With each of these eleven questions, choose the answer that best describes you and your weight-loss goals. You struggle a lot with resisting sweets or starches, once you start eating them, you tend to eat a lot. You have very little time or desire to do meal planning, calorie counting or other methods of tracking your nutritional intake.
In reality, you can successfully lose weight regardless of the type of diet plan you choose.
Jennipher Walters, Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach You want to lose weight, but are you truly up for the challenge? Some answers includes a couple of statements—if even one of them is accurate, choose that answer. So if your answers indicate a different category than you’re comfortable with, go with the type of plan you know works for you.
Embarking on a weight-loss plan involves more than a desire to tip the scale in your favor; it also requires a healthy mindset, consistent commitment, and support from others throughout your journey. Question yourselfFor a healthy dose of inspiration, consider taking up this healthy habit quiz.

They will help remind you why you started dieting in the first place.Q1: If I happen to stop my diet, how will I look in 6 months from today? Fulfill commitments and promisesWhen you find yourself struggling to stick to your weight loss goal, try practicing integrity in other areas of life. Sticking to commitments in other walks of life will help strengthen your subconscious belief that you can uphold the promise of weight loss that you have made to yourself. Stay away from pics of skinny supermodelsWhile it may seem a very good way of visual motivation, pinning up pictures of super skinny super models will in fact hurt your progress. Group 1 was provided a journal with photos of skinny models while group 2 was given a journal with a neutral logo . The women from Group 2 lost weight successfully and ironically the group with the photos of skinny models actually ended up gaining weight.
They conclude that pics of skinny models made the women create unrealistic standards for themselves, which discouraged them. Looking at images of skinny women every time they entered food intake made them feel that they would never look like the models, and they gave up trying. Instead consider using images of you at your healthiest weight or try using before and after pics of real women.5.

Focus on how you feelFocusing on the weighing scale constantly can be mighty frustrating and can zap your confidence. The best time to think about your weight loss plan is after a healthy meal or an intense workout. When you concentrate on how good you felt after exercising, you will see the benefits of burning calories and your motivation levels are also boosted. Reward yourself even when only half way throughBreak your goals down into parts and reward yourself for reaching each milestone.
Sometimes reaching a goal can take months or even years, so there is always a risk of giving up midway.
Instead of waiting to touch the finish line and then celebrating your victory, isn’t it a better idea to plan something special for yourself once you have reached halfway or a quarter of the way? My main motto and objective in writing is to help you understand the fundamentals of health concepts to live a healthier and holistic life.

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