Aire Valley Counselling & Therapy is a voluntary organisation first established in 1983.
Our evaluations consistently show over 90% of clients receiving therapy at Aire Valley Counselling & Therapy had improved mental well-being by the end of their therapy.
You will meet with our Clinical Manager or one of our Psychotherapists who will assess your needs. Drop-in ServiceThe Drop-in Service is available to anyone who needs occasional or one-off support but is not able to commit to weekly counselling sessions.

We recommend that you contact us first to ensure a slot is available but we will normally be able to see you at very short notice. We are part funded by NHS Primary Care organisations that cover Bradford Met and Airedale to provide counselling and psychotherapy locally. The Psychotherapist will determine that you are at the correct service and what type of help you need. Staff are usually with clientsThe office is not always staffed so we cannot accommodate unexpected callers.

We have an outstanding proven track record of helping people achieve better mental and emotional well-being. You will be seen by a fully qualified and experienced counsellor and can access this service up to once a month if you choose.

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