North and West, Naic also on the West, Amadeo and Indang on the South, and General Trias on the East. The company aims to open five new malls this year reaching a total of 61 malls in the Philippines and six in China with an estimated combined GFA of 8.6 million sqms by the end of the year.
Both brothers failed in their effort to once more enjoy big-guy titles, but that’s not the noteworthy issue in this chapter of their saga. In justifying these arrangements, Paredes said the brothers had to be separated from the other inmates “because of their classification as high-risk” prisoners. For one thing, our marine biodiversity could well be richer than the diversity of life on our lands. In the 1990s, the government crafted a blueprint for an efficient nationwide multimodal transport network to provide a seamless system whereby passengers and cargo could easily move between and across land (road and rail), sea and air transport modes.
They are willing to give up some of their freedoms in the hopes that this is the change we need for better lives.
We sit in our securely guarded apartments and villages, we know nothing of the desperation they must feel. Instead of young minds being encouraged to dwell in the creative world of books, they are barred from such an experience, she wrote. Sure, the Chinese sections were bigger in some libraries, but they still had a great selection of books in English to pick from.
My maternal grandmother is gone now, but she loved books and encouraged my mom and her siblings to read as much as they could. That’s when I became an observer, disconnecting from life and the people around me in favor of fiction. It wasn’t even much of a library, really, but a small-to-medium-sized room half-filled with books.
In a way, I used books to protect myself from other people, as one of my mom’s brothers once astutely observed. And there are things only books can teach, such as empathy with and sensitivity to other people and their differences.
Freedom of speech, which is a precondition for truth to be told and tested, has itself taken a beating. By “liking” it, you unwittingly give it more valence and thereby contribute to its readership. Individuals who sensationalize stories, too, will have gained more following, and will be in a better position to cause trouble in the future. Indeed, the preference for the personalistic and informal nature of Philippine society may be both a symptom of and solution to weak, less effective institutions. Of the 90 victims of extrajudicial killings, 75 were lumad, and among them were tribal leaders, women and children.
We reiterate our call for the immediate scrapping of the Philippine Mining Act of 1995 and the thorough investigation and punishment of the perpetrators of the unjust killings of our leaders. And because direct people-to-people contacts are hampered by physical geography, building a sense of nationhood built on social, political and cultural cohesion is a more formidable challenge than in a country whose land is contiguous. The benefits would further permeate the numerous downstream industries using maritime products and services. The public has had enough of the machinations of politicians more intent on bickering than getting things done.
He’ll ride roughshod over those who don’t get things done, or trying to prevent things from getting done. Oh, it wasn’t like they were vocal about it, but kids can be very cruel when they want to be, with whispers spreading and toys taken out of my hands merely because they wanted to.
Social media has not made people more gullible, but it has exposed how gullible people are. Satirical websites, knowing that they are taken seriously by many people, should reflect on the ethics of manufacturing propaganda material. We demand an immediate stop to the killing of indigenous leaders who are vocal against projects destructive to their communities. Office supply companies Office Depot and Staples are tumbling after a judge blocked their plans to merge.
Ghosn said Nissan will invest 237 billion yen ($2.2 billion) to become the top investor in Mitsubishi Motors. At the same time, income generated by the maritime sector will stimulate demand for consumer goods and services in general.
My Chinese classmates were clannish; they stuck to their own and excluded anyone different.

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