Jenny Craig was identified as one of the most effective weight loss programs based on evidence that its participants achieved greater sustained weight loss at 12 months, relative to control groups. Use the tips above to gain both the knowledge and confidence you need to take that important first step and begin your successful weight loss journey. This four part weight loss audio set is designed to help you overcome the most common problems that are experienced when you start a healthy eating regime.
Before commencing your weight loss regime start by listening to our Weight Loss Mindset download for at least seven days. Next use our portion control hypnosis audio so that you can learn the art of mindful eating. If you feel a food craving strike then this is when we recommend you use our Kill Food Cravings mp3. Disclaimer* Please note that as these audios are not tailored to each individual we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person. London Weight Loss, Weight loss Clinics, Hypnotherapy Weight Loss, Hypnosis Weight Loss, Hypnotherapy Weight Loss, Weight Loss North London, Weight Loss East London, Weight Loss Central London, Weight Loss West End, Weight Loss West London, Weight Loss South London, weight loss centres, fast weight loss, hypnotherapist weight loss. Weight loss can often feel lonely, especially when you’re not seeing the results you want from traditional weight loss programs.
The most helpful thing I got from the sessions is that they gave me tools so I could cope better with the anxiety throughout the exams, got to the route of my anxiety and why I have it, and brought the overall level of anxiety down. I managed to get on the London Eye"My experience has been great, Maria as a skilled surgeon removed the tumor of fear. Before I started seeing Maria, I was in a very bad place and doubted that she could help me-if at all. Before starting my sessions with Maria I was facing a lot .of different issues due to a relationship breakdown that triggered panic attacks, anxiety and more.
I was a bit unsure of what being in a trance would feel like, but it was brilliant! Now I spend less time worrying about food.
I had problems controlling my food intake and I spent a lot of time thinking about food, worrying even though I am not overweight. The sessions I have taken have helped me to feel safe, without fear, to feel strong and not to be afraid of communicating with others. It has been a great experience, I din't think that all my traumas could be dealt with so quickly!
The circumstances in which I find myself due to the bad living experiences and maltreatment  I received from my partner and husband, which we did not talk about during my recovery sessions. The most wonderful thing is that the therapy worked very well and the relationship with my youngest daughter is now very strong, we have a great confidence in each other despite her being of such a young age.   Her maturity to understand and face this painful situation has been incredible. In terms of language, let me tell you that I have not achieved this goal as yet, but I have achieved others equally important. I faced a real and serious dangerous situation for both my daughter and myself , but I acted swiftly and firmly.
In this running here and there, I lost my therapeutic audios but most importantly all the information is already in my subconscious memory and this valuable information will continue its work as I rejoin society and I undertake my new life with my little one. It remains for me to thank you and thank you for existing and helping so many people that felt at some point in their lives trapped in a maze. Today I can say that I feel capable, secure and confident to start a new life in hand with my higher self and loved ones who have waited so long for this miracle of change and reintegration into a wonderful new life. I've always been interested in ideas of therapy and hypnosis, so I was very interested in trying it, however I 've been very sceptical and doubtful that these exercises work. The best was to overcome my unknown fear and over active mind and take control of my thinking. I was feeling very nervous, angry and didn't know how to deal with my problems.  After seeing Maria and as the weeks went by (5) I became more in control of my problem and then followed by result. Maria's experience in her hypnotherapy clinic has helped me lots to improve the confidence that I thought I had lost. After trying so many things that were only effective for a short while, Maria was the one that actually helped me overcome my issues. I used to worry about everything and since attending the sessions with Maria, I have found myself much calmer. My mentality has taken 180 degrees turn and I face things day to day feeling calm and confident.
When I came for the first time, I felt depressed, sad and my mood was very low, even having anxiety attacks.
Maria has helped me take control of my binge drinking habit, after two sessions I began to take control much more, and found it easier to say no and stick to my goals.
I was at my whitts end and was freaking out with panic attacks that were taking over my life! It has taught me to question and challenge myself, enable me to work through issues with various different tools, utilising a very personal and tailored approach. I feel confident, stronger and now have the will power to continue on to achieve my goal weight soon! Because I wasn't allowed chocolate as a child, I became obsessed with it when I started to earn an income. In a very short period of time I was able to deal with the issues I had for decades.  I came anxious, unhappy and depressed but left happy, strong, determined and relaxed. Maria is an excellent professional in your field that provides its clients, also giving them tools so they can continue their work on their own, to thus achieve the highest results in no time.
Only by meeting Maria and talking to her you can start feeling more positive about your life.
Maria is a wonderful therapist and the sessions I have had with her have been extremely rewarding. I have been treated by Maria, for number of issues; fear of speaking in front of groups, low self esteem, caffeine addiction and over eating. I am very pleased that my GP agreed to a referral to your services, since CBT did not seem to be enough for me.

I would like to let you know, that I have been seriously tested by my ex-partner since last saw you. I underwent the Hypnotherapy treatment for a gastric band, my sessions were well structured and results were achieved in the 3 sessions attended with weight loss results after the second session, the first session proved to show results as the session focused on my initial needs, and changing my thought process. The tools for success provided by Maria are brilliant and have enabled me to continue to be successful, with the feeling of ongoing support despite no longer having sessions.
I have found undergoing hypnosis for losing weight very helpful and I have learnt skills that I am using every day with success. After the first session not only I stopped eating chocolate, but I started eating healthier.
Hypnosis helped me to feel that I was alright to eat some choc, crisps and not feel bad, but be in control.
I immediately stopped eating cakes, chocolates and bad food which were making me feel depressed. Visualizations help you think of consequences, being aware of the consequence of not changing certain behaviors helps you realize you must change. While some people achieve results through self-directed weight loss and exercise programs, many benefit from the added support that comes from a personal coach.
This selection of audios has been designed to guide you through your weight loss journey so that you are able to shed the pounds quickly and easily. When you know how to use this technique you will find that you eat significantly less and feel much quicker than ever before.
This audio uses positive suggestion and visualisation to help you on your weight loss program.
So why not try a relaxing hypnosis taster in the company of friends and loved ones with the same weight loss goals? Longer term- changes took longer to develop as I got my head around the tools and what was going on. Also really appreciated that you could contact Maria between sessions if any help was needed, and since my last session she has been there to help with shorter-term issues.CWHypnosis South LondonVarious Phobias and Fears, including fear of heights and flying.
I have had several problems especially anxiety, anger, stress, mood swings, pouting, and mistrust in me and in men. Firstly I was unable to work due to panic attacks and anxiety, I was really depressed, I was stressed out with everything and I hated myself. I was a bit unsure of what being in a trance would feel like, but it was brilliant and Maria was very good at putting me at ease. I was in an unhappy place, not sure how to deal with a number of issues and feeling depressed. I am writing today to give my testimony about the treatment I undertook sometime ago in your office, to improve my self-esteem and to remove fears which meant I could not socialize, as well as the reconstruction and recovery of the emotional relationship with my youngest daughter damaged due to the time we had spent apart due to life circumstances and not least due to the rejection of my husband towards her. When I travel on the train, the bus and when I'm in the middle of lots of people I still feel a bit scared, but I also feel that freedom and security as well, and I can now feel that out there there's a wonderful world waiting for me. Previously I used to freeze and fell into a terrible state of nerves and confusion and fear overrode me, which made me return again and again to the slavery of my husband, who used and abused me using my fears and my low self-esteem to manipulate me.
It would get so bad that when I did start the task it would be a few hours until the deadline and I would get so stressed. It helped me to eliminated some negative beliefs and to activate good beliefs in an extraordinary way on a daily basis. I was conversant with some of the therapies and methods you used and If I had reservations they were very quickly dispelled by your wisdom and expertise – though that sounds a cold word to use for someone so warm and caring.
After trying so many things that were only effective for a short while , like acupuncture, herbal medicine etc, Maria was the one that actually helped me overcome my issues. Maria understood I also had some traumatic emotional baggage, that she helped me to overcome. She has helped me to overcome childhood traumas and bad mind structures, with surprising ease. Work really surpassed my expectations, helped me understand more and keep working on my self-esteem and self-assurance. Maria is a great therapist and she’s been very helpful, she manages to get to the root of the problem by talking to you. She is a great listener and a very researchful therapist who will suggest different alternatives to resolve your problem and inform you of each of them. She is a very empathic person with great listening skills and I always leave the sessions feeling more positive, energized and more in control of my life.
Maria is professional, caring and an extremely resourceful therapist, with a myriad of tools in her therapeutic kitbag. I was a lil disheartened by his cruelty, but not in pieces like before and that’s down to you! Maria was very attentive and listened to what was important to me in fitted it into each session I attended.
I immediately stopped eating cakes, chocolates and bad food which were making me feel depressed, but ate them for comfort. Sessions give you the tools to change and you start to plan for success and in no time at all you see changes.
Recently, a study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, the esteemed journal published by the American College of Physicians, suggests doctors consider recommending Jenny Craig’s weight loss solution to their patients. Discuss options that align with your health and weight loss goals that also take into consideration your lifestyle and personal preferences.
Consider a program that incorporates coaching to help you address your motivational drivers, personal goals and unique obstacles that might arise.
Many of our clients who use this method of eating report that they are no longer able to eat from large dinner plates and instead use side plates for their meals.
It can help you to recognise when you are eating emotionally and to understand the triggers which make you want to eat when you are not hungry.
I believe that due to the stress, I was suffering from lower back pain, knee and wrist pain.

I was not sure that the therapy would work as I had never had hypnotherapy u other treatments like these before, but after my first session I was convinced that I would overcome my battles.
My main goal was to be able to talk about things from the past without getting emotional and let it affect me. Now I am safe and calm waiting for the authorities to take the best decisions for my daughter and me about our stability and security. I was relaxed and confident about the therapies Maria uses as one of my relatives had had great results with her. I was having bad episodes of vomiting and became scared of eating in case I would be sick and would make myself sick at times.
I thought it would be impossible to change something so settled in my head but it was possible!.
I have been able to overcome a couple of my fears by going to her sessions and it has helped me greatly in the way I feel about my life.
I have changed more in the last month than anytime in my life – except I have not really noticed any effort in these changes! And most importantly, are there programs that offer tools to help people with sustainable weight loss?
Most clinicians will encourage you to achieve a reasonable amount of weight loss, in the range of 5 to 10 percent of your initial weight, as research shows it can reduce the risk of many conditions such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes. For example, a personal consultant can offer tips on managing stress eating, dining out, or cooking at home to help meet your weight loss goals. Once you recognise these triggers you are able to put in place new positive behaviours which do not involve eating.
I did not know what my problem was, until a relative of mine recommended me to seek help because I was hurting myself and those around me.
Now I spend less time worrying about food, have more time in my day to do other fun things and feeling a lot happier with myself.
The techniques I learnt were the best for me and I felt always in control and safe in every session. My GP gave me antid’s because they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, but the medication made me worst and did not agree with me. I am starting to really enjoy eating healthy and nutritious foods like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, etc.. If you need to find control and a positive way forward in your life, then I recommend Maria. You helped me to see a way past him and I now realised that I don’t need a man to love me for me to be happy. I hope to continue like this and that this experience will change my life eating healthier.
Now, I have gained confidence and I have lost the fear to everything that previously used to depress me. As I said to Maria one day, this is the second time in my life that I feel happy I invested money, the first time was when I had surgery on my eyes.
I accepted that my vomiting was a vicious circle that was happening under stress and anxiety and Maria eliminated that for me in one session. She has achieved what I had been trying to achieve for many years and no other psychological therapy had achieved before.
I thought my problem had no solution, but I learned that whenever help is sought is achieved. I had 10 sessions with Maria and we broke down each issue and successfully overcome them one by one, including; clearing childhood traumas, panic attacks, anxiety, negative self-image, negative beliefs and low self-esteem.
From the bottom of my heart I invite you to visit ML Fuentes and to start any program you need, because you will see results almost immediately. I was soon put to the test when I almost lost my dad and I was so much in control of my emotions. I had been referred to see a psychologist previously for panic attacks and Cognitive Behavior Therapy was given to me and I had small temporary results, but nothing like this.
I was able to eat and go to work and did not vomit once even under this stress and anxiety. I understood the root of my problem and the problems of my childhood that had affected me so much, especially my parents' divorce, their departure when they went to look for a better future for me and other things that happened while I was still very young. The sessions helped me to understand the problem and its root and now I have a positive mind, without anxiety. I will miss seeing Maria, she is welcoming, friendly, caring and you can be assured to also have a laugh with her. I no longer have the self-esteem issues, my confidence has increased a lot since having the sessions.
I've had little or no pain in my back or knee since having the sessions, which is a major improvement. We worked through the childhood traumas and cleared them which made me feel more at peace within myself for the first time in many years.
I began to see the changes from the first week with the exercises that Maria recommended and after the second session, I saw many more changes in regards to my anxiety.
Maria gives you  lots of tools to work with and there are many different techniques that are used during the sessions, she is a highly skilled lady. I was made redundant, but was able to reduce my stress levels and I successfully found a job before my sessions were complete.

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