Since the schedule of college students is almost always hectic, weight loss efforts are not a priority.
With so little extra time it is impractical to join the latest diet fad or commit to sweating in the gym for hours at a time.
If you struggle with your own battle of the bulge, read on for five sure-fire ways to drop a few of those unwanted pounds, and more importantly learn how you can prevent packing them in the first place! TIP #1: Burn it in the AM What is the first thing you do when you wake each morning? Hit the snooze button for an extra ten minutes of sleep? TIP #2 Forget Your Late Night Snack I know I am not the only one who enjoys eating a snack after dinner! Although comfort food seems to taste better right before bed, it is also more prone to stick with us when eaten late at night. TIP #3 Kiss that Frappuccino Goodbye What tastes better than a frothy, venti frappuccino smothered in whip cream and chocolate syrup? While blended coffee beverages have rapidly gained popularity with college students, their caloric tallies have been all but ignored. This staggering number equals 2.5 bagels, or one third of the recommended daily calories for an average woman. TIP #4 Fuel Your Fire Have you ever tended a campfire? You probably remember continuously adding sticks and branches to keep the fire from running out of fuel. When your metabolism is high you burn more calories throughout the day and are less likely to store fat. TIP #5 Curb Your Carbs I’m sure sometime in the past year you have found yourself subjected to the testimony of a converted ‘low-carb’ enthusiast. While these people may look great it is definitely not the right diet for everyone. While I wouldn’t recommend throwing out your breadbasket entirely, consciously cutting carb-filled items out of your daily food intake is a great idea.
It is you against the bulge, and now that you are armed with these 5 tips for easy weight loss, I am confident that you are going to win!
The more effort that you put into implementing these 5 tips into your daily lifestyle the quicker the unwanted pounds will disappear! In order to have consistent weight loss and change your lifestyle, you will have to go cold turkey on fast food. Now, you could use an app or a website to house your food log and help encourage you to keep it up. The worst thing you can do for yourself when you’re just starting to get serious about exercising is to overdo it and burn out. Mark Frost is a HackCollege contributor completely obsessed with web design and content strategy. The grind of never-ending study and submitting assignments on time legitimately wears down college students. Okay, so spending summer in a classroom is basically the nightmare of every elementary, middle, and high school student. Recently, I was thinking about weight loss success and suddenly the words: Plan, Engineer, Track, and Evaluate came to my mind.
PLAN: Decide on three simple daily habits you must practice to succeed with your weight loss goals.
I do have other habits I practice such as exercise, limiting junk food, etc, but I’ve discovered that my success hinges on those three habits most. ENGINEER: What can you do to make practicing your core three habits easier and convenient for you? Two reasons: With the 32-ounce jug, I had to re-fill it when I drank all of the water because it only allowed for 4 cups of water.

On days when it’s really difficult to practice this habit, then I will engineer it even further through eating by the clock. For my third habit, I HAVE to prepare my vegetables in advance or buy frozen vegetables that I can prepare in a hurry.
Whether you use a journal or an app, tracking allows you to be aware of what you are doing. EVALUATE: At least each week, take the time to review your tracking and see if there are any habits that you are falling short in practicing.
Instead, look at your PLAN and see if there are any problems with that or check your engineering to see if there is a way to make practicing the habit easier or automatic. So many people deceive themselves into thinking that having good intentions or wanting to change is enough to actually bring about change. The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Are all college students destined to grow outward with each passing year, or is there a simple way for them to reclaim a healthy figure? What if I told you that taking those ten minutes to strap on your sneakers and walk briskly around campus would result in weight loss? It has been proven that not eating three hours before bed reduces fat storage throughout the night. Whether you are an avid Starbucker, or only wander in for an occasional treat, it is important to know the truth about what you are drinking.
Not only is this an extreme amount of calories to be consumed in a beverage but the calories come purely from sugar, which is easily stored as fat. Rather than eating 2 or 3 large meals a day, and allowing your ‘fire’ to go out, giving way to hunger pains, try eating a small meal every three hours and be amazed at your weight loss results. Extreme fatigue, crankiness and downright impracticality are what make this diet a tough cookie to swallow.
If you normally have a sandwich for lunch make it open-faced, thus cutting out half of the bread. It took me years to finally throw down the gauntlet and commit to changing myself for the better. These small meals will help stimulate your metabolism while also helping to decrease your overall appetite to the point where you’ll eventually find larger meals incredibly more filling than in the past.
However, I’ve found that keeping your own log, whether written or in a text document, is simply more motivating. Your academic success is closely aligned with how you organize and plan to meet test dates and deadlines. My favorite greens are turnip greens, cabbage (green or purple) and kale (with onions and tomatoes).
You must have a means to track throughout the day whether you are following through on your plan. Soon, you’ll be standing on that platform, holding hands with PETE, and reaping the rewards! Have you ever started a weight loss program with great enthusiasm – only to lose focus and regain the weight you lost?
I stopped to examine why and found out I am a bit stressed because of final exams and as a senior I want to do well!

It has been proven that aerobic activity done on an empty stomach forces your body to recruit energy from storage.
Next time you are in line at the coffee shop and find yourself eyeing a sugary beverage, redirect your attention to the tea selection, or stick with an old fashioned cup of coffee.
Eating a small meal every three hours is a great way to keep your metabolism high all day long. Cutting one or two carb-filled items out of your daily diet can make a huge difference in meeting weight loss goals. Making simple changes like this at the beginning of your diet will help you lose a lot of weight with little to no effort. On top of that, drinking more water and in contrast, cutting out soda and other sugary drinks, will also benefit your appetite. You’ll find yourself having to look up calorie counts and write them down yourself instead of having them automatically calculated. I hope this helps you see the things that you may be doing right concerning your goals and what you need to work on next.
I then fill up a water jug and keep it by my work area so that I can drink throughout the day to meet my water goal. Plus, the blue jug was solid so I couldn’t see how far along I was in meeting my water quota without taking off the lid and looking. Many go through each day on automatic pilot, never confronting the facts about whether our current habits are in our best interest long-term or not. I don’t use it all the time however, if I find myself losing focus and old habits trying to creep back into my life, out comes the app! These minor changes to your daily diet will prove themselves priceless when you step onto the scale!
That was my problem and cutting down on my food intake and making better eating decisions were what really helped me when it came down to losing that first chunk of weight. I found that cutting out even diet soda has helped my food cravings and made my body feel much better over the course of time. However, the clear jug allows me to see at a glance how much I drank – and how much more I have to go.
The other thing I’ve done to successfully engineer this habit into my life is to prepare a package of frozen vegetables after breakfast that is large enough for us to have with our lunch and dinner. My overall energy level is extremely high, especially when compared to just 12 weeks ago, when I was 40 pounds heavier and still downing BK Stackers on a regular basis.
Again, I’ve learned for me to be successful with this habit long-term, I have to prepare the vegetables in advance. Do not sprint or try to walk as quickly as possible, simply walk at a pace that you could comfortably hold a conversation. This seemingly small activity, when done consistently, will produce surprising weight loss results!
To help you on your weight loss journey, here are five tips that I used to get where I am today.

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