Following a full rest day, it was great to come back into Thursday with an early morning workout session.
I can easily tell that day’s that I am not training that I feel off schedule and lacking a start to my day. With my own schedule during the week I wake up early in the morning workout so that I get my blood pumping and release endorphins to create a happier atmosphere to start off my day. Adjusting my schedule this past week has given me a better structure to my own life, having more time for myself after work rather than rushing off trying to get in a second workout.
I used to think this was an absolute joke when people originally told me that I could be overtraining my body and mind.
The one thing that I have to say is don’t listen to society or the message that those who say you have to overtrain are the only ways to reach your goals. For some reason, my guess is from the watermelon, I felt laggy and “bloated” when I woke up. Aside from being hard on myself about these various aspects of my body, I am pretty pleased about the muscle separation within my delts from my biceps and triceps.
I have been putting in extra effort during shoulder workouts to focus on lateral raises to create that muscle separation.
By the time I reach day 90 of the challenge I am hoping to be at full muscle separation in my delts and traps along with my delts and biceps. Getting back into the grind and having a great Thursday workout, I took these progress pictures. During this morning’s workout I added in an additional 5 minutes of hanging-based abdominal exercises along with extremely high resistance based HIIT cardio into the end of our session. At the end of my cardio workout I was drenched in sweat and abs were pretty sore, something I haven’t felt since my days at Planet Fitness. I know I won’t see instant results but after that switch in my morning routine, I felt a bit lighter and tighter in my core. Being on this cutting routine has allowed me to understand how to properly train, creating the muscle separation that I have been achieving my muscle groups. Coming back to my schedule after a rest day, it gives me more leniency when it comes to eating certain things within my diet.
On my rest days, I am focused upon low carbohydrate and caloric days, since I am not as active as I would be during my training days. Now that I am no longer training twice a day, I have to adjust my macros and caloric intake to abide by the calories that I am burning during either my morning or night only session.
As I have been learning it is not all about macros but about the number of calories that you are eating, I still like to make sure that I am within the projected goal numbers that I have set for myself to refrain from going overboard. This is why I use MyFitnessPal on a daily basis so that I make keep track of the calories coming along with the calories I exert. Increasing the intensity of my cardio allowed me to burn more calories than usual, which kept me on point with my macro and calorie limits. I am just like every other person out there, as I have tendencies to want snack and break away from the diet. Compound exercises are the way to go when you are looking to build strength and muscle mass. After 2 sets of deadlifts I could easily tell a difference in my performance throughout the rest of the exercises I did in the workout. What is funny is that in my time in college and even while at Planet Fitness I was performing compound based motions on a daily basis, even doing deadlifts almost three times a week while at PhilaU.
It all comes around full circle where I originally started off doing compound based exercises and now returning back to what got me started off seeing results in the first place. Actually this ties into another thing that has been on my mind lately, that I have been comparing myself now to where I was back in college when I first started lifting. With my physique over the last few years, I have pushed myself beyond what I thought I could possibly imagine, going through multiple transformations, having one of the best looking summers of my life. Instead of focusing on ways to push myself past records I previously set for myself, I worry about what I see in the mirror rather than numbers I was putting up. I hope that moving forward I can find my love and passion again for breaking training records rather than focusing on my physique.
This past week I have been making changes to start enjoying life a little bit more rather than worrying about making every second be about working out.
Listening to my Knowledge for Men podcasts, I came across an interview with Mark Manson, a successful life coach and entrepreneur. In college I would be willing to do anything to have fun and be open to all sorts of events with friends.
The saying goes you only have one life to live and with that life you have to make the most of every moment, as before you know it that time is lost forever. One aspect that comes to mind is thinking about what will people think about me or have to say about my life when I die.
Be proud of who I am rather than the fearful man who worries about every little aspect this world has to offer. Life shouldn’t be something you fear, but something that you take by the horns and ride into unforgettable experiences. So what I say to you is this, if you are fearful about your own life, if you are worried about what others have to think of you or say, don’t worry! The other day I was scanning through my iTunes Playlist and came along one of my favorite artists to listen to throughout college, Jonny Craig. He was the former singer for Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa, two of my favorite post-hardcore bands, which after months of not listening to him I was wondering what kind of music he put out. The reason I enjoy his music is because has a unique voice and quite an amazing vocal range.
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Follow them and check out their products to see the next line in weight training and workout supplements. If you would like to take part in the 90 day weight loss challenge feel free to message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and send me your progress pictures! I would love to see how everyone is doing on their journey so that we are able to inspire and motivate each other to achieve greatness!
His daily passion for working out, interacting and motivating others, along with his professional involvement in the fitness field encouraged him to create “The Workout Wingman”; focusing on influencing others by showing that if he could change his life, they can as well. Unfortunately during I didn’t keep track of my diet nor did I spend time working out, though I did keep to a clean lifestyle during the various days of the trip along with kept as active as possible while enjoying event we had planned. The way that I saw it was that ever since I December I have been going non-stop with my training but really have been divulging into this 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge since last week and needed a break from working out for continuous months but also to treat myself to some delicious meals while with my best friend. Taking this elongated weekend did justice, as I was able to recuperate mentally, physically and get myself back into desire to conquer this weight loss challenge.
Before leaving for my trip I made sure that I was still able to get an AM workout session in with my friend Mike.
Our Friday workouts typically include doing chest, triceps, abs and cardio, which this Friday was no different.
Getting into the gym at 5:00am as I had to leave earlier for my trip, we were able to perform an intense hour and a half session closing out the workout with 10 minutes of abs and 20 minutes of cardio. Even on the day of my trip I wanted to make sure that I had one day out of the four that I would be away that I still kept myself physically active through a weight lifting session and burned calories before diving into the cheat meals I had for the day. Saturday’s progress picture was taken just as I woke up after the previous nights worth of escapades exploring Williamsburg and enjoying a cheat meal.
There is something about the morning after a cheat meal that you instantly regret as you feel bloated and a bit off. Notice that I am without sunburn which I really take in while seeing Incubus later in the afternoon.
As I unfortunately forgot to post my progress pictures on Sunday, I was still able to take a picture before heading off to Busch Gardens as well as taking a picture before leaving Williamsburg and heading to the beach. Since I was able to get back on my clean eating lifestyle I felt a bit better both on Sunday and Monday but the lack of training does show in my midsection. Not to say that I wasn’t active but during days that I workout, I notice more definition throughout my body. I did focus on eating clean through each day to make sure that I wasn’t falling off of the path and putting on any unwanted weight from eating. Though when I first arrived in Williamsburg on Friday I considered this my cheat meal day as I finally had pizza for the first time in over 8 months after meeting up with my friend and a double cheeseburger to enjoy watching Avengers Age of Ultron.
Aside from the cheat meal that I had on Friday I stuck with a clean diet even while going out to dinner the other nights during the week. On Saturday after seeing Incubus, I stopped by Hooters for dinner as that was the only place open near 10pm, which is weird why most places close early while in Williamsburg.
At the theme park Sunday though that was another challenge to eat clean as in the morning I did have eggs, an apple and yogurt to follow a healthy pallet for the day.
If you are craving a cheese burger, go with a grilled chicken sandwich instead without the bun but still have the lettuce (can’t go wrong with greens).
You can find ways to stick with your diet while away from home, it is about managing what you are eating in the end.
As we all get caught up with training, there is a necessity to take off away from the gym and working out. One important aspect that I maintained while away was that I could have one day where I had my cheat meals, which this included pizza on Friday afternoon and a double cheeseburger without the bun at night while seeing Avengers. Having that one cheat meal allowed myself to gain a sense of sanity while spending time with my friend and away from home, but I wouldn’t allow myself to give into any cravings that I might have had the rest of the trip.
Now that the trip is over I am ready to get back into the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge, documenting each day and my process but this weekend helped give clarity to what I am looking to accomplish. Without time to rest up, have a cheat meal or just a break from the continuous efforts putting into each day, this can lead to being overwhelmed by the weight loss process or things going on around you. We all need breaks and if you have the opportunity to take a mini vacation or just have time off from everything, I highly recommend taking it as it helps recharge the batteries and gives new light to what you are trying to accomplish with your goals. I will continue to take day off or rest days when needed to allow my body the rest it needs after the continuous hard work that I put it through with this weight loss challenge. Thank you all for your ongoing support and feedback that you have provided on this blog and through my social media pages, I truly appreciate it!
TweetEmailEven though my 90 Day results are coming up next week, I wanted to share my 60 Day Results because they are truly amazing! Join Robert Rogo of The Workout Wingman for Days 41 and 42 of his 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge!
It is weird how we all follow schedules and has certain ways that get us start off for the days ahead of us.
We all need a form of schedule in our lives as without a routine, we are all floating through life without any real sort of destination. No longer have I been under stress or anxiety and I can easily head home to spend time focusing on myself without regrets. Without that rest you aren’t able to rebuild and you are at risk of overtraining your muscles, which are already broken down at this point. To myself I thought how dare they tell me how to workout or live my life, going into each workout in spite of those who tried to talk me out of my goals or what in my mind I thought was right. You need to go through struggles and learn from your mistakes so that you can move forward in the right direction. Though it might not show within the progress pictures I can easily tell there is a bit less definition in my midsection from the snacking.
This is creating a broad shoulder effect, which I pointed out in a previous blog that it makes me appear larger than I actually appear.
Form has been my main focus throughout my cutting routine, making sure that I get down the exercise motions along with the weight to get the most out of each exercise and create the definition. So during my training days I am able to add in fast-digesting carbohydrates such as bananas into my post workout meals so that I get those quick sources of glycogen to replenish my muscles and energy levels.

Previously I would have two servings of blueberries or blackberries, one before my morning and afternoon workout but to cut down on calories and carbohydrates I removed a serving. This helps create structure in my daily eating habits and an easier way to keep within my calorie goals rather than playing it by ear. It is all about management and if you aren’t tracking your diet, you are like a pilot flying blind without a clear landing.
Typically on days that I only do a morning session, I tend to go over my calorie numbers by 200 to 300 calories but by pushing our workout, I was under my goal numbers by nearly 600 calories. Not everyone is perfect, as I do have moments where I will have a full cheat day eating foods that I have been craving for the longest time.
During today’s workout, Mike and I continued to include more compound based movements into our routine, sticking to the barbell deadlift and row as our main back muscle building workouts. Not only did I have a bit of additional strength through the workout, I had a great shoulder and bicep pump too. Somewhere during the switch from PhilaU to Planet Fitness, I stopped doing deadlifts and then the switch from Planet Fitness to Retro I completely dropped compound movements all together.
Performing a routine that I set for myself each time that I was at Retro Fitness, rather than going outside of the box and doing something that I am not used to.
Though strength wise, I have been lacking in this department, dropping everything that brought me to this place in the first place and what made me originally fall in love with weight training. I was stressing out, building up anxiety and slight forms of depression as all I could focus upon was working out every morning and every night. I want to live a life that I am proud to discuss about with other people, share my journey, challenges and special moments that I have been through rather than being a dull individual. What will my children think about their father, what kind of person was I, what kind of legacy did I leave behind? We all want to leave a lasting impression on this world and if you don’t have a story to tell, then what impression are you making? I found out that he joined another new band called Slaves and was still putting out quality post-hardcore music. Living a healthier life and developing a stronger body helped him conquer his ongoing struggles with obesity. So this is a culmination of all of the days that I missed writing about during my time away and I must say there is quite a bit to write about. Eating the cheat meals and breaking off the diet is great but the process of digesting it all really gets to you. Most of the day was spent riding the various rides but when we did stop to eat rather than eating a salad, cheeseburger or any of the other options, I went with a turkey leg and water as my main meal of the day. Leaving the park I stopped at Chipotle and picked up a salad bowl with lettuce, chicken, black beans, and pico de gayo keeping my meals as healthy as possible throughout the busy day.
In the morning I did keep to the eggs, apple and yogurt breakfast to help power me through the over hour drive to the beach, though before we left I made sure to stock up on extra apples and oranges to snack on throughout the day. This is a complete fallacy as restaurants and fast food places do offer healthier alternatives for you to choose from, it is up to you though to make the conscious decision to select these better options.
Your body needs the rest and time to recover after all of the stress you are constantly putting it under with your workouts.
Having time away helped my break away from my mentality of needing to continuously be on point with everything during the day, that each second is allocated to being busy and stay as strict with both diet and workouts. I gained 25 pounds after having my son in December 2011 and then my husband deployed for a year. For some of this may be going for an early morning run, meditating, taking a cold shower, brewing up that fresh pot of coffee or for many sleeping in until it is time to get ready to go to work.
This additional time off has also improved my workouts drastically given that I have more time to rest up and recover.
Not only were these people right but I have had to experience the syndrome itself to finally realize that it is real and had to slow down the pace before I broke down. I used to be one of those people, calling others who cannot handle the stress unworthy and looking down upon them. It is about utilizing your time in the gym to the best of your advantage, focusing on form, hitting heavy compound exercises, and doing what it takes to properly train so that you can see those results.
Not that I am complaining but I will gladly take anything that will make me look larger especially while on a cut. I also have been adjusting my banana servings from two to one so that I am not overloading on carbohydrates.
I was still maintaining and building strength through my leg training but could easily tell I lost some strength in my other muscle groups.
Walking into the gym after a long day of classes wondering what new personal records I would break today with Andrew and how we would push each other past our limits. Times that were not spend working out, I would be hard on myself, developing anxiety as I wouldn’t know what to do with myself or how to utilize my spare time. With events and life changing moments that I have gone through these past 4 years, I have changed from the outgoing, exuberant, always up for anything type of guy to one who is more reserved, fearful and not willing to break out of his own comfort zone in worries of being embarrassed. Rather than divulging into a cheeseburger or wings, I decided to order a grilled chicken sandwich sans the bun and side salad without the dressing as this helped keep my meal clean for the evening. Rather than stopping anywhere for lunch I brought the fruit and water bottles with me on the beach so that I had healthier alternatives to snack on instead of slipping into my cravings of beach food.
Desiring that super-sized burrito, take the healthier alternative with a salad bowl to cut the carbs and unnecessary calories. Stimulating muscle growth and breaking down the muscle fibers is the only way to make progress. Getting home I was able to hop right back into my clean eating with grilled chicken breast, broccoli and cottage cheese to close out an eventful weekend. The thrill of training to break records and get stronger has been thrown aside worrying about how people perceive me and think of my physique. Once I found Isagenix, my world did a 180 and I lost 24 inches and 10 pounds while building lean muscle through my workouts.

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