I was astonished by what I read about this doctor-endorsed program, which has a patent pending with the U.S. GOOD NEWS:  The Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss Kit is being made available exclusively to Best Life Herbalsreaders this week by the makers of the Pound-A-Day Rapid Weight Loss program. I have been on your Ultimate Bladder Support program for five of the six months I purchased. If you seem to have trouble starting an exercise program, walking to lose weight can be an easy way to begin. Experts believe that 10,000 steps a day bring many physical benefits, including lowered blood pressure, a reduced risk of heart disease and less chance of getting certain cancers. If that still seems daunting, then try breaking it up into smaller parts: three 20-minute walks will achieve the same calorie burn. Most fitness experts recommend a gradual start to a walking program for exercise and weight loss.
As your fitness level increases, make your walks longer with the eventual goal of walking for an hour, five days a week.
Look for hilly streets that will make you breathe a little harder and serve to boost your metabolism. If you can’t get outside to do your weight loss walking, then walking on a treadmill can be a good way to lose weight. Set a goal of thirty minutes of walking, and once you are able to do that, try to do it for an hour. You can find treadmills for walking at your local health club, or if you want to buy a treadmill online there are lots of fitness equipment websites with brands like Trimline, Life Fitness, Proform and sole.
Most people who start a walking program find that it is an enjoyable and healthy way to shed pounds and get fit. The average person walks fewer than 5,000 steps a day when they should be averaging over 10,000.
If you don’t want to walk alone, seek out walking groups in your city, or find a walking partner to join you on a daily basis.
The information on this website is for general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.

The amount of weight you can lose will depend upon your metabolism, how many calories you take in, and the type of walking you do.
That’s the great thing about walking – it can gently transform your health without having to break a sweat! Actually that calculates to around 5 miles, which should take about an hour at a brisk pace.
Consider your age and level of physical fitness, because the important thing is that you don’t overdo it at first.
Choose a safe and quiet place to walk: perhaps a side street in your neighborhood, or a nearby public park. Even if you just start walking for just a few minutes a day, the important thing is that you are out of the house doing something.
Eventually, you may want to try running to lose weight, but you can still accomplish your fitness goals by walking. If you listen to music or watch television, you may find that you are able to walk for longer periods. The most important thing is to get started and stick with it over a period of several months.
Instead, they are satisfied with losing a pound or two a week over a period of four to six months.
I have not had to visit my doctor once for antibiotics that I have been living on for years… I’ll be renewing my order for the Ultimate Bladder Support when I get to California where I’ll be living for the winter. It all adds up, and the final result is well worth the “slow but steady” approach! Nothing Comes Easy!!!!    2. I ate 4 small meals a day 4 hours a part from the food groups diagram at the top.
One donut or a piece of cake will destroy all the work , effort and sacrifice that you have made during the day. I tried to eat only foods that were easily digested and that  moved through my digestive system rapidly, such as raw fruits , veggies, chicken , salmon and tuna . Following my plan,  you must count your calories and realize that the more calories you eat , the more exercise you must do to burn those calories.

The Green Tea has sodium which will help prevent cramps that may occur because of  excessive perspiration during your workout. With a treadmill , I can  walk or Jog  3-4 miles per day without worrying about the weather or other elements that  may present a problem . Inorder  not  to  over work your muscles by doing too much at one time , you can break-up your 3 miles in intervals , half in the mornings and half before bed time . I exercised  15-20 minutes ,  using rope exercises for stretching  to stay toned. Also , I do 100 to  200  abdominal  crunches  to tighten the  stomach muscles.
Being a retired Health and Physical Education Teacher for over 30 years , exercising and working out tends to come natural for me. IF I CAN DO IT , SO CAN YOU.                                                                                    GOOD LUCK                         LOSE 6-8 POUNDS  With proper exercise the loss of 6- to 8 pounds can reduce your   chance of Diabetes risk by 30% or more. Also , the reduction of 10 to 12 pounds will reduce excessive back problems.                          LOSE 13-15 POUNDS  Will have a signicant affect on your blood pressure.
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