I love grilled hamburgers, but when prices get over $3.50 a pound I start looking for ways to save. The tips can really help us cut the cost, but the reason I like this post is I like mix beef with pork or chicken.
Saving money on foods is OK but what I am thinking about is how to make cheap and tasty meals. Video reportedly from Bangkok that appears to show a python vomiting a whole dog has captivated corners of the Internet that have a somewhat iron stomach for the grotesque. Reptile expert Julie Mendezona suggested that the snake regurgitated the animal because the meal proved to be so large that it restricted the python's movement, according to 9 News Australia. This isn't the first time that the grotesque spectacle of a large snake losing its lunch has been caught on video. This image from television provided by Metro Fire Sacramento shows a horse stuck in an outdoor bathtub prior to being rescued by firefighters Wednesday Feb.
Homemade fresh cranberry sauce, with its Thanksgiving signature sweet and sour flavor and mouth pleasing snap and pop, tastes much better than canned cranberry sauce and is just as easy to make as boiled water.
Actually, it’s really your preference because the quality of frozen and fresh turkey meat is about equal.
For more Thanksgiving tips and step-by-step picture book recipes designed to make your Thanksgiving as stress-free and FUN as possible, please check out the Thanksgiving Help page you can get by clicking this link or by clicking the tab as shown in the picture below.
I love Thanksgiving because all that’s expected is good company and a great tasting meal. Last post showed how to make a Thanksgiving dinner standard: fresh sweet and sour fully flavorful cranberry sauce quickly, easily, and in advance.

I’m fairly new to making pies but have already learned a lot regarding flavor and efficiency. This past Friday, a group of 8 friends and I headed to Foody Goody to try their dinner all you can eat menu for $ 19.99. Although the salmon and tuna sashimi was fresh, each guest was limited to only 8 pieces and they were thin cut slices. We were so stuffed and worried that we had to pay the difference for the leftover food that we kept cancelling the kitchen dishes like the sesame chicken and Phad thai. In fact, they are at an all-time high and are expected to remain high for the next year or two.
Switch to ground pork burgers, ground turkey  or chicken burgers instead of beef for your patties. Just place meal-sized batches of the meat mixture into freezer bags or containers and freeze. Add  ? -? cup of crushed cereal, oatmeal, small bread cubes, grated vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, minced mushrooms, cooked rice or mashed beans to the ground beef before you make the patties.  The University of Illinois has a publication called Go Further Burgers which gives more details.
He's probably pretty scared at the moment, so what he's trying to do is get away," Mendezona told the station. Fresh cranberry sauce can also be made well in advance and keeps fresh for weeks in the refrigerator.
Frozen turkeys are less expensive and can be stored in the freezer for at least a month with no loss in meat moisture and tenderness but require time to defrost.
At the same time, I sure understand that putting together that fantastically flavorful meal can mean a good deal of stress for those in the kitchen.

Just add the dry nuggets to the raw ground meat and mix together with your hands or a spoon. Fresh turkeys are more perishable and are therefore more expensive because of how they have to be handled to get them to market safely. I had a good time stretched out on my toes in the traditional Thanksgiving family picture – and just managed stand with the tallest in the group. Hopefully, you’ve already bought a turkey if you plan to have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Use about one part meat to one part TVP; you can adjust these amounts according to your own preferences. Fresh turkeys should also be refrigerated until they’re ready to be prepared for roasting and should be cooked within a day or two of purchase to ensure maximum freshness. Here’s a picture of a crust I made recently loaded ground almond, chocolate multigrain cereal, dried cranberries, chocolate chips, shredded coconut and much more. Cattlemen are increasing their herds but it takes a long time to increase the number of cattle (a calf born in the spring of 2014 would be bred in 2015, might have a calf by 2016 and that calf couldn’t come to market until 2017). Keep track of the deals on ground beef and only buy when the sales match your “never-pay-more-than” price. One key point: if you ordered a fresh turkey, make sure to pick it up the day BEFORE Thanksgiving at the latest as most grocery stores are closed Thanksgiving Day.

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