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What Helga doesn't realize is that a weight loss diet is not impossible if you have the correct formula. Super Shake contains high-quality protein from whey and soy, with little carbohydrate or fat, and a representative amount of essential vitamins and minerals to help provide these important nutrients, especially important to those limiting their caloric intake.
In order to help maintain a healthy weight, people who are carbohydrate sensitive should avoid diets high in carbohydrates.
People who go on and off diets frequently complain that fewer calories result in weight gain, with each successive round of dieting.
Moderate daily walking of as little as 30 minutes has been shown to condition the cardiovascular system.

Supplementing with Super Shake, which carries a GMO-Free Certification for its soya protein, enriches your diet with protein and compliments limited carbohydrate diets, as well as with a limited intake of fat. Diets that are low in total calories may not contain adequate amounts of various vitamins and minerals. Super Shake (protein drink) also provides the essential vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, and E, as well as the essential minerals copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, selenium, magnesium, calcium, molybdenum and chromium. Healthy Weight Loss Protein and Diet Products - Life Plus provides a line of healthy weight loss products designed to help you manage your weight. In order to support your overall health during weight loss, the health of your organs, and metabolic processes, you must consume adequate amounts of protein.
Each tablet has the capacity to block the digestion and absorption of more than 100 grams of starch.

Maintaining or replenishing healthy levels of chromium, along with daily replenishment of B vitamins can help to decrease cravings for sweets, and generally improve the ability to think clearly and handle stress more effectively. Moreover, a study found that overweight women engaging in an exercise program were more likely to adhere to a lower-calorie diet.
These national statistics are concerning to health professionals, to say the least, and the phenomenon of increase in overweight people in our societies since the late 1970's is just recently being addressed. Phase ‘o Lean Forte is a great addition to any weight control plan because it allows you to vary your menu by including some starch in your diet without having to suffer the consequences (within reason of course).

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